Olly Moss’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 24 Hour Sale Info

We got back from San Diego Comic Con late last night…. without a doubt, the best Con experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for making it special for us and we really hope that all of you guys had fun. Okay…. enough remembering fond memories… we’ve got to talk about tomorrow’s sale.

We will be having our first every 24 hour sale tomorrow, Wednesday 7/18/2012 and it starts at 12:01am CST. So, what that means is, when you go to sleep on Tuesday night in the central time zone and Tuesday turns to Wednesday…. that’s when it goes on sale. Does that make sense? Basically, the poster will be for sale all day Wednesday and will stop being for sale when Wednesday turns into Thursday. We will update you on Twitter with info and to let you know when it’s for sale, but just trying to give you as much information as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to email at store@mondotees.com.

One last thing, Olly has decided that he wants to give fans a special treat. When you buy a poster, you will have the chance to receive a GOLDEN TICKET. It will be randomly inserted into a poster tube and with this ticket, you will be able to have Olly do a poster for you. That’s right…. pretty much whatever you want. Like, if you want a SPLASH poster or something…. I’m sure he’ll be down. All I’m saying is that this is your chance to get the Olly piece that you’d always wish he would do. Pretty cool, right?

Okay… I think that’s all of the info I can divulge at this point. Sale starts in less than 24 hours now and I’ll announce on Twitter tonight. One last thing…. here are some “fine print” things you should know. Same rules apply as they usually do with our sales i.e. one per person / household / etc. We will not be taking any combined shipping requests, or Gallery pick up requests. Also, because of the volume of orders we are expecting, please anticipate 6 weeks for delivery of your poster.

Email if you have any questions!


32 thoughts on “Olly Moss’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 24 Hour Sale Info

  1. Vickipedia

    thankyouthankyouthankyou! This is an excellent opportunity for those who missed out on getting their hands on one of your coveted posters to finally get one of their own…and TDKR no less! Brilliant! I hope you guys will consider doing more of these fantastic 24-hour sales in the future. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase one and the system won’t go down…*fingers crossed*

  2. Gabriel Barletta

    Can’t wait! Thank you for doing this! Just wondering, are you able to say what size the print will be available in? Thanks again for this awesome opportunity!

  3. John

    You said you would never print 10,000 posters and cash in on the hype in an interview you did in March. You said that would be irresponsible to the hobby akin to baseball cards and comics you even cited. Why the change in heart? Money or caving in to the whiners who don’t realize you put out 200 posters a year? I hope this is not your business mantra moving forward.

  4. Chase

    If this is like a once in a year deal, I get it…that’s cool and a nice way to give back to the fans. If this is how Mondo is going to operate from now on and do multiple timed releases each year…then this is the decline of the hobby like every other hobby from baseball cards to comics to movie posters. Justin even mentioned in an interview he did a few months back about how keeping the hobby limited keeps the hobby alive and thriving. If Mondo is letting the facebook whiners get to them then this is the beginning of the end. You can’t please everyone and there is ALWAYS another poster! Cheers.

  5. Ben

    Never been so excited to spend money, love the GOLDEN TICKET idea Olly, top notch. I think I would request The Shawshank Redemption if I got lucky! Cheers guys at mondo!

  6. Momus

    Would be better if genuine purchasers got them, rather than the EBay trolls who sell them within minutes of purchase at vastly inflated prices…..

  7. mcb84

    I also believe this timed release (24hr, 1hr, etc.) Is the perfect medium between limited availability and meeting demand. So tried of losing out to people who manipulate the system just to hock them on ebay.

  8. beans

    this is a great idea for many of us who are unable to “camp out” for your gorgeous posters. thanks thanks thanks!

  9. Jeff

    Very cool! Does this mean, they won’t “sell out” and the amount ordered will be the amount(ish) printed?

  10. rjackson

    Thanks so much for doing this – since most posters drop while I am at work, they are nearly impossible for me to get – as a fan of all the work you all put out, this is truly appreciated!

    And I love the idea of two or three hour windows for posters – please do it in the future!!

  11. Matt

    I have missed out on every on-sale for the posters I wanted for a year, so this will be awesome! However, I’m a fan of limited collectors items so I wouldn’t complain, it is just not the best feeling when it happens time after time. Hopefully, the timing system goes smoothly and works well, even timed sales of 1 hour as Masa suggested, or even 15 minutes in the future would allow a few more sales (hopefully for myself) while keeping them somewhat limited. Sounds like a great concept to me.

  12. Johannes

    Thank you so much Mondo, this is the best sale idea ever! As Masa already said: You should do this more often, and maybe with a shorter timeframe, but i really like the idea of time-limited prints. It is so satisfying to know that i will finally own a olly moss poster for sure :-) :-) :-)

  13. Mei

    I agree! Allowing a greater opportunity for people genuinely interested in purchasing and displaying the fine art you sell would be much appreciated! I would really love the chance to purchase the Ghibli series prints for my home.

  14. Lilithia

    From someone who is from Melbourne, Australia, may I just say that this 24 poster drop thing is BRILLIANT. Every single time I have tried to get one of your posters, I’m either at work/school or sleeping. The time differences kill me and no matter how hard I try, I ALWAYS miss out. I am pleased to say that this poster will be my first official poster from you. I strongly urge you to please do more of these, so that your fans from the otherside of the world still get a chance to hang your amazing movie art on our walls. Thankyou!!

  15. JokeOfJoker

    Excellent News!!! Will definitely order. Do you do international shipping to London? And how long will it take to receive it?

  16. Brendon Lindsey

    Nice. At least I’ll be able to get one SORT OF from Comic-Con. The downside that is exhibiting and being on the opposite side of the expo hall! Let me know if you guys will be at NYCC in October. We’ll have to share war stories and all that fun stuff.

  17. AJC

    A lot of people appreciated this drop, the numbers speak to that, 9350! I still love the random drops and extremely limited runs, you yourself have said you prefer it that way, but having one of these 24 hour things every now and then is rad!

  18. Nathan

    Yeah this is the first poster I was able to get. I am pretty pumped. I think some more time released ones (a couple of hours or so) would be great. I’m tired of seeing people buy them just to jack the price up real high on ebay. Maybe not on every poster but definitely this should be put into the rotation.

  19. SeaninBoston

    Got my poster today…Two questions…what is the exact measurement of the poster and how many were sold. I have not seen my number yet but was curious what the final tally was. Thanks!

  20. C

    I purchased one of the Dark Knight Rises variant posters and it just showed up. It’s gorgeous. Thanks.
    I remember in the listing to order that it was mentioned that the print run would be tied to orders. Could you please let me know what that wound up being?


  21. peter

    DARK KNIGHT RISES looks like was printed with an old matrix dot printer running out of ink. did you screenprint a low-fi jpg???

  22. Scott Herdliska

    Best idea ever. Please do this with future releases. Take the teeth out of the resellers please.

  23. Dennis

    Dear Mondo-Team,

    thanx so much for that special Sale.

    BUT I did order one from germany and I wrote you a mail (twice, the first was two weeks ago) to get progress informations but still got no reply (not even a life sign) :-(
    Don’t you do costumer service or is has it just no priority to you because of the success you have?




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