ZOMBIE By Jeff Proctor On Sale Now!

I bet you all thought that because we’re in Los Angeles getting ready for the Rolling Roadshow tour, we’d take a week off. No way! Today we are very excited to release our newest print for Lucio Fulci’s classic ZOMBI 2 aka ZOMBIE! Also, just in time for SHARK WEEK!

ZOMBIE by Jeff Proctor. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 190. Click HERE to buy.

This is the first time we’ve worked with Proctor and it definitely won’t be the last. We’re ecstatic that he decided to go with the EPIC Zombie vs. Shark scene from the film. Truly, without a doubt, it is one of the most unbeleivable scenes not just in a horror movie, but in ANY movie.

These went on sale last night at the Terror Tuesday screening and we sold a bunch, so expect these to go quickly.


9 thoughts on “ZOMBIE By Jeff Proctor On Sale Now!

  1. Tony

    I picked one of these up in person last night, and the pic doesn’t do it justice at all! This print is multi-layered and beautiful in person!

  2. Idiots

    Dude seriously this is bullshit. Do you hang on to 40 copies yourself to post on ebay? I give it 20 minutes before there are some for 200 $ on there. How am I expected to believe you can honestly sell copies of this instantly.

    You have made a lucrative business for ebay. Congratulations.

  3. iron jaiden

    @Idiots: I almost thought you were a troll but there’s a slight chance you’re actually that foolish.
    If you’d have just asked a sincere question like “wow I didn’t expect it to sell so quickly and missed out myself, do things sell this fast usually?” you’d get a nice and sincere answer. You decided to get delusional about it though so I’d just like to say, HAH HAH! Wanna buy a Zombie poster?

  4. JB

    120-150 sales in under 10 minutes is still really fast!

    Happy I was able to snag one.

    Fulci has always been a favorite. Hopefully we’ll get a Gates of Hell, House by the Cemetery, or the Beyond in the future.

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