MANIAC Soundtrack LP Coming Tomorrow

We’re very excited to finally announce our record label, a project that has been in production for what seems like forever. Tomorrow we’ll release our first ever vinyl record, a remastered version of Jay Chattaway’s stunning soundtrack for MANIAC. Originally unleashed in 1980, William Lustig’s MANIAC is one of the few films the entire Mondo crew can agree on. Joe Spinell’s lead performance is spellbinding. Lustig’s direction screams seedy, skin-crawling authenticity. And Chattaway’s score is the twine that ties the whole blood-soaked package together. It’s caustic and raw, claustrophobic and terrifying, and a perfect compliment to the one of the filthiest, grainiest films in horror history. Chattaway eventually went on to score numerous Star Trek episodes, but his work on MANIAC marks the pinnacle of grime. We’ve outfitted this deluxe 200 gram LP with new artwork by Ken Taylor, liner notes by Lars Nilsen, and newly remastered audio by James Plotkin. It’s limited to 500 copies total, including 175 on randomly-inserted colored vinyl. Get your turntables ready, they’ll be available for $20 tomorrow (Tuesday, October 4th) at a random time. Watch our Twitter closely!


5 thoughts on “MANIAC Soundtrack LP Coming Tomorrow

  1. John

    Hey guys! Any chance of a digital release?

    I admire the vinyl movement, but personally I don’t collect (or even have a working turntable)… but I would certainly purchase a digital edition!

    Realizing this goes against the grain of “collectibility” as well, but just thought it was worth a try.


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