Kill Bill Madness At The New Bev!

About three weeks ago, we got a call from Quentin Tarantino’s team asking us if we would be interested in doing a poster for not only the first public screening of QT’s reassembled opus, KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR, but for a surprise at his birthday screening! Of course, we obliged and yesterday we revealed this masterful work by Tyler Stout!

I was throwing out some pretty vague hints, but after word got out that it was Tyler doing the poster, the situation got crazy outside of the theater. Fans were posting craigslist ads asking for people to go down to the theater to buy them and there were even lines outside of the theater to buy the poster running parallel to the lines to get in. Check it out….

Thanks for everyone that came out to tried to get one. We talked to some people that drove all the way from San Diego! If you didn’t snag one yesterday, don’t worry. We’ll have an online sale soon and as always, you will be notified the day before.

It was incredibly fun seeing the excitement from everyone when they realized we were in LA selling these. I love surprises and we are going to have one for our Austin fans very soon. I can’t go too much into it now, but in mid-April, we will be starting our own screening series at the Alamo called the Mondo Mystery Movie…. you will want to attend….


29 thoughts on “Kill Bill Madness At The New Bev!

  1. Woody

    Obviously, I’m just all sour grapes about not getting one, but I’m kind of really bummed and disappointed that that these weren’t sold to the people in the theater who wanted one. I mean, there were only 20 (!) for people at the 7 o’clock showing. With a 600 print run, I’m sure you would still have plenty to sell in a mad-dash, online sale.

    Oh, and that’s the stand-by line for people without tickets who wanted to chance getting into the screening, which has been sold out for a month, not the line for the posters. (That line extended the opposite direction.)

    1. Justin Post author


      The posters were sold to people in the theater. If they were in the theater, they were let in by management and I assume they had a ticket. We had these hand delivered to us to ensure they were in for the event and Tyler worked his ass off to get it done in time. What would you recommend we do differently next time to ensure that the people in the theater get the posters? To my knowledge, the only people that got any were people with tickets and I should know since I was the guy selling them all night.

  2. adamsmasher

    I was just thinking the same thing…three weeks just for art would be amazing, but they had to go through the entire printing process AND ship them to LA.

    Nicely done Tyler, Justin, and Mondo!

  3. Rainbolt

    I know its sounds lame but I called my whole family and asked them but everyone had something they had going on and couldn’t help out. This is by far my favorite print behind the “Thing” Coming from one of the biggest Tyler Stout fans this thing is amazing and a must have on my list of Stouts. And a super cool thanks for keeping us updated on twitter on how things went during the show at the New Bev Justin.

  4. Trevor

    Agree with Woody. These posters should have been for only people attending the event. The people that showed up just to buy a poster and not see the movie should’ve had to wait for online. As the post said, Tarantino wanted a poster for the event and patrons of said event should have had priority over someone who just showed up to turn a profit. And to Woody’s point if the print was for the event, it would have made more sense to have more posters available on site. Only 200 out of 600? Very disappointed in the way this was handled.

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  6. Woody

    Agree with Trevor. Just kind of disappointing that you’d be asked by Quentin’s people to provide something for his birthday and then bring less than 20% of that to his actual birthday while keeping the remainder to be sold elsewhere. (“Oh, we baked you a cake, but we’re only going to share a small portion of it with people at your party…”)

    Look, I don’t want to turn this thread (for an AWESOME poster) into “bitch about how I didn’t get a poster” but I’m sad now. Boo hoo.

    All that said and my crushed and broken heart aside, I really do love this piece and you guys are superhumans. One love, still.

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  8. ColdSore

    Hey look! More people bitching about how they didn’t get a poster!

    The online sale hasn’t even happened yet, crybabbyz. Go admire the jpegs for now.

  9. Jack

    Justin – Keep up the great work, you and your crew always do an awesome job for the fans.

    Whiners – Why must you air your grievances everywhere about not getting a poster? On the forums, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the Blogs, all this boo-hoo-hooing over not being able to get something you want. News Flash: That’s Life! You don’t always get what you want! Circumstances won’t be tailored to your specific situation so you can get what you want when you want it. Not sure what planet you’re from that everything in life has apparently been handed to you on a silver platter, but that just doesn’t happen on Earth. If you want a poster then start F5’ing now; as Justin said, they will be made available on-line soon. But I’m guessing you all want Justin and crew to take your names down now so they can call you first when a poster is available to see if you want it before it’s released to the rest of us?

  10. sanityfair

    Living so far away from all the Mondo excitement, I’m quite glad they kept a fair amount of posters for people who couldn’t/wouldn’t physically be at the event.

    That being said, I do agree that it would’ve been more fair if the posters only went to the people who were actually there to see the film, and NOT to those who went over just to grab a poster. The double line thing seems a bit much.

    Either way, thanks for curating this.

  11. Trevor

    All understandable and I don’t want to seem overly negative. You guys rock and have made tons of fans more than happy. I got my hopes up and a combination of things shattered them (seeing people buy a poster then leave and seeing people with multiple posters). I still have a chance to grab one online (and I will try my best). I appreciate the reply’s, it shows you guys value the customer. As far as how it could be handled better in the future, The only thing I can think of is having each person who buys a poster show you a ticket stub. Again, Mondo is the shit. I’ve bought a handful of prints from you guys in the past and will continue to do so. Sorry to be a thorn in your side.

  12. Chad S.

    I think it be best to ask to see a ticket stub next time to buy a poster. Though people can get stubs from others, atleast that can cut down on some people who are looking to just Ebay them.

    I was there and saw people coming in just for poster during the 1st showing. But besides that, I think with something like this you guys did the best you could to make sure people who really wanted them got on. As some one who has just got into this stuff, I want to thank you guys for doing an amazing job bring these to the public. I’ll treasure mine always :)

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  14. Chris

    I was in the poster line and did not have a ticket. I couldn’t get one, although it didn’t hurt trying. I can confirm that they didn’t sell to anyone without a ticket, although flippers were asking people in line to buy prints for them and some made out with 3. Nothing Mondo can do about that though.

  15. Max

    Any chance you guys are going to be there again tonight to sell more posters or are we going to have to wait until they go on sale online? I was there last night and wanted to buy one but I didn’t get paid until today. I’m going back for the screening tonight and would love to buy one then.

  16. BIGrick

    Hey Justin, will you bring some prints to WonderCon this week? Where can a fan, like myself, meet up and just say thanks for what you do for the community? Will you have a booth up and running at the event? Thanks.

    P.S Can we expect the KB print at WC this Friday? :)

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  18. Jeff

    I was lucky enough to get a print. Trevor and Woody, I feel your pain. I’ve been shut out of print releases many times. There are several art forums that have dozens of pages of discussion threads about this print dropping. People have gone bat shit over this thing. There were flippers there, for sure. But, that’s an impossible thing to avoid.

  19. Pat

    Jack, there’s a difference between “not always getting what you want” and “never being able to get a Mondo print because they sell out in a matter of seconds”. It would be easier to deal with, I’m sure, if not for the fact that so many of them pop up on eBay for outrageously ridiculous prices mere minutes after selling out.

  20. miro

    i bloody want one! when is the online sale gonna start? how can i make sure to be notified? are you guys shipping to europe?

  21. Michael

    As the person who runs the New Beverly, I can confirm that only ticket holders were able to purchase the prints on Sunday. Lots of people without tickets showed up at the box office to purchase a poster once the news got out, but we were ultimately unable to accommodate any of them.


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