Mondo x Drew Struzan For Frankenstein Video Recap

Last week, I was out in Los Angeles to have Drew Struzan sign the first ever screenprint of his work. The Frankenstein poster is the most elaborate thing we have ever done so we brought the crew of JUST LIKE BEING THERE out with us to film my time with Drew. What follows is a small look at Drew’s thoughts on Mondo, his career and an up close look at the poster….


We are also going to have a small offering of the Frankenstein prints for sale tomorrow in the store for Fantastic Fest attendees. Keep an eye on the blog in the morning and we’ll have more information for you.


10 thoughts on “Mondo x Drew Struzan For Frankenstein Video Recap

  1. Jugger Grimrod

    Surprised a shout out wasn’t given to D&L Screenprinting since they do amazing work. Equally surprised Mondo didn’t have the prints already pre-rolled and in tubes, for $285 one would think a tube would be pretty standard. Rubber bands are murder on prints and movie posters, hopefully those who got one don’t keep the rubber bands on it.

  2. Richard

    gicleé (gee-clay)
    Giclee’ – is a French term meaning “spraying of ink.” Printing is directly from information obtained from the original painting, Iris Printers spray microscopic drops of color on to a fine art paper or canvas. Displaying the full color spectrum, these artworks have vibrant, brilliant colors and a velvety texture. This gives the finished product the look and texture of an original painting.


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