Store Remodel Is Finished! Come Celebrate Tomorrow w/ Metal IM2 Posters!

UPDATE: We’ll be opening the doors up at 5pm tonight for this sale. The print will cost $250 and we only have about 25 or so to sell. I cannot stress this enough. We will not be making any exceptions for phone orders. We’re not shipping these. Sorry to all out of towners.

Along with this, we will have a bunch of prints with slight imperfections for sale at reduced prices. Some of the ones I saw last night were Stout IRON MAN 2 regular and variant, Ansin WOLFMAN, Tan WARRIORS, etc. A lot of sold out stuff with small problems…most of them can be easily framed out. Again, any questions, hit us up at

See you all tonight!


If you’ve been following the blog or been by the shop the last few weeks, you’ve most likely seen some changes being made to the space. Well, we’re going to stay late into the morning putting the finishing touches on everything so we can reopen tomorrow, June 4th. To celebrate the remodel, we are finally releasing the all metal variant of Tyler Stout’s IRON MAN 2 poster.

These came out beautifully and Tyler even stopped by D&L to sign the posters himself! These will strictly be Austin exclusives. We will not be taking phone orders and we will not ship them. Doors open up at 5pm so get here early. We have a very limited amount of these on hand and we expect them to move quickly! If you have questions, email

1120 S. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704


15 thoughts on “Store Remodel Is Finished! Come Celebrate Tomorrow w/ Metal IM2 Posters!

  1. iron jaiden

    Holy shit those are nice.
    We’ll be living there next year. Until then I’ll just keep drooling from a distance :)

  2. JB

    That sound you hear is me pounding my head against the keyboard up here in New England.

    Seriously though, those are amazing.

    I love these alternate materials for the screenprints- the Stout Metal Robocop, Taylor Metal Terminator 2, and Danger Wood Amelie have all been amazing.

    Please keep it up. Maybe someday I’ll get to snag one.

  3. Marshall

    Its True look up Awesome in the Dictionary and will find Tylers name.

    ‘Awesome’ adj.
    1. Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm.
    2. Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins.
    3. Slang. Remarkable; outstanding: “a totally awesome Tyler Stout Print”

  4. Mus

    Wow, that’s gorgeous! I was lucky enough to get the standard (and still great) IM2 poster BUT I wish I could grab one of those as well

  5. jesus

    will this be released in tyler’s store and/or other store later on?
    or, do you guys have ALL copies?


  6. Darren B.

    Is the slight-imperfection stuff only going to be sold in store as well?

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Peter

    Wow, this poster is insane! Like the Tracy Morgan of movie posters. Wish I lived in Austin, just so I could have bought one of these.

  8. IM2Fan

    i was extremely lucky to have snagged one of these off eBay. #55 I think. It’s being framed right now. They are really quite something in person, No picture will ever do this justice.


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