Star Trek: First Contact By Ken Taylor On Sale Now!

This marks the third release in our Star Trek series with CBS and we decided to use one of our favorite artists to tackle one of Star Trek’s most cold and sinister villains….the Borg!

Poster by Ken Taylor. 24″x36″ screen print w/ metallic inks. Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 210. Click HERE to buy.

We also made a glow in the dark variant where we printed EVERY INK WITH GLOW. This has an edition of only 80 and is available HERE. Here is a photo of the glow in action.

We are unbelievably proud about how well these came out. Ken did an amazing job on capturing the look and feel of First Contact. The first two releases in our STAR TREK series focused on episodes from the original series. SPACE SEED and THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES both featured iconic characters and creatures, so we decided to put the spotlight on one of the most recognized and loved of all STAR TREK characters…the Borg. Not only are the Borg incredibly interesting and visually stunning, but they function as a cohesive unit with the queen as their leader hence the reason we chose to focus on her for our newest poster. We are proud to have First Contact as our third entry to the series. I’ll leave you with some detail shots of the poster so you can see all of the many details including the metallic ink we printed with…


7 thoughts on “Star Trek: First Contact By Ken Taylor On Sale Now!

  1. yahweh70

    Sold out.. how long til the ‘I missed it and it’s going for 5.4 million on ebay already.. wheres my nappy changing.. starts..?

  2. mus42

    Wow, all sold out within 10 minutes. You guys are too popular :)
    I passed on this one as I wasn’t sure I wanted to wake up and see the Borg Queen each morning.
    Looking forward to future releases


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