Tickets For The Mondo Mystery Movie On Sale At Noon Today!

Tickets will go ON SALE for the very first MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE at noon CST today. What is MMM? Let me tell you.

The MMM will be a new screening series at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in which we at Mondo pick out a beloved movie and make a poster for it. You might be thinking, “Don’t they already do that?” The answer is, “Yes, Kinda.” You see, we always announce what we’re doing ahead of time, but for these screenings, it will be top secret. Nobody knows what’s going on except for Mondo and the artist and nothing will be revealed until everyone in the theater is seated. If you look at the blog post below this one, you’ll see how we surprised everyone at the New Bev last night with the KILL BILL prints. We’re hoping to recapture that kind of excitement and electricity with the Mystery screenings.

There will be a lot of questions so I’ll answer some of them now. Could it be a vintage movie? Yeah. Could it be a new movie? Definitely. Could it be a marathon? Sure. Will there be special guests in attendance? That’s definitely a possibility. Bottom line is…we have the power to show ANYTHING we want. Anything. It will never be the same and that is what’s so much fun about this event. We’ll be showing you movies we LOVE and also doing posters for said movies in an ultra limited run that will ONLY be available at the screening.

You must have a ticket to the show to be able to buy the poster. Phone orders, walk ups, etc. won’t be accepted. This is for the fans that come out to the screening and for them only. If there are any posters left in the run after the screening, they will be put away into our archives. Think about what Disney does with their DVDs except we mean it. Print runs will always vary, but let me tell you that we will only have 100 for sale of MMM #1’s poster plus a few variants. Please allow me to be blunt…you will want this poster. You just will. Have I ever lied to you before?

If you’re in Austin, come and check out the movie. Even if you don’t buy the poster, you’ll get to see a great movie (and it is good as all the films we play will be) and you’ll be helping Japan out as we’re donating all ticket sales to the Japan relief. We were there a week before the disaster and feel like we need to help with things as everyone in that country was INCREDIBLY nice to us.

To buy tickets, click HERE and remember…. 1 show, 100 posters, 1 chance to buy them.


P.S. Just a little disclaimer, purchasing a ticket doesn’t reserve a poster for you. There will be a strict one per person rule like always, but a ticket purchase gives you entrance into the movie we’re showing and the CHANCE to buy a poster after. We have 100 for sale plus a few variants and the theater may hold more than 100. Just a warning.

17 thoughts on “Tickets For The Mondo Mystery Movie On Sale At Noon Today!

  1. Darkknight37

    Hey Justin,

    Seriously considering flying out of Chicago to attend if I can grab a ticket to the show! My first question is, will the posters be on sale before or after the screening? Or in other words, where and when can we start lining up!? And secondly, will there be food?!

  2. Charter

    So the draw to these showings is the super awesome and very limited prints but everyone that buys a ticket and attends may not get one? How many people ‘may’ not be able to buy a poster at each showing?

  3. Travis

    @ Charter: However many seats the theatre they have it in holds minus 100. That’s all part of the fun of buying a ticket and showing up. It’s not just about the poster. As they said could be guest, among other fun stuff. Just show up and have a good time.

  4. B

    So basically, you need to sit in an intentionally bad seat off on the side so that you can make a mad dash after the movie to try and get a poster, sounds great.

  5. Rotten Atom

    What if everybody in attendance wants one? How will you determine who gets the posters? Sounds like fun, but it would be a bummer to take off work, travel to Austin and still leave empty handed.

  6. Travis

    Just wanted to say THANKS! For allowing people to buy up to 10 tickets to the event. In the future maybe you can do a 2 per person limit so it doesn’t sell out INSTANTLY.

  7. Lance

    For future reference, it looks like you guys just edited then re-posted the entry that you mistakenly posted two days ago.

    Since you did it this way, this post didn’t make it my RSS feed and I didn’t find out about it until it was too late. If you had put the tickets on sale when you first posted this, I would have probably been able to get tickets, but since this never made it into my feed, I missed them.

    Not angry, just making sure you knew about people missing out due to the RSS feed issue.

  8. Eric

    So… if the chance to buy the poster is AFTER the screening… does this mean people might potentially be leaving the movie early (or even right as the movie starts) to try and line up to get a print? I hope some measures are taken to prevent this so everybody has a fair and equal chance to get a print. I’m there for the movie AND the chance to get a limited print, but don’t want to be stressed during the movie thinking about if I will get a poster or not. Really looking forward to this regardless. You guys are always looking to service the fans with the best work possible and we deeply appreciate it!

  9. Jose

    Hey Justin, I know the tickets are gone, but was curious if you need someone to take photos of the event to be added to the blog. Let me know, can show up with a camera and snap up pix. I don’t need a poster.

  10. Chris

    Are you guys going to figure out an orderly way to sell the posters? I don’t want to get trampled at the end of the movie.

  11. Peter

    Justin: Sorry, off topic here but are the Close Encounters of The Third Kind posters shipping soon? Thanks!


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