Things VHS On Sale Now!

I love this. I love, love, love Mondo Video. One of my favorite things in the world is getting the shipment of VHS in the mail. Every time I open the box I quietly say to myself, “This shouldn’t be happening.” This time, we’re releasing things and I was especially excited about getting this shipment in as I had heard through the grapevine that this thing was going to be “HUGE.” I just thought they meant that it was going to be “HUGE” as in people will like the movie, but no…. this thing is LITERALLY HUGE.

The clamshell on top is our SLEDGEHAMMER VHS. The one on bottom is THINGS. This is not a camera trick. This thing is MASSIVE. And awesome. To me, in the VHS world, the bigger the box, the better.

See what I mean, it’s a giant. Let’s now take a look at the cover….

A lot of people have been asking why we aren’t doing original covers. Our answer, we just can’t compete with these. NOTHING we could do now could touch this or SLEDGEHAMMER. These are such products of their time that if we did anything now, it would feel too modern and not fit in with what we’re trying to do. That being said, I LOVE THIS COVER. In a very weird way, it feels like my house. Random monsters and taxidermy all over the place…. so, just another reason why I’m into it. Here’s a shot of the back….

There ya go. Our second MONDO VIDEO release. It’s on sale now HERE, so take a look and grab one while you can!


12 thoughts on “Things VHS On Sale Now!

  1. iron jaiden

    Is it wrong that I’m just as stoked for Mondo Video releases as I’ve ever been for Mondo posters?
    Sweet christ that’s a humongous clamshell! I’ve got Video Dead and Scanners in joints about that size. This’ll fit perfect on that shelf.

  2. Explosive Action

    Just put my order in! Only 30 out of 250 left for any stragglers. I must say I’m very happy that the print run was larger than Sledgehammer. I’m still annoyed I missed out on that tape for my collection but it was on ePay within minutes of selling out.

    The larger case size looks more like the House of the Devil VHS case which I also have, should sit nicely with that!

  3. Chris

    Hi, I am glad that I snagged one of these two. Can I ask, on the back of the cover, it says Don and his best friend Fred visit Don’s deranged brother, Doug and his wife in the first paragraph. And then in the second, starts off with Don’s fanatical desire to father children, and forced his wife to undergo experiments, shouldn’t this be Doug, not Don?! Anyways, I love the fact that VHS is coming back, as while I do still like laserdiscs and even vinyl records (hell, I am vinyl junkie, no doubt), I am glad there is another collectible format that reminds me of my childhood. Plus, I seen you had My Pet Monster playing in an internet video of Justin somewhere online, I actually have that video myself. Nice job on the release!


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