Mondo Gallery Opening Recap

So, everyone was wondering what the deal was with the invitations we sent out for our first gallery show. Where was it? What was the theme? Who was going to be in it? All valid questions. They were all answered the night of March 10th when we opened the doors to our new gallery and showed what we had in store. The theme of the show was science fiction and not only did we drop 12+ posters, but we had over 20 original pieces of art. We had an amazing list of artists and I think most people left satisfied with what we brought out. We had a photographer on hand who documented the night for those that couldn’t make it, so check out those shots below. We will also have the remaining posters and original pieces for sale online later this week so keep an eye out for that.

Thank you to everyone that came out to the gallery and made it an overwhelming success! The show will be up until April 14th and if you’d like to visit us, you can find us here….

Mondo Gallery
4115 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX 78751
Wednesday- Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment

9 thoughts on “Mondo Gallery Opening Recap

  1. dylansdad

    A very kind board member helped me get Brazil, so now I just need to track down Stout’s Wrath of Khan. There were some great pieces produced for this show!

  2. Chris Fletcher

    A Swan Station tattoo AND a ZOMBI tee? Way to double down in a way I could probably never get away with.

    Great looking gallery. Wish I could stop by, but MN weather has been so nice this year that I probably won’t need to hit TX for a while.

  3. Chris Dombos

    Hi, great pics. I keep wishing that I lived in Austin, as there always seems to be a lot of cool happenings on-going there. I love that Akira piece and wondered whom did it for you cats, and if an original of that was made or it was all digital? Also, whom made that Medusa Chandelier as that is out of this world! Cheers and keep up the great work as always;)

  4. Tom B

    Which wraith of Khan are you after? I have variant and regular and would be willing to trade one if you have anything for trade.


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