Sledgehammer On Sale Now!

Our first release on the new MONDO VIDEO VHS label is on sale now! SLEDGEHAMMER screened to a sold out Terror Tuesday crowd last night and went over HUGE. Grab a copy of this now and start your VHS collection off right! Click HERE to buy.


8 thoughts on “Sledgehammer On Sale Now!

  1. Ryan

    I’m having a hard time buying into this one… Talk about ass backwards. Someone deserves an opened handed bitch slap for starting this up. I really wish Mondo the best, but I can’t see catching on.. prove me wrong, please.

  2. Peter Chen

    This is amazing! Thanks Justin, Mondo and Intervision. So happy I scored a copy. Can’t wait to watch it. VHS!

  3. gojo

    Wow sold out already! Wish I had a chance to grab a vhs copy. I promoted this on my blog early today too, hope you get more in!! Loving what you guys are doing keep it up!

  4. John

    Only 100 copies!?! I missed out, and hope a reprint happens. They are going for 50-70 on ebay right now, ensuring that this vhs can only be had by a lucky handful or people with too much money to blow. There are definitely more than 100 people who want it (how many more I don’t know), so PLEASE PLEASE consider making more? Pretty please?

  5. Tom

    While on the one hand I do understand the appeal of releasing things in such limited numbers – as a fan, if you have one it makes it feel that little bit more special. On the other hand though it seems the main winners are the ones who have the time to sit on the website waiting for the sale to hit and then make themselves a few dollars on ebay. We don’t all have the time to sit here until the right moment comes.

    I love the idea of these, but increasing the run to even five hundred or something so at least there’s a realistic chance would be preferable.

    These are made by fans for fans, but ultimately it’s the fans who miss out or end up paying through the nose.

  6. mondofreak

    Even though I did not get a copy I’m glad mondo kept it limited and hope they keep all their vhs limited. Just somethin about the originals and tracking them down. I grew up a big box freak and still am. Huge props to mondo for having the balls to do this.

  7. VideoJunkie

    @John: I second the more copies! I’m an avid VHS collector, and would love to add this to my collection. Come on! You know you want to! Anyways, I appreciate the VHS support! Seeing as how it is one of the rarest VHS I know of, you should try to release 1987’s ‘Lunch Meat’.


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