Zombies in Love

Even the undead need a little love, right? Gallery Nucleus is holding a “Zombies in Love” exhibit through February 22nd in Alhambra, California, and it features a load of forlorn grey matter-eaters just looking for a little love. Screw the traditional restaurant scene and ditch the tired chocolate hearts, this is a perfect stop for you and your honey on Valentine’s Day. My favorite piece is this little undead bird, which makes me imagine a Zombie Twitterfeed … which would probably only ever say “BRRRRAAAAIIIINNNNNS” or possibly “Shambling.” Stop in for the gore, peruse their little shop (they have some sweet zombie books and a nifty undead doll you can take home), then head across the street to the Yazmin Malaysian Restaurant for some food. I don’t know if they serve brains or not, but you could always ask.

– Kevin

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