Mondo Mystery Movie: Part 2 Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 2nd, we will be offering tickets for the second Mondo Mystery Movie set to go down on Wednesday, August 31st at 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Can’t announce a specific time, but tickets will drop around noon CST. You might want to refresh this LINK a bunch around that time.

If you’re not familiar with this show, let me briefly explain. We at Mondo pick a movie that we love and screen it…. the only catch is, we don’t tell anyone what it is until you’re in the theater. It could be new, old, a cartoon… anything that can play on a screen. We also release a poster of the mystery film that you can ONLY get at the screening. Last time, we screened AKIRA and not only had a Tyler Stout poster to go along with it, but had T. Stout in attendance. This time, who knows what will happen. You’ll just have to show up and be surprised. One difference between the first MMM screening and this one is that if you buy a ticket, you will get a poster automatically. The THEY LIVE screening worked very well with the poster/ ticket bundle and we’ll do this with the MMM screenings from now on.

One last thing, here is the write up I did for this MMM. There may or may not be clues in it…. you decide.

We’re all friends here, so let’s be honest… sequels are generally pretty lousy. It’s tough to beat the original, but with what we have planned for the Mondo Mystery Movie: Part 2, we think you’ll agree that the magic is back. Not only are we raising the stakes by dropping this thing into the biggest theater the Alamo has to offer, but we’re also producing a poster that you can ONLY get at this screening. Remember, at the MMM, anything that can happen… will happen.


47 thoughts on “Mondo Mystery Movie: Part 2 Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

  1. KryptonKnight

    “The magic is back”? Lethal Weapon 2, perhaps? Whatever it is, I hope everyone enjoys the night.

  2. Jason

    Aliens would be great. Although if there are clues in Justin’s description, “the magic is back” clearly means we are getting Lethal Weapon 2.

  3. McDrunk

    My girlfriend guesses: Shaun of the Dead.

    Stakes the girl zombie in the backyard, because they have some direct quotes from the movie, it’s not the original Night of the Living Dead zombie flick so it’s king of ‘tough to beat’, etc.

  4. Chris Dombos

    I am guessing by the runtime listed on the link…134 minutes and the sequel hints…although “the magic is back” leads on to believe Lethal Weapon 2 as that was the movies tagline…I want to say Battle Royale 2. Hence the 134 minute runtime.

  5. Eric

    Lethal Weapon 2.
    Has the tagline The magic is back.
    The last part of the last sentence is Murphy’s Law and that goes with Capt. Murphy.

  6. BTSjunkie

    “anything that can happen… will happen.” = Murphy’s Law. Captain Murphy = LETHAL WEAPON 2.

  7. attackalope

    Evil Dead 2: Better than the original (arguably). Magic is back. Raising the stakes (wasn’t Ash staked town by the tiny Ashlings?). Anyway, yeah. Evil Dead 2.

  8. Darsh

    Was on the site refreshing before 11:50 then it turns red, I click it and immediately it says “Checking with Cinema” then sold out. =(


    Anyone have any idea how people are getting to these tickets so fast aside from you being allowed to buy more than 2 at a time? I am on a T5 connection and been pressing F5 since 10:45 AM and damn if my fingers don’t hurt. I am still going to keep trying, but it certainly can get disouraging.

  10. will

    same as Darsh. whose bright idea was it to set the limit at 10 tickets per person? who the **** goes to see a movie with 9 friends?

    another question to consider:
    who the **** buys a lot of extra tickets to scalp them to extremely popular events?

    oh… wait….

  11. stl_ben

    WOW, $75 was a little high for me and what could end up being a Lethal Weapon 2 print, but man the demand was there it sold out before I could even get them to the cart…

  12. Darsh

    Just had an amazing thought: what if it’s SURF II? Holy shiat! That $350 I just paid for two tickets on eBay suddenly seems cheap. Can you relate?

  13. TRAVIS

    Either way the 350 you paid is cheap. Last MMM posters sold for between 1000 and 1500 each even They Live sold for 200 a pop so if you’re in it to make your money back you will.

  14. Darsh

    Yea, I know. I was just pouting over the tickets being sold out so quickly even though I was F5-ing the Hell out of it. Whether I sell the poster or not depends on what the movie is. LETHAL WEAPON 2 will definitely get sold. PRINCESS MONONOKE, ALIENS or SURF II on the other hand I’ll keep forever.

    I hope that next time they put a lower purchase limit on each sale. Ten is ridiculous. It benefits the scalpers and f’s over the true fans.

  15. McDrunk

    So you have to meet the scalper at the theater to get the tickets since you need the purchasing credit card to get the tickets? Sounds like a great way to get ripped off. Don’t forget to give them a big cock punch for being a scalper in the first place.

  16. Darsh

    Actually it’s some dude from Ohio of all places.

    From his email:

    “I will email you Booking ID # tonight. Also tomorrow I will mail you the printed confirmation from Alamo with Booking ID numbers on it.
    Thank you”

  17. iambillyg

    @Darsh, you might want to check with a representative from the Alamo. Generally, when tickets are purchased online, the purchaser must provide the credit card used for the purchase to have the tickets printed out. They do not accept the booking ID or an email confirmation.

  18. Darsh

    I do too. Once I get the paperwork here in a few days I’m going to drive over to the Lamar location and make sure everything is cool.

    Did you get tickets?

  19. Brent

    Any possibility of buying a ticket from out of state & still getting a poster? Would love to actually be at the event, but it’s an expensive movie when you factor in airfare.


  20. Crab Rangoon

    It’s not Mondo that puts the 10 cap on the ticket buying, it’s Alamo’s site. It’s not done with scalping nor anti-scalping in mind, it’s just the way their online ticket sales system works – everything has a cap of 10.

    Since it’s done through Alamo’s site, and not on the Mondo site itself, I don’t know how adjustable it may be. I just wish people were more aware of things that may possibly be out of Justin/Mondo’s hands.

  21. c.j.o

    I don’t understand all the hate against LW2… sure I still prefer the original but it was still a great movie. For all those who got tickets and are upset about what will almost definitely be playing, sell the tickets to someone in the community that actually cares (and don’t rip them off).

  22. McDrunk

    It won’t be Robocop 2 as Alamo is showing all three films back-to-back in the upcoming weeks. I’m hoping the film will rank up there with Akira showing…

  23. @funkdaddytweet

    It’s totally obvious.

    Think about the clues:
    “we’re all friends here, so let’s be honest” : bluffing
    “sequels” : this movie is a remake of an old tv series
    “magic” : the Ace Of Spades trick
    “magic is back” tagline to Lethal Weapon 2 to throw you off, but still links to Mel Gibson
    “raising the stakes” : it’s a movie about poker
    murphy’s law: James Garner was in a movie titled “Murphy’s Romance”

    If only I could’ve trudged a Jodie Foster reference out of that, ROFL…

    I’m just messin’ with y’all…Can’t wait to see y’all there!


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