LOOPER, DREDD 3D and ROOM 237 Detail Photos

Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing the remaining copies of Martin Ansin’s LOOPER, Jock’s DREDD 3D and Aled Lewis’ ROOM 237 posters that we sold over the weekend at FANTASTIC FEST 2012. Before that, however, we’d like to give you the opportunity to check out some detail shots of each poster. We’re very proud of each of these posters and the movies they represent. There is pretty much a company-wide consensus that LOOPER is one of the best movies of the year and Martin Ansin turned in an absolutely gorgeous poster for it that D&L superbly printed. It comes in two different color ways, gold and silver, each the same price and edition size, that will make sense after you’ve seen the movie. On the gold color way, the gold is metallic. Vice versa with the silver.

LOOPER (Gold) by Martin Ansin

LOOPER (Silver) by Martin Ansin


Next up we have Jock’s DREDD 3D. This movie is incredibly good and we’re so happy it stays true to the comic and character. When it came time to do a poster for DREDD, there was no better artist to tackle the character than Jock, hands down. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go out and watch it immediately.

DREDD 3D by Jock


Finally, we have a poster for ROOM 237, a great new documentary on the many conspiracy theories surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING, by Aled Lewis. This is our first time working with Aled and he really impressed us with this design. Initially, it appears to be a straightforward illustration on one of the more iconic scenes from THE SHINING, but if you dig a little deeper, there are a handful of easter eggs brilliantly incorporated into the design. We won’t spoil them here, but hope you guys enjoy seeking them out.

ROOM 237 by Aled Lewis

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

These posters will be for sale tomorrow, September 27th, at a random time right here. Please follow us on Twitter for the on-sale announcement.

9 thoughts on “LOOPER, DREDD 3D and ROOM 237 Detail Photos

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    1. Eric Post author

      Mitch – None of them are signed by the artists. Jock’s signature is printed on to all of his designs. They are, however, all hand numbered.

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    1. Eric Post author

      Ash – thanks for the kind words, Jock most definitely did an outstanding job on the DREDD poster and yes, we do ship to the UK! Thanks!



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