Our First Mondo Book Goes Up For Sale Tomorrow

If you attended the gallery show a few weeks ago, you might’ve seen or even bought our new book. We are all very excited with how they came out. I briefly talk about this in the intro of the book, but I was at a friend’s house earlier this year and noticed a book he had by Jay Ryan. It was full of posters…. actual pieces of the screenprinted posters. I thought about the giant stack of returned posters we’ve gotten over the years and figured this would be a great way to get those out as we were moving to the new space and didn’t want to transport them. So, we began to go through the giant stack and pick out which ones we wanted in and in what order they should go. We found a local binder and had him cut them down to size and over several weeks we hand put these books together. It was an intricate process and below you can see some of the pics of the book getting put together.

I went to WonderCon in Anaheim, CA a few weeks ago and got some sketches done in the book and felt like sharing them. Lots of folks that got these at the gallery show got the artists in attendance to draw in theirs as well, so this works as a great sketchbook!

These books are limited to just 105 copies made TOTAL and are bound in 100% leather. They will be put up for sale on the site tomorrow and will cost $200. Follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

8 thoughts on “Our First Mondo Book Goes Up For Sale Tomorrow

  1. natas

    I can not believe you guys cut up posters that were returned to you. You should of sold them online and donated all proceeds to charity. BYW, nice Moon Knight sketch.

  2. Eko

    What a fucking waste. This is most stupid thing ever. I hope that at least these returned poster were not returned you cause of lost mail or something like that.

  3. Luther

    I agree with natas, can’t believe you didn’t resell the posters. Guess there’s more mark-up on selling the books and you don’t need to donate the profits of the books to a charity.

  4. Charles

    Dude, the posters were returned due to being squashed and or otherwise ruined by the postal service, nodoby woulda bought ‘em online. Great idea IMHO (even if it was “stolen”), instead of just tossing them, they’re recycled…another cool Mondo collectable. Everyone and their sour grapes, enough already.

  5. Komond

    Uhm, pity. Well, this is great also, but I though the idea of a book was more into something nice printed with a selection of some of the best posters complete, small but complete, like some Struzan’s books or Tony Nourmands selections.

    Cut posters may be ok to collect but missing the full design it’s also a pity. It would be nice if you think about that other idea too.

  6. Johnny A

    I just heard about the Mondo book and I know this book is sold out but are you ever going to consider a second printing or a new book.


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