Keep Repeating, It’s Only A Booth, It’s Only A Booth, It’s Only…

Mentioned it earlier on Twitter, but we’re going to have a booth for the first time ever at San Diego Comic Con. Booth #433 to be exact. Tell your friends. We found out a little over a week ago that this was happening. I’d be lying if I said that the last week wasn’t stressful getting orders put in and things shipped, but if you stop by the booth next week, I can almost guarantee you won’t be bummed. We’ve got lots of things lined up. Here is a vague list of what will be there.


We have a pretty extensive archive. We’ve been saving a small amount of everything back to do a big retrospective show and we decided that since this was SDCC, we’d break the seals on some bags and bring out some choice posters. I think you’ll like what we have to offer.


Comic Con wouldn’t be Comic Con without stickers and postcard and just general free stuff. We’ll have this kind of stuff and the sticker we’re giving out will kind of be an announcement in itself. It features one of our favorite artists drawing a character from the license we picked up earlier this year. One of my favorite movies and I’m excited to get working on it. You’ll be excited…. I hope.


This could get crazy. We won’t be having any advanced sales online or whatever, so this will all be sold at the booth. As of now, we will have two releases a day. One in the AM and one in the PM. We won’t be announcing anything beforehand and won’t be announcing times. It will all be random like our online stuff. Watch Twitter to find out when stuff goes on sale. Mixed in, we’ll have three artist signings. I’m pretty excited about the stuff we’re bringing. All new. All great by some of our biggest artists. Oh, we’ll also have a new shirt! I’m going to wear it like every day. Based off of one of my favorite 90’s logos.

I want to meet a lot of you. Me, Jessica, Rob Jones and Zack Carlson from the Alamo will be working, so come say hey. Booth #433 is where we’ll be. Come by and let’s talk about comics and look at all the dudes in Venture Bros. costumes. I want to be there now.

Can’t wait.


15 thoughts on “Keep Repeating, It’s Only A Booth, It’s Only A Booth, It’s Only…

  1. Andrew

    This is way more than I imagined it would be when I saw your tweet about “more to con”. I’m really looking forward to being able to check out some earlier posters that I’ve missed out on as well as the new stuff you guys are bringing. Thanks for being awesome, guys!

  2. Zepeleptic

    I don’t know exactly what time they are letting us in on Thursday, but I will see you 10 minutes after that! :)

  3. Vinnie

    I hope you’ll be there next year! If I had known you guys were going to be there I honestly would have gone mostly to check out the booth!

  4. stl_ben

    @Vinnie good luck getting tickets next year, wouldn’t be suprised if they sell out before this years is over.

    @Mondo…..The Stout and Moss look amazing……hopefully I can get at least one of them this weekend!

  5. Derek

    Wished I could be there and see your booth, sure you guys have awesome stuff as always! You saving any captain america posters for the website too?

  6. K to the B

    So I was eagerly waiting for the release of the Captain America posters and guess what I missed the boat by minutes. Now clearly that was dissappointing but what really pisses me off is that even before the posters are in peoples hands they are being pimped on ebay …

    What is clear is that its the same culprits time after time after time … thanks again for nothing.

  7. Randy

    It was a pleasure meeting you guys. Very happy you made it out to San Diego. Hope you make it back next year.

  8. RPinney

    I saw off of io9 a print of Cthulu that was done by you (for you?), and I’d love to purchase a copy. Would this be possible? I looked through your shop section and was unable to find it.


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