Dracula On Sale Now!

We decided to take a little break after all of the craziness in December, but we’re back now with our first release of 2011. This project has been long in the making and around October or so an unfinished image actually leaked online. It’s all done now and it is one of our most beautiful and ornate offerings ever. We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Aaron Horkey on this one as he provided the text and also got to use Vania Zouravilov for the first time. Vania is a master illustrator and after you’re done buying this print, go pick up his book. I recently grabbed it and can’t recommend it enough. Okay….enough recommendations. This isn’t Oprah’s book club…this is DRACULA. On sale now!

Poster by Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey. 23-3/4″ x 34″ screen print w/ metallic inks. Hand numbered. Printed by Burlesque. Edition of 330. Click HERE to buy.

Poster by Vania Zouravliov and Aaron Horkey. 23-3/4″ x 34″ screen print w/ metallic inks. Hand numbered. Printed by Burlesque. Edition of 70. Click HERE to buy.

Because it’s so hard to gauge the quality from a jpeg on a computer screen, I took these detail shots of the actual prints. The metallics and printing quality on these are amazing. Thanks to Ben at Burlesque for doing such a great job.


14 thoughts on “Dracula On Sale Now!

  1. iano-beano

    Sold-out before I got home from work, c’est la view.
    Congrats to those who got one, it looks sooooo damn good, will be killer in person I’m sure.

  2. rubberneck

    2011 starts with a bang! “Creature from the Black Lagoon’ and ‘The Invisible Man’ are on my wish list.
    Mondo, please make it happen!!

  3. iron jaiden

    If this thing looks half as good up close as I think it does it’ll be a tough one to beat for best of 2011. And we’re only 12 days in!
    Great stuff Mondo!

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  5. Big Ern

    once I got the tweet about this I was sooo excited…… however I have to say when I saw it I was super bummed. I have been collecting the universal horror prints and have Ansin’s Bride and Wolfman. Dracula is my favorite character by far, this is really disappointing, wish Ansin would have done the Dracula.

  6. Josh

    I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in this print. It is a very ‘pretty’ print but when compared to the other Universal prints by Ansin..it lacks incredibly. Please bring Ansin back for any others that you do because I truly feel he would have nailed it on Dracula. I understand and can see the art direction for this poster..just simply not what I had hoped for.

  7. Lola

    Thank you for this.. I got one in b&w, I can’t wait until it arrives. I bought the regular Stout Star Wars set for a dear friend’s upcoming birthday, but this was my New Year’s gift to myself..

  8. Fernando Martínez

    Hello, I have found your blog, looking for blogs that they speak on the great vampire.
    I am illustrative and support a blog for little, on which I am hanging published illustrations and the process to come to them.
    The last one that I have hung is of Drácula, they entrusted me to illustrate a book of juvenile text.
    I invite you to see the blog and to giving me your opinion. Thank you.


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