The Art Of Bob Pepper


I have some very wonderful formative memories of playing the Dark Tower board game from Milton Bradley- It had this giant plastic prop tower that honked and tweeted to let you know you had died of the plague or been hacked apart by hobgoblins or what have you (some wonderful nerds have actually recreated the game in flash here). I was young enough that I probably had no idea what was actually happening in the game, but I was endlessly fascinated with the artwork on the cards and other playing materials.
Bob Pepper was an illustrator who was most active in the 70’s and 80’s, before all illustration was soullessly cranked out in adobe illustrator after being gang-raped in the brainstorming phase by bloodthirsty marketing hacks who demand that each character be ‘25% more extreme’ or ‘rastafied by six degrees’. Pepper lent his unique style of charcoal and watercolor to the iconic Love album “Forever Changes”, as well as a handful of boardgames and pulp novel covers (most notably several Phillip K. Dick books). His style is markedly 70’s – Mucha and Art Nouveau flourishes mixed with a more modern ‘graphic’ style influenced by comics and commercial art. It’s the sort of stoned fantasy illustration that has lost favor today, but which brings syrupy waves of nostalgia over me whenever I look at it.

Check out some Bob Pepper artwork, and read this interview with him.

8 thoughts on “The Art Of Bob Pepper

  1. Justin

    Wow! This stuff is incredible. I’ve been really into Frazetta, Roper, Bisley, etc. lately and this just adds fuel to the stoner, sword and sorcery art fire.

  2. justin k.

    This is great, I haven’t visited the site for awhile, and I’m really enjoying these art/design influence posts.

  3. Super8Steve

    I have fond memories playing this as a kid (as well as the Alligator game mentioned in a older post). I seem to remember you could haggle with the Bazaar merchant on price but if you went too low, he would get pissed and close.

    I just discovered the blog. Thanks for posting this.

  4. john

    I have a Bob Pepper original silk screen but I don’t know the title or anything about it. It don’t look like sleeve art or a book cover. It is of a women dressed in 19th century clothing . she hasablack dress on with a white shawl with lace on the boarder. She also has red & pink apron on There is an orange cat on her lap. the back ground is a wall and window. THe wall is red with pink & green flowers and the window has a black horse outside of it there is also multi-colorerd curtains with geometical designs and on the boarder their is brown balls. Does any one know about the picture? Like what it is called or if it was used for any of his other projects or maybe even when it was painted.

  5. Stephanie

    I have recently acquired what appears to be a silkscreen by Bob Pepper. It looks like a woman from the middle ages with beautiful color and detail. Can you direct me to a resource to find more info or images on his work. I would love to know the history and basis for the design. Age looks to be mid to late 1970’s per frame info on back. Thank you!


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