We’re Bringing The Mondo Mystery Movie To LA!

Let’s have a talk…. it’s good news, though. Promise.

We are very proud to announce that we will be teaming up with the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles to do posters for special events and screenings. We have been big fans of the theater for years and are thrilled to be working with them on a regular basis. To celebrate this, we will be taking over the theater and programming a series of MONDO MYSTERY MOVIES on October 7, 8, 9. There will be two shows each day (6 total) and like all MMM’s, there will be a poster for each that you can only get at the event. Tickets will be going on sale for these events on Tuesday, September 13th. I’ll let you know the details on those Tuesday morning.

We are excited. These shows are going to be great and we look forward to meeting a lot of our LA fans the weekend of the 7th.


38 thoughts on “We’re Bringing The Mondo Mystery Movie To LA!

  1. Cyrus

    We’ll be there!!! Thank you for exploring outside your MONDO Base!!! You guys ROCK!!!

    I hope Tyler Stout, Olly Moss & Tom Whalen will show up. I love these “POSTER GODS”!!!

  2. DAK

    I have the same question as Germain. Are you going to be screening the same film every time or different films?

  3. dylansdad

    Wow, this sounds great! I really hope tickets are sold online. I have a few hours of driving between me and the box office.

  4. Ken Martin

    Its been great collecting the posters but to actually get to go to a MMM and score more posters for the collection is going to be awesome! Now I just need to get tickets.

  5. Great_Instincts

    Yes, this is fantastic. I am wondering if there is going to be a ticket package or a 6 show pass? Can I purchase these at the box office when they go on sale? That would be perfect.

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  8. Brice

    According to the Facebook link they just put up, the first film will be tonight and be Frankenstein with the Struzan poster…. I bet it’s a madhouse down there already…

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  10. dylansdad

    I hope they don’t have a weekend pass. That way, instead of the same core group of people sitting there in all six screenings, each show will start selling at the same time and we will end up with a much more diverse crowd and more fans will get a shot at the experience.

  11. Chronic Crusader

    I like the way you think Dylansdad. I’m hoping to get tickets to any of the shows. I’ll be driving all the way up from fresno. That is if I am lucky enough to score tickets. Hope to see you there : )

  12. Cahn

    I hope they get a better server for next time I was kicked off because the tickets were in my cart for 15min even though that is how long it took me to get to the end.

  13. Miguel

    What a piece of shit the brown paper ticket system is. I had hoped on going to at least one show and everytime I got close to finishing my transaction the server crashed. No MMM for me.

  14. Thunderinthesky

    have an extra Sunday 10 PM ticket to trade for a Sunday 7:30 PM ticket.

    email me at travisjfrey at geeeeemail dot com

  15. Josh

    These are a great idea. Hopefully I’ll get to attend one of the shows next weekend. Let me know if you ever want help coordinating a MMM San Francisco.


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