Star Wars, Strangelove, Kwai On Sale Now!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! Today, we have a ton of great stuff up for sale, so let’s get started, shall we? First up, we have Kevin Tong’s AMAZING entry into our STAR WARS series…A LINCH PIN DROID.

Poster by Kevin Tong. 24″x 36″ screen print w/ glow in the dark inks. Hand numbered. Edition of 400. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Click HERE to buy.

Kevin did an EXTENSIVE process video with pics at his blog which you can see HERE


Poster by Jason Munn. 18″x 24″ screen print. Signed, numbered and printed by the artist. Edition of 175. Click HERE to buy.

Next up, Jeff Kleinsmith’s THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI poster.

Poster by Jeff Kleinsmith. 24″x 36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Click HERE to buy.

Not only do we have these new posters up for sale, we are now offering gift cards. Click HERE to buy. They come in $50, $100, $150 and $200 amounts and never expire.

Have a great weekend and good luck on the sale!


18 thoughts on “Star Wars, Strangelove, Kwai On Sale Now!

  1. iron jaiden

    Yeah man gift card worked like a charm. Very cool stuff Justin.
    +1 R2 and +1 Strangelove. Only shopping I’m doing today for real :)

  2. John Maddening

    Man, I’m getting really sick of this. 175? 150? Man, there’s hardly a chance at all for anyone unless they just happen to be sitting by their computer at exactly the right time.

    Once again, I would be happy to buy un-numbered versions of a lot of these prints. I don’t care about the “collectibility” (read: resale value) of them, I just want them to frame and hang up in my house. Ugh.

  3. Bioschock

    man, this is really frustrating. all day i refreshed (every few minutes) the r2d2-print…at university and at home. than my battery shuts off… 20min later – SOLD OUT.
    now some greedy people sell the prints on ebay…hooray. i believe there is no possibility to get a hi-res picture of this print?

  4. iron jaiden

    @John: welcome to the world of limited edition screen printed posters. To be honest Justin sent a tweet out 3 hours before these dropped and said “in 3 hours the posters will be on sale”. It really wasn’t blind luck that a bunch of us scored. The first to sell out was R2-D2 and that took about 4 minutes. From there Dr. Strangelove hung around for 40 minutes and Kwai for over an hour. You tellin me that wasn’t a big enough window for you?
    Get on the mailing list and get those twitter updates and you’ll be in business next time my man, promise. :)

  5. John Maddening

    Sorry, I like going outside from time to time. A beautiful day off from work is not going to be spent glued to my computer or smartphone.

    I really don’t care about the collectability of these posters, I just like them. I’m not going to buy one with a particularly limited number if I don’t like both the art and the movie the art is depicting. I’d buy an unlimited edition no problem, and I bet there are a Ron of others who would as well.

  6. Justin Post author

    John Maddening-

    The fact of the matter is, we want to put these out in limited editions. We have no interest in making them unlimited. Sorry. We’re not trying to make your life hard…it’s just what we’ve been doing for a long time and we don’t have any plans on cashing in and making our stuff less special.

  7. Cayman Unterborn

    Here, here Justin! I wouldn’t want the prints I’ve scored to be any less special. If anything their limitedness makes them even more special. Keep up the great work!

  8. John Maddening

    I don’t get why it makes them “more special” — The art would be the same, the paper the same…I love my TRANSFORMERS and MOON Mondo posters, but if there were 1000 of them I’d still love them as much.

    I guess I just don’t get the mentality. But that’s cool, different people like different stuff. It’s just really frustrating.

  9. iron jaiden

    @John Maddening: it’s fine if you have no interest in collecting limited edition screen prints but you’re kind of on a site that produces exactly that for an entire community of people who enjoy collecting exactly that.
    It’s a little like hanging around on a football website and saying things like “guys this game would be a whole lot better if the ball were made of cheese and instead of tackling each other you just yelled insults”. There’s a game for you my man, but it ain’t this one.

    Good luck :)

  10. John Maddening

    Well, no, that’s not precisely it. Unless you are only collecting them for the fact that they are limited in number, at which point it doesn’t even matter what movie it is, or who the artist is. I assume that you also like the art and the films they represent. So do I. I just don’t care that the poster I have is one of x number.

  11. Ben Cree

    @John Dude quit flaming the Mondo Blog. If you are too busy to put a little effort into getting a print then you aren’t going to get one, it’s simple as that.


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