I cannot believe I FINALLY found this.


I am obsessed with ALLIGATOR and Robert Forster and a few years ago when I saw a YouTube video for this game, I thought it was a myth. I didn’t think I’d ever find it, but today while I was typing in random searches on eBay it came up for a super low price! I declare this my eBay purchase of the year for 2009!


The idea of the game is simple. You either TAKE little plastic barrels, boxes, briefcases, etc. out of the Alligator’s mouth or PUT more of them in. The Alligator’s mouth stays open and  a trigger rests under the tongue where you are to put the game pieces. Each person takes turns spinning the TAKE or PUT spinner and if you aren’t steady of hand, the gator’s mouth snaps down and bites you. Rumor has it that the game was pulled from shelves because the gator’s teeth were so sharp that it was actually cutting kid’s hands when it snapped shut therefore making it the coolest game in the world!


I understand that studios want to cash in on merchandise from the movie’s they are releasing, but ALLIGATOR? Really?! This is insane. This goes along the same lines as the Remco Earthquake Tower Playset…two things that nobody was wanting but me.



  1. Del

    I’d have wanted that Alligator game if I’d had any idea that one existed. Now that I do, my life seems more incomplete than ever.

    So thanks for that.

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  3. Moly

    Oh my heavens. I was sitting here, Christmas afternoon, talking with my husband about games we had when we were kids (mid-late 70’s and early 80’s for both of us) and I mentioned this game I could remember having that was a giant alligator that would snap shut on your fingers ~ a little googling later, I find this post! I haven’t even seen a picture of this thing for YEARS. Awesome.

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  6. carrie

    I was always getting “boy” toys/games as gifts from the men in my family (uncles) and I loved them, this most of all. I loved this game although I remember carrying the Alligator around as my pet more than I remember playing the actual game. I loved him. Which makes sense. I now work with animals and am a hardcore animal loving rights freak. These photos brought back memories! Thanks for posting.

  7. Paulus

    I got this game at a jumble sale and my brothers and I enjoyed it for a while but soon became bored with the rules and the alligator was quickly drafted in to fight for The Empire/Skeletor/Mumm-Ra/Cobra/The Decepticons


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