Rob Jones’ King’s Lead Hat On Sale Now!

Today is the second to last poster in our officially licensed project with Lucasfilm and we’re honored that the GRAMMY NOMINATED DESIGNER Rob Jones could provide a design. We present to you, King’s Lead Hat!

Poster by Rob Jones. 24″x36″ screen print w/ metallic inks. Signed and numbered by the artist. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 255. Click HERE to buy.

Here is what Rob had to say about the poster:

“There’s a scene in Star Wars where Grand Moff Tarkin strides into his council room on the Death Star announcing the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. His officers express concern over the Emperor’s ability to maintain control of star systems without this governing body. To this Tarkin retorts, ‘Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.’

This exchange made me consider the motivation behind the Emperor’s construction of Darth Vader. I’m not referring to just the cybernetic bits maintaining Vader’s body but also the active manipulation of his mind to bring him to the dark side. The Emperor created in Vader a weapon no different from the Death Star in its ultimate purpose, a means of generating fear amongst the vast populace he ruled. An administrative tool that became the executor of the Emperor’s cruel commands. With that in mind, I decided to depict Vader as a facility harnessing and directing his immense natural power towards malicious ends.”


23 thoughts on “Rob Jones’ King’s Lead Hat On Sale Now!

  1. Dave

    That threw me for a loop, going on sale before usual. Can’t believe we’re at the end already. I’m excited to see what Stout has in store. I’m guessing the internet will melt when those posters drop. Thanks again Justin for all your hard work.

  2. rubberneck

    I hear you Dylansdad!… We are on the home straight now…. Will it be Stout?

    This moved fast btw… just outta bed and turned on pc when this dropped..phew!

  3. Bob

    I’m going to need to see this one in person to make my decision. Are the little men a common theme in Jone’s work or something? Why not have them be Death Star engineers? Only missing the Moss set now, and as it seems forever.

  4. Ryan

    Any guesses as to what the last release will be?

    I’m hoping for a Millenium Falcon scene, something light-sabre themed, or perhaps Han Solo in Carbonite! A “trench run” would be cool too.

    Can’t wait. (I think most everything else has been covered.)

  5. adamsmasher

    yeah ryan, i’m with you, i’ve been missing ALL of the items you mentioned, not to say i haven’t thoroughly enjoyed these posters that have come out, but what happened to han solo and the millenium falcon? and no real epic lightsaber poster, though ansin’s obi-wan with saber in hand comes pretty close and is an incredible print. let’s see what stout does!

  6. Bob

    I was always hoping for one release to be of the Emperor’s Royal Guards. Though since we haven’t even seen Palpatine yet, I won’t hold my breath.

  7. John M Szczerba

    never got email notification when it when on sale. year following this sites posters and yet to get on when one is still available.

  8. adamsmasher

    before we heard about this print i read someone on EB wishing that rob jones would do the emperor’s royal guards, which would’ve been sweet, hope they’re still excited by this one. in fact, quite a few people speculated that rob jones would be the next print released. can’t wait to see the print, i hear his are amazing in person.

  9. RepDetec82

    Just speculating, but couldn’t it also be a multi-artist collaborative print? I know Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey had one recently. It’d be a Hell of a big finish.

  10. firewhale

    Justin – Care to comment on why, in their exclusive first looks at this print, the and both included:

    “Be sure to follow @MondoNews for the “on sale” announcement which will be sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 28th.”

    SOMETIME IN THE AFTERNOON? Why is this cool to do to people? And regarding the new policies, why drop the “on sale now” email? I understand you are doing twitter and facebook, but what about us fans who work day jobs for a living and have those sites blocked by our employers?

    I understand the demand for these prints and hold no ill will towards Mondo regarding how fast these things sell out, how limited the runs are, or the shopping cart logistics, but it really seems like you like to fuck with people, with these announcements that lie about when the print is going on sale AND that you don’t really care that you are handicapping a group of fans that rely on the email notifications to try to grab print. Why not do “on sale now” notifications via facebook, twitter, and email? Would that be so difficult?

  11. Zap

    I missed this one, but I think if I bought it I would hide the bottom portion of the image. WTF is with the cut-and-pasted oompa loompa’s in ranger hats?

  12. iron jaiden

    Oi Justin I think the new “system” is solid. Site was nice and fast throughout the whole drop. The grand finale is gonna sincerely test the whole thing but so far so good. :)

  13. Dario Argento

    Why was the sale time email ditched? I understand the explanation was that “some people get them late,” but it seems like there have been far more problems with twitter than a couple of people’s email not arriving on time. Why not do all the notifications for those that can’t access twitter/facebook during the day? Doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  14. Abrahams

    More rubbish, didnt even get an ‘on sale now’ email.

    Guess i need to get friendly with someone at Mondo, would at least turn a few quid atthe expense of the fans that prop the site up eh.

  15. dylansdad

    Abrahams, the e-mail newsletter is now going out the day before with the preview and info. They aren’t sending it out right before the sale anymore.

  16. Geoff

    whats up with the ‘new system’? what is it exactly? I went to the page as soon as it was announced on twitter and everytime I tried to add it to my cart, it said I had no items in my cart. Tried a different browser and it told me I needed to enable cookies, even though cookies are enabled.

  17. Kennedy

    I fell asleep at my computer at 3am trying to get these and I see that it was 18 minutes later they all sold out, whilst my head was dreaming on the keyboard, consider making release time south of the equator friendly?


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