Mondo Presents: STAR WARS! Great Warrior By Todd Slater On Sale Now!

Today we are proud to present the newest entry into our STAR WARS poster series, YODA aka Great Warrior!

Poster by Todd Slater. 17″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered and signed by the artist. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 385. Click HERE to buy.

Todd provided a little insight into why he decided to design Yoda in this manner:

“From the first time that I saw Star Wars, I was captivated by the mystery of Yoda’s species and home world.  For Yoda, Dagobah was a place to disappear, and I see him as being at one with the landscape.  For this print I wanted to camouflage him as a part of this murky planet using leaves, sticks, ferns and other flora found in the swamps.  The image is printed on black paper with a shiny black varnish layer in the background.  The varnished layer reveals even more of Dagobah and is shown as a transparency through Yoda’s face.
The kanji (japanese characters) on the left side gives one word representations of the six stages I identified in Luke’s Jedi training: the meeting of a great warrior, the discovery of a Jedi’s strength, entering of a domain of evil, learning that size matters not, seeing the future and finally, the confrontation of Vader.

The screen print is seven colors, which is the most I’ve done to date.”

Photos hardly do this piece justice as it is amazing in person, but here are some detailed pics of the actual piece…


18 thoughts on “Mondo Presents: STAR WARS! Great Warrior By Todd Slater On Sale Now!

  1. Johnathan

    Lovely, already 8 put up on Ebay, glad to see these are going to true collectors…If it’s selling out in 5 minutes, you’re not making enough…find out who is just putting them up on Ebay and block their I.P.’s from purchasing in the future to make way for real fans.

  2. Noel

    I’m with Johnathan on this one.

    There are now 16 on eBay.

    Why are so few of a lot of the quality works on this site made? Given the prices on things on the site are very reasonable it doesn’t seem like anyone is going for higher prices through scarcity or something.

  3. iron jaiden

    @Newbies: listen guys this is the way poster collecting works. It’s been like this for years and years. Very limited edition screen printed artwork that is sought after by fans of the subject, band, movie, artist, art or any combination thereof. Part of the enjoyment of owning one of these pieces is how rare they are. That’s often what distinguishes a “collectible” from a “commonplace item”. I know everyone would love to have infinite runs made of their dream artwork for a nickel a print but it’s just not going to happen.
    It does you no good to piss and moan about the aftermarket. It exists and that’s that. In a dream world everyone who scores would frame this next to their blaster gun replica, but in reality people sell rare things for high prices. Don’t like it? Reject capitalism. But I digress.
    Those of us that ALWAYS get +1s are not special in some way. We just hang out at the product page and hit F5 on the day of the drop for a couple hours. You’d be surprised how easy this thing is when you invest a little effort into scoring.
    Good luck on the next one boppers. :)

  4. yahweh70

    Well said iron jaiden. I’m pissed I missed this one, myself, but hey, I got the last one, and missed Tribbles and Star Seed.

    It’s getting really boring reading about how folks missed out on the original, seem to think that the way around multiple copies going on Ebay, is they should not do limited editions… How/why this will stop copies going on Ebay, defeats me. There are plenty of unlimited posters that still seem to sell for a lot of money on Ebay. The price of the items might drop on the secondhand market as other bits get released, or they might go skyhigh.

  5. yahweh70

    I must say that on those I’ve caught, its been by sitting on my laptop most of the day, hitting refresh. Even then, it took either a note on Facebook, or the email with an initially wrong link, that lead to the right page. On the previous one, I’d literally only just hit refresh, when an email hit my inbox with the link..

  6. Jonkino

    Missed it two by seconds due to a glitch in the process with my bloody PaypAl account. Frustrating I know but that’s life hey, I’ll have forgotten about it by tomorrow and will move on but wont’ be buying from the flippers. Worse thing is was waiting also for the John and Yoko Obey print to drop all day, nipped out to the shop and missed that too. A double whammy!! Oh well, I hope for the Stout next week, any got a clue what day?

  7. Max

    I just get the tweet on my phone, go online and order-FAST. It helps to already have a Mondo account and be logged in too. I missed this one too, but bagged me a McCarthy Hoth!

  8. Rob

    I’m still furious that I missed the amazing Royal Tenenbaums print a while back.

    That said, please do not print more.


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