Mondo 2010 6 Month Poster Recap

I thought it’d be cool, since we’re now half way through the year, to look back at the posters we’ve offered up thus far. Let us know what your favorites have been in the comments. It’s been a great six months for us and we assure you that the next six will be even better.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Martin Ansin

The Monster Squad by Tyler Stout

The Holy Mountain by Florian Bertmer

Tommy by Jesse Philips

Dark Side of the Rainbow by Jon Smith

House of the Devil by The Silent Giants

Frozen by Kevin Tong

The Wolfman by Daniel Danger

The Wolf Man by Martin Ansin

T2: Judgment Day by Ken Taylor

TMNT by Rhys Cooper

Children of the Hydra by Arik Roper

The Lost World by Dan McCarthy

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans by Alan Hynes

Plan 9 From Outer Space by Todd Slater

Night of the Living Dead by Florian Bertmer

Iron Man 2 by Tyler Stout

Iron Man 2 by Mike Saputo

The Human Centipede by The Silent Giants

The Evil Dead by Olly Moss

The Evil Dead by Florian Bertmer

Survival of the Dead by Charlie Adlard

The Warriors by Ken Taylor

The Warriors by Tomer Hanuka


14 thoughts on “Mondo 2010 6 Month Poster Recap

  1. JB

    Too many to choose a favorite but I’m a sucker for Tyler Stout so I’m going to go with Iron Man 2. All of the Bertmer’s are really growing on me, though.

    No hints or sneak-peeks for the next 6 months? That’s just cruel.

  2. Justin

    ( killing our walletz )

  3. sol

    Great run, but some are just waaay better than others (imo). My favorite seven were actually very easy to pick from, 4 of which I have framed so far.

    1. Imaginarium – Ansin
    2. Evil Dead – Moss
    3. Wolf Man – Ansin
    4. Holy Mountain – Bertmer
    5. Tommy- – Philips
    6. Iron Man 2 – Stout
    7. Bad Lieutenant – Hynes

    Can’t wait for the next stretch!

  4. iron jaiden

    This just reminds me of how much money I’ve spent at mondo this year so far.
    Here’s to another 6 months of dippin into the grocery money! :)

  5. Mark

    Its funny that some of the best arent the ones that get snapped up on day one. I feel the human centipede was by far the best. Totally creepy and absolutely captures the shear craziness of the film, can’t wait for the second half!

  6. Max

    I love ALL of these-even the ones I didn’t/couldn’t buy…I own the Bertmer Evil Dead and the Stout Monster Squad-they look great on my wall ….Also bought the Dark Side of the Rainbow for my mom(!) who framed it and displays it alongside her GIANT Wizard of Oz collection! Keep ‘em coming!

  7. Jon

    While Stout is probably my favorite artist of the group, Ansin’s The Wolf Man is probably my favorite thus far in 2010. Bertmer and Moss both did a great job on Evil Dead, Phillips’ Tommy is very nice. Finally Tomer Hanuka’s first print is a fantastic Warriors poster, really like the style.

    It’s impossible to complain about the artist/movie matchups.

    Great work by all.

    (That said, if you pull off a Stout/Flash Gordon project, my life will be complete.)

  8. Rocha

    In order of release, not love.

    House of the Devil
    The Wolfman by Danger
    Lost World
    Plan 9
    Evil Dead – Moss
    The Warriors – Hanuka

  9. Chaz

    Man, I truly love your work. Every poster you put together is truly top notch and the zombie movie ones are definitely my favorites.

    I put a couple of these up on my tumblr blog queue I created for just awesome poster art: This Is Visceral. They should show up in the next couple of days.


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