How Things Work At Mondo Redux

Hey Everyone. Justin here to kind of do a recap of how things work when you’re actually ordering posters from us on high traffic sale days. We had a TON of people sign up for the site with this TRON release today and we got a lot of emails like this from angry fans:

I had called and left a message earlier, however, you guys don’t open until 5pm, but I was messaging to make a complaint about my transaction earlier. Earlier today at 12:30-12:31 pm I hopped on MondoTees from my cell phone, added the original Tron poster to my cart, went through all the shipping and billing address stuff and after clicking next I was given an Out of Stock page, which baffled me. After refreshing the page and receiving another Twitter notification from MondoNews, sure enough, I was just jacked out of a purchase. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit enough to bitch about it, however, I know how quick these sell and how much they resell for on eBay and this was supposed to be a gift for my girlfriend, as she loves the original Tron movie completely. I’m extremely pissed off, moreso at the fact that by adding a product to my cart, I feel it should be reserved, as I lingered on that page for about an hour, hoping to be one of the first to buy this poster. Apparently, the servers being blown up and my 3g network screwed me out of that. I would like to still purchase one of these posters and if you look at my previous purchases, there aren’t many, but I’ve always been a beyond satisfied customer and still hope to continue to shop here. I’m just hoping you can compensate me for this situation, as this issue was created on your end. Thank you for the time, and I apologize for the bitchiness, it’s just the holiday season, it’s stressful, and I was looking forward to this since it leaked a couple days ago.

This fan was mad, that’s clear and it’s TOTALLY understandable. Guys, I’m a collector, too. I collect toys, comics, shoes, all kinds of stuff and I fight just like you to get rare, collectible, LIMITED stuff online. I know how it feels when you don’t get what you want, especially when you’ve been refreshing and waiting for hours. The main thing I want to point out in the above message is this line:

“by adding a product to my cart, I feel it should be reserved”

This is false. There are TONS of reasons why you, the fan, don’t want this to happen. If you really want me to go into them, I’d be glad to drop a few in the comments, but the main point is that if you have something in your cart, it’s not yours until you make it through the checkout process and pay for it. I’m trying to keep this short and sweet as we have A LOT to do for the bunch of releases coming up before the end of the year, but since we do have a bunch of great stuff coming out, I thought I should make this crystal clear.

If you have any questions, hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email.


114 thoughts on “How Things Work At Mondo Redux

  1. Steve Flack

    Any chance on increasing edition sizes? You have to admit, you guys have become much more well known in the last year, and you could probably move three times as much stock, and still be considered a Limited Edition boutique.

    1. Justin Post author


      If you look at how many we were printing of, say…the Martin Ansin PHANTOM OF THE OPERA poster last year, we have increased edition sizes, but we’re never going to blow it out super crazy. We are in the limited edition business and will always be. We have no interest in wholesaling to other people or doing runs in the thousands or whatever. I know it sucks that not everyone will get one, but that’s the nature of the beast.

  2. Raskan

    I just have a weird question from the consumer’s perspective…if you’re buying groceries, can I grab your loaf of bread from your cart if it’s the last one?

    I understand the limited nature of things, but if you’re in any brick and mortar store, if something is in your basket/cart, no one can come and grab said stuff from it while in your possession. Now, if that guy lost connection or went to a different page, that’s a completely different story. But if you’re in act of paying and the product disappears, then that feels like customers are being cheated.

    1. Justin Post author


      If you want to bring food up, let me say that your example is like comparing apples and oranges. Let me put it to you this way…the number one email we get is “Can you please print more or up your editions.” The second is, “We’re mad at you because flippers are buying your posters and putting them on ebay.” So, let’s say that we set it up so that if you put it in your cart, it stays in your cart until you pay for it. Okay. So, it’s in your cart. You’ve essentially reserved one and it gives you time to think if you want it or whatever one wants to call it. Flippers are a clever breed and if you think there are a lot of posters getting flipped on ebay now, can you imagine the field day they’d have with this system? They wouldn’t have to fight it out with the rest of you, rather, it’d make their lives sweet. All they’d have to do is get a bunch of their pals to add one to the cart and then they could take their sweet time checking out. They could make up fake names, addresses or whatever they want and get as many as they could. Does that make sense? Even if you put a time limit on how long it was in your cart, that still gives flippers or whoever a head start to clean house.

      We’ve been doing this a while and we’re not trying to make lives hard. The way we have it set up isn’t going to change and it’s the best way we’ve found for this thing to work. The point of this blog post was to let everyone know how it works so there weren’t any surprises. Thanks for the comment.


  3. austin

    I’ve always found the system to be smooth. I always figure these things are in high demand so I blame that and not the system if there is an issue.

  4. Austin Books

    How do you determine print runs and pricing? Seems rather arbitrary; some runs will be 240 some will be 350, etc. Knowing full well the Tron Series was going to be so popular I’m surprised only 240 were made vs say it wouldn’t make it that much less “limited” to increase the size run to say 350. That’s far from the thousands or anything remotely close to super crazy. Similar question about pricing. I’ve noticed a lot of the Star Wars ones run for about 50+ (probably because it’s just Star Wars and you can charge more), and I’m glad Tron’s price was affordable, but like the size runs, pricing seems rather arbitrary. Perhaps it has to do with size of print/materials/glowinthedark ink, etc?

  5. Chris K.

    I, for one, very much like small print runs.

    But, I’d like to put my two cents in on what I’ll call “scalpers”. Folks are buying these posters and listing them on eBay (there are 21 already up), some for obscene prices. For folks like me who don’t check the site every N seconds, we are forced out by folks who do, and the folks at Mondo Tees and the artists see none of the benefit of the higher prices these scalpers obtain (although watching some other prints, the prices they obtain vary). Sure, once Mondo Tees has sold (auctioned) all they’re going to sell (auction) folks in the secondary market should feel free to buy and sell as they see fit.

    What would be the possibility of auctioning off some (or all) of the prints so that you would see the benefit and I, as a collector, know that the folks making the art are receiving the bulk of the economic benefit from my support in my purchase?

    Alternately, pre-orders or lottery might be reasonable, but I agree with small print runs. (Even though I’ve only been able to buy one poster, while I would have been happy to pay more for others like these Tron posters.)

  6. BA

    Well, actually if it’s in the cart it isn’t yours. It hasn’t been paid for so, if I want that bread I could walk up and take it. It’s common courtesy that tells us not to but, it isn’t yours yet. It sucks but, there are so many flaws if there were holds like this. If anything, I can see it making the posters even harder to buy on a resell market.

  7. Jesse

    I’m pretty sure you can take something from someone’s cart when they aren’t looking. It isn’t their property, it belongs to the store until paid for.

    I think this is the best way. So annoying when store allow people to cart items for extended time.

  8. Mike

    I have purchased several prints from Mondo in the last few months. My first purchase was the Evil Dead posters, however, I wasn’t able to score the “Hand Tree” design. I had a similar experience where I went through check out and was only able to purchase the second design. Sure, I wasn’t happy that I didn’t secure that print, but I didn’t blame Mondo for my misfortune. It happens. Since then, I have continued to buy prints from you guys. Thank you for the Bounty Hunter series! They are my favorite so far. And what I love about them is the little number that says 235/430. These make my purchases even more special and my friends even more jealous. It’s great to hear that you will also remain a limited edition business. Please, never change!

    The customer was on a cell phone. I imagine it was difficult to get those prints when checking out with a 3G connection. Think of his grief as a warning to those fans who may think about purchasing prints in the future.

    Keep up the good work! I’m excited for the next Del’Toro!

  9. Colin

    I’m not complaining about the cart system because I think it makes the process more transparent but there seem to be some clear cases where buyers are finding a way to get multiple copies of these prints. I missed out on the Danger print last week and had to pick it up on ebay — at a 250% premium. That’s life, however, on a repeat visit I see that the same vendor who sold me a copy of the print has another copy for sale. I know it’s a free market, but seeing flippers with — apparent — multiple copies pisses me off a bit. Is there something that could be done to remedy prior to shipping the merch to these obvious offenders?

    1. Justin Post author


      Technically, flippers aren’t doing anything wrong. Once you buy the poster from us, you can frame it, sell it, set if on fire, whatever. It’s totally fine to do that. Is buying from a reseller the preferred way to get a poster of ours or for that matter, ANYTHING collectible? Of course not. Other than limit the sales of our posters to one per household, there isn’t much we can do. We’re not ebay police and can’t go check and see how they got theirs. It sucks, but there is only so much we can do.

  10. Austin Books

    To answer Raskan’s question, it also goes like this:

    What if 20 people put the poster in their carts and don’t go through the checkout prices and finish PAYING for the item? Is it fair for those who are ready to pay? How long are you allowed to have it “linger” in your cart before others who are ready can pay? I can see how it would be frustrating having it in your cart and then being told at the end that sorry sold out but believe me we’ve all been there.

    Bottom line is it’s whoever forks over the money first and completes checkout, plain and simple. From a business standpoint that’s the only way to do it. Sometimes due to poor connection or just unluck of the draw someone may complete checkout faster or not go through so much lag so they complete checkout first. But EVERY e-commerce store that deals with limited items behave the same way

  11. Chris K.

    Oh, and Justin, regarding “flippers” (or as I call them, “scalpers”), they are NOT collectors and preventing collectors from buying directly from the artists that y’all are. I’ll keep my eye out for a reasonable auction of these prints (having bought the Zombies poster off eBay) but won’t be sending these flippers flippin’ any more money then they spent to buy it off your site.

  12. Ramone

    I’m confused–I expected this post to explain how things work with ordering from Mondo (as the headline suggests). But really, you just called out an unhappy customer and then copped out completely with “if you really want me to go into them, I’d be glad to drop a few in the comments…”

    Here’s a list of questions you should have been answering up front:

    Why does Mondo make such limited runs of prints?

    Will Mondo ever offer a print at a later time?

    Why do I get Tweets that a print is for sale after said item has disappeared from my cart as being “sold out”?

    Why doesn’t Mondo do pre-orders?


    1. Justin Post author


      What’s there to be confused about? If you read our blog, you will see that all of your questions have been answered. Thanks. I’ve talked extensively about those several times before.

  13. Justin Post author

    Chris K-

    Not trying to argue, but just because someone is selling a print on ebay doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t a fan. Sometimes people hit hard times and need to liquidate some of their collection. It seems like it’d be tough to judge who is a “true” flipper and who isn’t based on the fact that they’re selling on an after market site.

  14. jazzgalaxy

    It’s crazy to me that people can be so disappointed when they don’t get something that they didn’t even know existed until yesterday.

    There will always be another poster, so relax and have fun with it– that’s the whole point, right?

    You can’t get everything and really, if you think about it, you don’t want everything. That’s the fun of collecting– if you have everything, by definition you’re not a collector anymore.

  15. iron jaiden

    Justin you already know we love you so keep up the stellar work.

    To those just joining us welcome to the wonderful world of poster collecting!
    There’s a whole community of nerds who spend way too much time and WAY too much money collecting ink on paper. Before you send our friend Justin a nasty-gram about things you wanted and didn’t get go ahead and pull up a chair over at expressobeans, omgposters and gigposters and say hi. You just might learn something :)

  16. jazzgalaxy

    heh, weird. I saw the name Colin up there and was like, I don’t post here under my real name!!!

    Rarely do I see another Colin around…

  17. Chris K.

    I completely agree, once you have sold all your prints re-sales are legit. But the large number of folks listing their art before they even have it in hand stinks of flipping. But of course, if you auctioned off all your prints, you would get the market value and there would be no market for flipping and us collectors would not feel we were getting ripped off by flippers.

    Another option that may help is to do what does; stick to a regular release schedule (to the second on the clock, 7:30PM EST every Tuesday, although they do unlimited runs other days) so folks basically all have the same chance at a print.

  18. jazzgalaxy

    Are you guys the people who used to hold baseball card packages up to the light too?

    Some collectors are no fun.

    I don’t get the problem that people have with flipping. If we’re all honest with ourselves, the thrill of the hunt is one of the most exciting things about poster collecting. Now, I know sometimes you really want something and will have to live without it because of flippers, but imagine if only collectors bought posters and you still didn’t get one at the drop– then you would NEVER get one because the after market wouldn’t exist. Trying to have your cake and eat it to is what babies do.

    Just be glad that you win some and lose some. That is life.

  19. rubberneck

    Limited edition means its is a limited run, full stop. No reprints. A select few get to own the print.

    You complete purchase, then you own the print. Everything prior is up for grabs!

    Twitter & Email notification (where used) gives enough notice to go to the website and start refreshing!

  20. iron jaiden

    Dude Chris Justin ain’t askin for advice on how to do things better. His business runs butter smooth. He just wanted to give the new folks a heads up about the nature of limited print runs and how the shopping cart works.
    I’m not speaking for Justin or anything but you seem to be coming from the assertion that Mondo is looking for a new way to do things. Try looking at if from another angle, they’re not :P

  21. Steve C

    Hello. Is there any way that you might consider having one of these sales on a weekend day? I have bought posters here before, but I always have to take off of work in order to do so. I don’t have anymore time I can take off before the end of the year and hate to miss out on anything. How about just one? Please?

  22. Colin

    I’m a banker and I have no issue with an “investor” picking up a limited “commodity” and selling it at a premium. It’s the very essence of a free market… no different than buying and selling sports cards, comics, gold, coins, stocks, bonds and so on. Who’s to say I won’t sell/trade/barter some of my unwanted collection at some point in the future?

    It just irks me to see someone with multiple copies of the same release prior to the print shipping from Mondo. One per customer, household, etc… right? Assuming these are legitimate transactions, the vendor has obviously circumvented the process to obtain additional copies. I know there’s nothing that can be done because just like any other quasi non-legitimate venture, they’ll just find other ways to disguise their activities.

    I really don’t want the current system to change either. To paraphrase a comment I read the other day “I pick these things up on an abacus no problem… the detractors need to sharpen their trigger finger.”

  23. Ian M

    Totally agree with the way you run your system, so don’t change it. People can moan about fastest connection wins, but its no different to fastest finger on a phone or most dedicated queuer for a store. I just love knowing it’s possible that I could be a lucky one who gets one and if I don’t it’ll be something I’ll yearn for and try to find at a collectors trade show one day in the future. Thats half the fun of collecting isn’t it?

    Although whilst this blog post is set to make it clear, maybe you could add a succinct message to the cart that states this to new users? ..Just so there are no surprises.

  24. Chris K.

    Iron, hey if Justin doesn’t want to get the market value for the art, that’s his choice and I appreciate that he does a nice job with the art and the site. The fact that he posted this post, and allows comments means he IS looking for input, and he can feel completely free to ignore my input.

  25. Prid

    kinda off topic, but any rough idea when the tron posters might be made available on sideshow’s site and what’s the best way to find out when they are going to be sold?

  26. schlub

    Didn’t get one because I was at lunch, no biggie, but this cart BS is nonsense.

    Get some real web developers in on this.

    Amazon lightning deals are more popular than any of these posters ever hope to be. Thousands upon thousands click a button at once, the first X amount of people to click said button have the item added to their cart, and a percentage of the too late people go on a reserve list. They have 15 minutes to check out (which I will agree, if you really want said item, is generous and should be reduced if ever implemented on items such as these). If said buyers don’t complete purchase in time, that stock goes back into the pool and gets offered to the reserve listers, who then have X minutes to add it and check out, and so on..

    The reserve list is probably too much to implement, but if you think giving people even a marginal 60 seconds to checkout (with well-posted ‘YOU HAVE SIXTY SECONDS TO CHECK THE BALLS OUT YO’ signage) isn’t awesome and doesn’t help the flippers at the same time (who wouldn’t do any of the stupid crap mentioned in these comments in an amount large enough to matter).. Well you’re just a cool poster nazi who doesn’t want to at least give the illusion of a somewhat fair system. If you think about it, any joe schmoe can click a button fairly fast, but not all of us are the world’s fastest typers..

    This is the same BS pulls for its midnight-releases-you-would-never-know-about-if-it-werent-for-twitter, but at least they have a terrible flash website to blame..

    1. Justin Post author

      If we add the 60 seconds reserve thing, would we have less people being bummed that they didn’t get one? We’d have the SAME AMOUNT OF PEOPLE saying, “Why can’t you just have it the way you used to.” It’s the same thing that happens when we print a low run of posters. People say print more. Then, if we print a higher edition on something, people say we’re getting greedy and printing too many. We’re not going to please everyone, so we’re going to do it one way and not change it.

      I didn’t write this blog to get into arguments. Just wanted to let people know how it works with us. If you know the rules and how things go, you at least have that going for you vs. being completely in the dark.

  27. selassielion

    The thrill of the hunt is a large part of the fun of collecting, which some of the newer people don’t seem to grasp. I’ve scored my fair share of prints on here and missed out on a ton as well, it’s all part of the collecting game. As are flippers, those that circumvent the rules, etc. Would you rather Justin and co. spend their time chasing down people on Ebay that have multiple prints – which by the way is easy enough to do if you have a friend, gf/bf etc. that buys one for you (not stating I do this, just pointing out an example) – or would you rather they spend their time continuing to line up these incredible prints and series? Asking for a larger edition size is a double edged sword as well, alot of serious collectors as well as artists prefer lower print runs as it makes the item more attractive b/c of its scarcity, as well as more valuable. Much of the time if you cannot get a print on here that you wanted, follow the artist’s site as they release their copies at a later date. Comparing this system to food in a market is ludicrous. If anything its like buying tickets to an event – the tickets are limited and if you are unlucky enough to miss them then you need to pay an aftermarket price to obtain them. Mondo does a knockout job, and ya’ll need to accept the fact that you can’t get everything you want, but if you do it may come at a higher price.

  28. jazzgalaxy

    Yeah, comparing it to a grocery store is asinine. If there were only 250 loaves of bread in the world, I assure you, you would not get one.

  29. schlub


    Only replying because probably you thought I came off harsh, but that’s literally just how words spill out of my mouth and I have a general grievance with cart systems that do this in general, and not MondoTees. My grievance with you guys is that you have radar for when I’m not watching TweetDeck for 3 minutes! Also you need shirts in fat people sizes, because people are fat and getting fatter by the minute.

    You guys have the product and supply it, you guys determine how it’s obtained from you and no one else really has a say. I completely agree, for everyone who who clamors for something like my suggestion there’s someone who would whine for the opposite, etc. Can’t please everyone, blah blah blah. I appreciate you at least attempting to answer people who whine about this stuff though, bigger corporations that pull the same junk wouldn’t even respond.

    Seriously though, hunt down the Star Wars cantina poster guy and make him draw it until the end of time or I will!

  30. Tservo

    There sure are a lot of cry babies posting here. The simple fact is, not everyone who wants one isn’t going to get one. That said, a little patience and some smart googling will probably get you one. Maybe not today, or even in a month. I have picked up plenty of out-of-print Mondo editions, some for less than cost just by being patient. Stop whining, there will be more.

  31. dylansdad

    This isn’t the grocery store, and this isn’t Amazon, and this isn’t Ticketmaster. Mondo’s poster doesn’t become your poster until you get a confirmation number–and no sooner. These things will always be limited, and so there will (almost) never be enough to go around. That’s the nature of the hobby, and so the frustrations come with the territory. If you’re new, learn the ropes, get Tweets sent to your smart phone, and stay close to a computer on drop days (especially between 11-12 CST). Maybe even buy a gift card so you can check out fast and the poster doesn’t sell out while you’re being redirected to Paypal and back.

    Keep up the good work, Justin!

  32. srdzevon

    First time poster (pun intended), long time buyer. I think you guys do a great job. It does sting when you miss a print, but it sure is sweet when you get one. That is all.

  33. Darkknight37

    Apparently none of you people have ever tried to buy anything off on a drop. Bunch of wimps.

  34. ryan

    dylansdad is right, it sucks to miss out on a release. i have missed tons and i have a crappy day but find it some where else and make ur self happy. wait til the hype blows over and find it for a decent price. your probably going to by other posters in the secondary market anyways. bummer i know but get over it.

  35. Jordan

    This system works,
    I’ve missed out on quite a few prints that I’ve had to then pay through the teeth for on eBay.
    It’s my own fault for not being at a computer, or trying to use my phone to make the purchase.
    I live in Australia, the on sale time usually drops anywhere between 3am and 5am…I start work at 6am.
    I make the effort to get up early enough to sit at my computer to constantly refresh the page, even if that means that I’ll be falling asleep for the rest of the day at work. I’ve never missed out on a print doing it this way.
    If you want something, get it.
    If there is a system in place that you don’t find convenient, adapt.
    As for the limited release, it is what it is.

    “Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda.

  36. Huh?

    Whaaaa!! This is pretty ridiculous that you guys even have to respond to this. I understand the whole new wave of fans, but you’ve done everything over the years to make this buying process as smooth as possible. From upgrading the site, to continually having awesome new stuff, you guys do a great job.

    It’s sad that the sense of entitlement runs so high in America and it makes me ashamed to be an American sometimes. It’s like the person at the back of the drive thru honking when someone in front of them orders a huge order and they have to wait while it’s made. Honk-HONK!! I wanna get fat faster!

    I will say this too; the email went up a few mins before the print went on sale, so people had plenty of time to get on the site and start refreshing. I had NO problem getting these prints, but i’ve also been shut out in the past. It works both ways. Don’t change a thing, because you guys have it down to a science now and don’t let the whiners get you down!!!

  37. Susan

    Huh? says: “Don’t change a thing.”

    ^^ I’m with this guy. I’ve been fortunate…I’ve been successful in getting every print that I wanted/can afford. Keep up the good work…you guys are awesome.

  38. taylorisagirlsname

    You have my suport Justin!

    You win some, you lose some.

    If you REALLY want a poster you miss you can always get one on the after market.

    You’re beautiful just the way you are!

  39. Chris

    I’ve seen this happen on a lot of limited toy and print drops before, and I don’t complain about it, as I know it’s the nature of e-commerce. The solution some places have established is to release product in smaller, staggered waves to ease server load (though honestly, it probably does not). This might not be practical at all with how limited the prints are, though.

  40. Jason

    I just want to chime in. This was the first time I ever ordered anything from you guys (Tron poster).

    I setup an account ahead of time, did not use a gift card to speed things up, and signed up for the newsletter. I also refreshed constantly for about 2 hours. My observations:

    1. When the newsletter got to me saying “on sale now!” it still took about 5 minutes before it was actually on sale on the website.
    2. I had enough time to click “buy now”, enter my CC details, confirm everything and finish.
    3. For shits and giggles I refreshed the buy page for about 3-4 more minutes and it seemed to still show stock. (Does it auto-update that page to say sold out or do you guys do that manually?)

    I did things “the slow way” (not using a gift card), took my time on the order page and checked out cool and collected and got my order just fine. Not trying to brag, just saying I had a positive experience and if I missed out it would have been completely understandable.

  41. John C

    Perhaps you could try out the selling model that tee fury uses? They sell limited edition designed t shirts for one day only, after that you can only get them through re sell. This way those customers who want the product can get it, and Mondo can print up exact numbers reducing overheads and maximising profit. Mondo could still sell limited edition variants just like many comic runs do now, this would maintain the ‘limited edition business’ and increase sales, as many customers will want both limited and popular produced copies. personally I have tried to purchase posters from your site for over a year and have never been successful, and here in the U.K. your posters very rarely come up for re sell. – Cheers – John

  42. Alexander

    Hello from another disappointed would-be customer.

    I myself have not ever been able to buy anything I wanted on Sure, I subscribe to the Mondo blog, and every time there’s a new, interesting product I rush to the Mondo site hoping it won’t be sold out. But it always is. And I know I will never be first in line. I’m competing with thousands of people. For me, is like a weird shop which never has any products. Wish I could buy something, but you don’t allow me to, ever. Pretty bizarre.

    By selling these limited supplies, you create a Black Friday-like stampede effect. Sane, stable, calm people hate Black Fridays. Everyone rushes to buy stuff, elbowing out competitors in a mad grab to get their hands on the goods. The most aggressive ones might be the flippers, as they have the most to lose, financially, by not getting in on the deal. For everyone else you are setting up the illusion that the customer is able to purchase something which is not purchasable after all. You build up expectations, then pull the carpet from under the customer’s legs. Perhaps it’s not immoral, but it’s certainly not *nice*.

    A randomized pre-order pool would marginalize the speculators and eliminate the Black Friday effect. Or at least you could trivially fix the cart system by having the cart reserve the item for just a couple of minutes (since the last page interaction). Anyway, here’s hoping I will one day be able to buy a product from your weird, productless store.

  43. HanShootsFirst

    Don’t change a thing Justin. It sucks for some – but that’s why it’s collectible. I’ve missed out on some and been lucky on a few others. That’s the way it goes, get over it. They are new to the community and this seems to happen in cycles. Same thing when Star Trek and Star Wars were announced as well.

  44. JB

    The system sucks.

    I hate having to deal with the drops where you wait hours in front of your computer just to have it snatched away by a flipper before you can check out.

    The “allure” of the limited edition is completely lost on me. I buy for the art and have never sold a print.

    That said, this is Mondo’s business model and they have been successful with it so far.

    I can’t imagine they are going to change it when they sell out of every print within minutes of the drop, no matter how much people complain.

    So, either 1) Suck it up, 2) Deal with the secondary market, or 3) Don’t buy their posters.

  45. Adam

    Haven’t read most of the above comments, and I have not had this issue with your site, however you trying to state the ‘fact’ of ‘it’s not yours until you pay for it’ is a load.

    It really sounds like this is more just you trying to excuse a lack of capability on your back end system. Maybe you have an out of the box ecommerce system that doesn’t allow this functionality, or you have limited/inexperienced dev resources. Either way, you’re in the wrong and I’d really just like you to admit it.

  46. Charter

    If you have not figured out how to know when something is about to go on sale and the fastest way of checking out then you do not need to reproduce and bring forth another generation of whiners.

    Justin/Mitch/Rob are very fair, very nice, and very smart. They know what they are doing. They don’t need people telling them to up the runs so that 1,000 people can get a poster or complain that the system sucks when they have a dedicated server to prevent crashes. When was the last time Mondo crashed? Mitch should slap all of you with a corn stalk.

  47. jay

    I’ve won some. I’ve lost some. Thats the way it goes. When I manage to score one, just makes it that much more special. Am I disappointed sometimes missing out, sure. But there will always be another one coming along. Such is life. Can’t take it with you, so enjoy what you get.

  48. Scott

    I hate that people take them directly to the secondary market just to turn a buck that the artist wont ever see, sure the artist made a dollar up front, I get that, but hell, hang them on your wall and enjoy them for at least a year before you resale them. What are you gonna do though, some people are just greedy and heartless. It would be funny if those guys never got the poster that they dont even have yet but sold on ebay, it would be a nice mess for them. I will cross my figures, karma can be funny sometimes. Keep up the great work on the prints, nothing you can do about a sell out, no doubt people will be mad, it’s what happens when you make a great print!

  49. Beggar13

    I have been fairly lucky getting prints. You guys are awesome and I thank you for all the joy you have brought me. My biggest problem is simply that I am running out of wall space!

  50. Chris

    I also just wanted to say great job Justin and Mondo crew. I’ve had some good luck and bad luck on this site when it comes to buying these posters but I think it adds to the overall experience considering these are very limited edition runs. I can imagine how busy you all are this time of year. I’m just happy your site exists and you can sell these badass one of a kind posters. Thanks again and Merry Christmas from Canada!

  51. Ramone

    @Justin, did you even read the first part of my comment? Your headline implies you’ll be explaining how things work, but the content of your post just rips on someone who had an issue. The questions were just examples, but since you decided to duck the issue and skip right to the questions I posed:

    1. As a matter of fact, I don’t follow your blog or your site. I just wanted the Tron poster.

    2. You could have linked to your FAQ, but you didn’t. And several questions I posed, in fact aren’t addressed in the FAQ.

    3. I made a legitimate attempt to make you aware that you’re not really communicating clearly, and all you could do was turn it on me. I did so earnestly and in good faith–not as troll, but as honest critique. What I learned from your response is that despite your artistic talents, you’re immature and unwilling to listen or provide good customer service.

    Good luck.

  52. Chris K.

    I love the art and I hope Justin keeps putting out great art.

    That being said, Ramone, I agree. Either it was a “I want to shout you down” or “I want some ego stroking”, or both, I guess. I guess constructive criticism is not appreciated, but that’s his business and I can take mine elsewhere. It would be nice to have a more positive buying experience to go along with the excellent art, but folks have beat me over the head for criticizing the buying experience so WTF.

  53. Jesse

    Dude, you want him to auction the prints off? This would essentially make the posters impossible to get for many people who have limited funds to spend on this little hobby. TERRIBLE IDEA! The term “constructive criticism” is being used awfully loosely.

    Ramone, I think Justin just wanted to let the whiners know that the print is not secured until you get a confirmation. Seemed pretty clear to me. I’m sure he’s busy and didn’t think he needed to explain why he offers limited edition prints or crap about twitter. His comment “if you really want me to go into them, I’d be glad to drop a few in the comments…” was clearly about the gentleman thinking it should be reserved once in the cart. Maybe your reading comprehension is the problem and not Justin’s communication skills.

  54. Jean-Pierre

    Hey Justin,

    I recently bought prints from and and both websites have a system where the purchasing is staggered to prevent this type of problem.

    After placing a print in your cart the print is held for you for a set amount of time (illustrated visually with a countdown)–complete the purchase otherwise the print will be released. There are a set amount prints available at a given time so that once they have all been added to carts additional purchasers must wait until a cart has been checked out or a print removed from a cart in order for another to become available, similarly illustrated visually with a countdown. So there is still a first come first serve system that holds you’re print until a set amount of time has passed and the staggering prevents servers from crashing.

    While everyone still might not get a print at least you will not have a system that creates negative goodwill towards your business.

    Just a suggestion.

    All the best,

  55. David

    I don’t know of a single online store on earth that ‘reserves’ your item when you add it to the shopping cart. Has that guy ever bought anything online ever?

  56. WhatChrisLikes

    So–as someone who’s totally new to this site, but hoping to pick up a set of the Star Wars posters on Monday–how fast do these posters usually sell out? Are we talking minutes or what?

  57. SimpJee

    I wouldn’t change a thing. Keep up the great work! One thing I really did like though is multiple items on sale at once. Specifically the Danger release, as it gave me a chance to grab a Critters poster :-). Give and take

  58. RSL

    Hey Justin,

    I am new here. And sadly, I just missed out on the Star Wars art (perhaps predictably). But I did the only thing I knew how to do it. I checked every few minutes and refreshed the screen. I am a little bit curious – and possibly concerned by the comment made by one of the other posters here, Jesse.

    Jesse says:
    December 17, 2010 at 3:04 pm
    “JB, if you are waiting hours in front of your computer for these to drop…you’re doing it wrong.”

    Are people using some technology means to log in / detect the onsale before others? I understand, completely, the need to keep this open for all income levels (no auction) but the same should be true with ability to complete a sale.

    Again, not being a crybaby but the art is beautiful and I wanted to buy. I’m where I needed to be checking for the sale. Not on-sale and then immediately sold out. Doesn’t quite seem like everybody is playing by the same set of rules. Other than that, nice page and brilliant idea. I set up an ccount and will be back again.

  59. drew

    you’re competing with every nerd on the planet for something that is very limited

    i just got totally screwed the same way over the new stars wars posters
    when you have every computer saavy nerd trying to get onto one tiny site at the same time… it’s a crap shoot

    i was super pissed watching the cart spin and then dump me out… for about a minute
    because it’s a poster

    getting worked up over not catching a unicorn is wasted time

  60. Chris S.

    The crazy thing is that the Star Wars posters went on sale twenty minutes ago, and they are already on ebay for hundreds of dollars. So frustrating.

  61. Bryan C.

    I have to agree about the cart issue Ramone brings up. Sure, it’s digital purchasing, but the concept is the same as a brick and mortar store. If you have it in your cart, you expect to be able to make it to the checkout line and purchase the product. The cart is the way you “reserve” the item for yourself prior to payment in the store. You wouldn’t expect another customer to grab it from your cart in a brick and mortar store and then claim it’s fair game because “you hadn’t paid for it yet”.

    What would be wrong with at least a 5 minute grace period for you to enter some info while the item is in your cart? At any rate, I just had the same thing happen to me with the Olly Moss Star Wars set and it was an unexpected surprise (to say the least).

  62. Noel

    Well un-surprisingly I missed out on the prints today, again.

    I am absolutely not upset at Mondo because of the limited print runs and understand that is the way it is and always will be.

    Things that I feel are legitimate gripes though, I had the items added to my cart within 30 seconds of them hitting the site. I then watched for 90 seconds as the check out page refused to load. I feel I am missing out on something due to your site technically not being able to handle the load. That’s a real shame. (This was across both a standard internet connection that is VERY VERY fast and also my 3G over phone) That’s a failure of technology and I think a legitimate complaint.

    I’ll echo the comments about the cart situation and say you absolutely should be evaluating a system like Amazon uses it. They have the resources and technical knowledge to really exam this issue and come up w the best solution – why not benefit from their experience and model your site on theirs? Clicking add to cart should place the items in your cart for a 15 min reservation. Customers clicking add to cart where all items are in this reservation period should go into a reserve que

    @ Justin you say your top complaints are
    “Can you please print more or up your editions.”
    I understand you can’t do anything about this.

    The second is; “We’re mad at you because flippers are buying your posters and putting them on ebay.”
    I really really understand you can’t do much about this. Once it’s sold how can you possibly be expected to control the item?

    Lastly on the cart issue you say;
    “So, let’s say that we set it up so that if you put it in your cart, it stays in your cart until you pay for it. Okay. So, it’s in your cart. You’ve essentially reserved one and it gives you time to think if you want it or whatever one wants to call it. Flippers are a clever breed and if you think there are a lot of posters getting flipped on ebay now, can you imagine the field day they’d have with this system? They wouldn’t have to fight it out with the rest of you, rather, it’d make their lives sweet. All they’d have to do is get a bunch of their pals to add one to the cart and then they could take their sweet time checking out. They could make up fake names, addresses or whatever they want and get as many as they could. Does that make sense? Even if you put a time limit on how long it was in your cart, that still gives flippers or whoever a head start to clean house.”

    How are any of the issues you mention in the last point less of an issue where the site doesn’t have a modern cart = reserved temporarily system? The “flippers” as it were are still going to be doing all their game w the cart system as is or if the cart system were re-vamped.

    Lets address the benefits of a modern cart system. Users who make it to the site and click add to cart in time are given the benefit of having a non-race purchasing experience. Above someone suggested that people get gift certificates merely to make their check out faster. Things like this should be unnecessary. Users of a modern cart system might fair better when the site is under heavy load usage and pages are simply not loading properly.

    This brings up the final point the site shouldn’t falter so much on heavy load. As on online retailer where this situation seems to have occurred repeatedly it is your responsibility to work towards a solution where the site operates under heavy load. This work might require additional investment in the site financially and it sucks because most of the time the site is NOT under this type of load. None the less the site should be aiming for good performance during peak times as well in usage lulls.

    @ Justin you say “The way we have it set up isn’t going to change and it’s the best way we’ve found for this thing to work.” “I didn’t write this blog to get into arguments. Just wanted to let people know how it works with us. If you know the rules and how things go, you at least have that going for you vs. being completely in the dark.”

    I didn’t write this posting to flip things into an adversarial debate but I think it’s important to note that your customers are in most cases probably trying to play by the rules. In summary limited sales totally cool! I’m never going to be upset at you because of some asshole on eBay (that’s ridiculous I felt that way in the past emotionally but there is no point in taking that out on you.) All this said I feel the technical concerns outlined here merit some evaluation. Playing by the rules is hard to do when the site simply isn’t working properly and or uses an out-dated cart metaphor.

    If the site worked perfectly and had rock solid up-time and stability AND had a modern cart system I very well could have STILL missed out on getting some posters today. And if that were the case I would in no way blame Mondo for that, it’s limited edition of a high a demand item – that’s going to happen. As it is today though I think myself and others (from reading the tweets your getting are having similar issues.) Those are technical issues that can and and should be improved.

    Weekend sales are a great idea people would be able to camp out more and that would improve the odds of everyone.

    Right after announcing weekend sales you’ll get hate mail from retail employees who work on Saturdays and can’t order.

  63. McWong

    Same thing happened to me, though I’m not bitter and angry. Used to paying a premium for them in the eBay aftermarket, but it does leave a rather cruddy taste in your mouth to have the posters in your cart and for it to just hang there. The bummer is I’m in Australia, it’s 6am and I stayed up all night to have a stab at these, and now am going through eBay trying to find copies for less than USD$600.

  64. Mike_M

    I think the system works fine, true I was lucky to get 2 prints in today’s sale (using 2 different orders, so maybe you people have really slow connections). If you think about it even Ticketmaster’s site cant handle the load sometimes other times they make you thing they can handle, but they just stick in “line” with a wait time of up to 15 min (which is insane since there is no real reason for that wait, except to distribute the server load themselves…

    The items Amazon sells are completely different, there have many more for sale and are not in the limited nature also they dont usually have thousands of people trying to by the same thing at the same time when there are less than 500 made.

    The amount of money that is needed to up the bandwidth of their store may not be a beneficial investment for them. In the end their posters still sell and the site is usable for many, so why do they need to increase. People will complain either way, even after they make improvements, that is the nature of doing such limited releases…

  65. John

    Very disappointed that I missed the Star Wars set today. Even more so because they are now selling on eBay for almost $1000. Ridiculous. Star Wars is not Potter or any other second rate license. A Star Wars edition of 400 is a scalpers dream. My potential first of many purchases from Mondo just became my first and last bad experience.

  66. schmeg

    I’ve ended up having to just blow up the jpeg images and cleaning them up in a program then resizing and reprinting them. Works awesome and I charge my friends for just the price of the paper stock I print onto.

  67. Adam

    I have no problem with the way that the company decides how many prints to make or how to sell it. If you want to check the website and try to get one of the limited posters, go for it. Everyone is fighting for the same number of posters.

    I do, however, have a problem with sitting at my computer, seeing that the posters are for sale, adding one to my cart, clicking the checkout button, having the site wait 60 seconds to proceed to the next page, then asking me to input my shipping and billing information, then having the guts to tell me that in the interim the prints have been sold out. This is akin to having someone in a grocery store walk up to you while you are in the process of handing cash to the cashier, taking a gallon of milk out of your cart, and walking over to the next lane and buying it themselves, then having the store shrug and say “too bad, you didn’t walk out the door yet so screw you.”

    Had I gotten to the website and all the prints were sold out, not a problem. If its an issue of when I got to the site to click the “add to cart” button, if you are slow, you lose. But its an entirely different issue when the website allows you to add the product and then rips it away because you don’t add your billing information quickly enough. This wasn’t something where I waited 15 minutes to buy – this involved me typing as quickly as I could. Not reserving the product for a few minutes while someone types in their billing information is a cheap play. I wouldn’t be mad if I just missed out on an opportunity to buy, but this involves me actually being on top of my game and having the people who run the store practically say “screw you” and it makes me mad. I’m never going to buy anything from this store again, and I’m never going to buy anything from this artist again because he shouldn’t be working with such a lowball, crappy organization. I’m going to tell everyone I know this story, and be sure they know who it was that screwed this up. Its really too bad, because I loved the artwork and it would have gone on my home theatre wall instead of right back up on ebay. But I feel as if I was cheated with a problem that would have been easy to avoid. Hopefully you guys can find a way to prevent this from happening in the future and from losing more customers.

  68. Charles


    Have you considered for a moment that the “technical problems” people were experiencing are the result of the product being sold out by the time you all got to whatever point in checkout process?

    I was constantly refreshing the browser, as soon as it was available to add to my cart I put it in there and began the checkout process. Between each checkout page I experienced a moment or two where I wasn’t sure I was going to get the next page, and after a few moments of panic it would go on to the next. I managed to make it out of there with a set. In all it couldn’t have taken me more than 3 minutes. As soon as I finished the process I went back to the shop and they were sold out. Now, I was clearly in the thick of the shit storm, seeing as I got my set, so how can everyone sit here and flame Mondo when clearly the number of units for sale were sold successfully to the people who got them?

    From my experience the process worked fine, which tells me that the first 400 (or whatever) customers got in and completed their transactions successfully, everyone else’s subsequent “technical problems” were simply the result of poor timing and bad luck. Maybe you’d like them to install a “sorry you’re the 408th customer” message? C’mon…

  69. Denis

    I find myself in agreement with Colin on this one. Look, the attention Mondotees is getting has grow as the profile of the projects grows. A system like Amazon has in place with Lightning Deals seems the only sensible solution. You put it in the cart, it stays there for a limited time (15 min or less) to complete the transaction. If you don’t complete it in that time or you leave the site, your item goes to the next person in line. I don’t possibly see how this system would be any more benficial to flippers than the system now (you don’t think flippers use multiple computers and people to get items now?) Is this going to be more complicated and more expensive than what is in place now? Sure. But you guys are going to continue having issues with lag time and servers until you fix it. People who try to buy your product are just going to get discouraged and not return. Honestly, a system where people buy giftcards to cut down on their checkout time to ensure an item is purchased is not a working system. No checkout system would be perfect, but it can certainly be improved.

  70. Dave

    I have to admit I was a little ticked off with how slow the web site was. I too had items in the cart and after at least a full 2 minutes of a page NOT loading it clicked over to the sold out page. I some how managed to get the Tron posters last week and the site was great then, but this time it was so slow!!

  71. Jaime

    I guess the “dick model” of doing business would be just fine, as you are free to do whatever you choose here in the ‘States, but you did not post the tweet and then put the button up. You say it is as simple as getting in there once the announcement is made and completing your order, but it isn’t when the announcement never comes and a completed order gets retracted. I never had a fighting chance because I was expecting a tweet – not one that wasn’t delivered quickly enough, but one that was never created. This is exactly opposite what you maintain in the blog post above. You hide behind it being equally fair (or equally unfair), but you didn’t play by the rules you created.

    I have a friend who made his order, checked out, received a confirmation email and then hours later his order was retracted with, uh sorry, we oversold. I think if you are going to display such unmitigated assholery, you could at least be a bit more contrite with your apologies. You railed against this guy about having the item in his cart, well, what’s the response to in the cart, checked out, confirmation email, then retraction? I agree, item in the cart isn’t a bought and paid for product, but my friend did buy and pay for it and still didn’t get anything.

    Pissing off thousands in order to sell hundreds is definitely not going to work out well in the end. I hope that artists use other venues to display their works as they are quite talented. You will only be able to burn people so many times before they walk away and you are taking the artist’s reputation down with you. I hope they consider how their product is sold because it reflects on them too.

  72. whitney

    After having a similar discussion to this today, when the amazing Olly Moss Star Wars posters sold out in what seemed like record time, I wondered if Mondo will ever do pre-sale in Austin? And in defense of Mondo – if you’re a real collecter, you get used to the hit or miss of the limited edition, highly coveted poster game.

  73. Roger

    Just because one ebay seller has multiple copies, doesn’t mean one guy bought multiple copies. Some might have fellow scalpers/friends with similar systems.

    If its so easy to sell posters the way you lot suggest. Why not set up your own companies, fork out thousands for trademark/copyright and artist fees, then try selling your posters fork a third Justin flogs them at.

    Then bend over and wait for a shafting when your servers shatter into a million pieces at the first sale. Followed by bankruptcy soon after as you’re not covering costs.

    But hey, your fans are happy right?

    Btw how many prints does Banksy do? But what if 150 folks ‘put’ one of his items in their cart..? There must be 150 ‘one-offs’, right?

  74. Rob

    So, to sum up the argument….

    Fans: “posters are great, limited availability is great,unable to purchase due to completely crappy, barely functional website, not so great.”

    Mondo: “tough shit.”

    That’s a fine attitude if you don’t care about growing beyond a microscopic, niche, business. If you hope to have larger success, good luck. You’ll need it.

    And, by the way, mouthing off to your fans isn’t going to win you any long term love either….

  75. iron jaiden

    @Rob: reality goes a little more like this:

    Fans: Yay Mondo! We been doin this thing for years and it keeps getting better!
    New Fish: This sucks how come I can’t buy stuff I want a million copies printed and a gigantic seahorse I can ride!!!
    Mondo: Oh… uhhh.. that ain’t really how it goes.. Here’s how it goes for those just tuning in..
    Rob: I missed the drop today and I’m mad is THIS where I vent?!?
    Mondo: Yeah sure Rob, have at..
    Jaiden: Rob you’re a goofball…


  76. Hyde

    hey guys – just wanted to let you know that i got a set and will have them professionally scanned and re-printed at my uncle’s shop. when they’re done i will get the info out there and will sell them for the same price. copyrights and C&Ds take forever to legally get dealt with. by then the vast lot of you will have your copy.

    thanks Justin! can’t wait for my set to get here :)

  77. Ben

    I can’t speak for Mondo, but I have been involved with developing various online shopping systems.

    “I feel I am missing out on something due to your site technically not being able to handle the load.”

    The website successfully sold every product, so it’s not broken. As for load, in this case it needed to process several hundred transactions within minutes – it did.

    Mondo’s website needs to handle enough visitors to sell their quantity of product. Amazon’s website needs to handle bajillions of customers, since they have a bajillion products and specials and deals going 24/7.

    Did you miss out? Yes – not because the website let you down, but because at least 350 customers from around the world where finalising their purchase before you could.

    “I had the items added to my cart within 30 seconds of them hitting the site”

    You aren’t adding the actual item to your cart, you are adding a non-guaranteed token to buy that item. As there is an uncapped quantity of tokens, you could be in the company of thousands rushing for the checkout.

    At the checkout, the limited quantity of items means first to complete sale get the product. After that, the exhausted cashier draws the curtain with the courtesy “Sorry, sold out.”

    “benefits of a modern cart system. Users who make it to the site and click add to cart in time are given the benefit of having a non-race purchasing experience”

    All you’ve done is shift the race forward – now it’s a mad rush to simply get the item in the cart. And by removing the requirement to actually purchase immediately, now everyone gets everyone they know, from Little Bobby to Aunty Agnes, to try and get the item into a cart.

    You’ve gone from competing against thousands at checkout, to competing against millions adding items into the cart.

    Instead of complaining that you had the item in the cart but the checkout let you down, you’d be complaining that you couldn’t even get the item into the cart.

    While demand outstrips supply, there will always be a race.

  78. Justin

    “print is not secured until you get a confirmation”

    this seems to be straight bull shit as well these days as I was just refunded for my Moss set while there are 30 sets priced at nearly a grand on ebay. Am i whining ? Maybe , doesnt make this any more pathetic.

  79. vaccaros

    well, I can completely understand what Justin is saying…however yesterday I successfully ordered and paid via CC for the Moss Star Wars set…just to get an e-mail some 14 hours later telling me my order was cancelled. I spent the rest of the day after winning in a super mood and telling everyone how happy I was to get the set. Now I just look like an idiot. I heard they oversold, but really there must be a way to slow the payment process so 100’s are not being done at the same time thus eliminating the issue. Now I have to pay 3x from scalpers on something I was told I had already purchased. @Justin I know you said this sucks, I dont think you understand how hard. :(

  80. rob

    Actaully, that’s not how it goes at all.

    A quick look back will reveal that i’ve been VERY vocal about loving the fact that these items are as limited as they are. I’ve bought several of Mondo’s previous releases, know how it works, and haven’t had any real complaints.

    I have absolutely NO problem missing out due to small runs.

    That said, during purchases of Trick R’ Treat, and now the trilogy set, I’ve missed out because the site glitched out and refused to load. If the folks at Mondo are going to promote themselves as heavily as they have been, without looking into whether their site can handle the load that promotion generates, that’s just a truly poor business practice.

    It seems Mondo doesn’t really give a shit about folks like me, because they sell out every time regardless. If they want to run things that way, fine. I was just pointing out that a business either grows, or it dies, and if they continue to run theirs the way they have been, someone who can do it better will come along and take their place.

    So thanks for playing Jaiden, but no, I’m not a new fish, and I don’t care about limited print runs. Nice try, though.

  81. Bryan C.

    Why not have a 5 minute time limit for completing the shipping/purchasing info once the item is in your cart? If you can’t complete the purchase in that time, the item is no longer reserved for you and goes back into stock. Seems like that would solve the complaints about the cart as well as address the concerns Mondo has about speculators reserving items indefinitely. It seems fair that if you’re one of the first 400 (or whatever the print run may be) to click ‘add to cart’, you should have a small time window to enter your info without losing the item.

    Like someone already mentioned, Amazon uses an approach like this for high demand, limited availability items.

  82. Mark

    I know you guys aren’t in an easy place at the moment and that you’ll never satisfy the demand (that’s the nature of a limited editions).
    I made it through the checkout process and paid for it, but still had my order cancelled. I’m truly gutted.
    I’m not an ebay scalper or flipper, just a disappointed fan…
    It would be really great if you could do something for those of us that are the ‘SW Trilogy Cancelees’…

  83. Michael

    As some us found out yesterday, even making it through the checkout process and receiving an e-mail confirmation is no guarantee that you’ll get a print. My order for a SW set was canceled without explanation four hours later. Only after I contacted customer service was I told there was an oversell. Mistakes happen, but yesterday’s sale was a disaster, and the lack of clear and timely follow-up only makes things worse.

  84. Cem K.

    Well, been watching this item on ebay. I have to agree with Rob – he doesn’t appear to be unreasonable in his complaints. I run a digital comms agency, your site needs upgrading and stress testing. I went to this site exactly 1 minute after receiving the email. The site kept hanging, it quite clearly can’t cope with the load and I’d hazard a guess that you are not attracting Amazon levels of traffic.
    Regardless, here’s a link for those that were successful in purchasing the item.

    Oh well. I want them bad enough, chances are I’ll buy it off ebay now.

  85. cdubya

    I agree with Iron Jaiden on this.

    Justin isn’t “mouthing off” only when someone says fuck you to him, does he even get snarky. But the amount of crap he took yesterday over the trilogy set is silly and stupid. Can things run better, sure, but don’t assume Mondo isnt interested in making things that way just because you get shut out.

  86. 8-Bit Zombi

    Normally I would consider this to be the risk of attempting to buy anything in limited production, but I must say that it does seem slightly off that the product is not reserved once the payment process has been started. I understand that reserving posters when added to the cart would be unfair because there is absolutely no guarantee that the person is going to buy and may be trying to bogart prints. But the instant you enter the payment process it should really be considered a sale, or at least have a time-limit system in place like with ticketing vendors. I do agree that it seems slightly unfair to be lucky enough to be one of the first people to start the process, but to lose out on the product due to a slower connection.

  87. Abrahams

    Come on guys be fair, their buddies have to get their choice first, then whats left goes to people with bots on their desktops.

  88. Pingback: A Message To The Fans…. « Mondo: The Blog

  89. Travis McClain

    It strikes me that all a buyer has to go on is whatever this site tells him or her. A sensible solution, I should think, to the issue of understanding whether or not one actually has a claim on a given poster would be a system like that used by ticket sellers. If you go to buy tickets and they’re still available, you have x minutes to complete the transaction before those tickets go back into circulation. If they’re unavailable, you’re told immediately. No confusion.

  90. Terina Toulson

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