You’ve Seen the Poster, Now Please Go See the Movie

Hey all –

Every Monday morning I like to check the weekend box office reports to see what movies people are watching in theaters. This morning I was a little bummed to see that Looper, my favorite film of the year, was in second place. I was lucky enough to see the movie early at Fantastic Fest and I was blown away by it.

I’m no film critic, and I hate when people over-hype a film for me, but I will tell you that if you are a fan of original, R-rated, sci-fi films you need to get to your local theater and check this one out. If you have seen it already, go see it again! I watched it another time this weekend and it definitely warrants repeat viewings. It is by no means doing horribly at the box office, but lets help remind studios that this is the type of movie that film fans will go out and support.

Also, I thought we could try a little something new on the Mondo Blog; an online film discussion in the comment section of this post. If you have seen the movie and love it please voice your opinion here. Have problems with the film? Tell me about them! Thought the score rocked? Let’s hear your favorite part. SPOILER WARNING! I want to hear from people that saw the movie so please be advised that plot details may be posted in the comment section.

-Justin B.

7 thoughts on “You’ve Seen the Poster, Now Please Go See the Movie

  1. jmuguy

    Went to Looper at a matinee showing Saturday, theatre was surprisingly packed. From the trailers I expected sci-fi/action. I really enjoyed the movie but it made me hate modern trailers even more. I’m usually just bummed about the music (Nine Inch Nails in the 300 trailers, not the movie. Recently the same with La Roux in Dredd which was awesome regardless) but in this case I think the movie presented by the trailer and the actual movie are basically completely different. I guess that’s a pretty common complaint though.

    I know how much I liked the movie and will like it more on repeat viewings based on the way I felt for a few hours after seeing it. I kept mulling over the various timelines in my head. I liked the way it presented the time travel, the way the story was put together kept it pretty linear which was refreshing (compared to something like Primer). I wanted to know more about the universe it takes place in, some of the cars had solar panels vs that tubing for instance.

    I do think the need for loopers was a little of a stretch and was just kind of explained with some hand waving. Maybe a bit of the story could have shown what would have happened if you just killed someone in the future (like they did with the wife, and while surprised the guys didn’t seem to do anything else but drag her off).

  2. Justin B.


    Glad to hear that your local theater was packed! I agree that trailers make it tough. There is a lot about this film that is not given away in the trailer. On one hand it’s great because it doesn’t spoil it for you and many of the Cid elements are complete surprises because of it. On the other hand it can be a bit misleading when a studio sells you one type of movie and you end up getting something completely different. Drive comes to mind when thinking of a comparison. A lot of people didn’t know what they were getting into with that one, but luckily like Looper the actual movie delivers on more than the trailer promised.

    I love movies that you can’t stop thinking about. This is definitely one for me. It was nice that the time travel elements were secondary to the main story. It never felt gimmicky or like time travel was exploited to make the movie more interesting. It all serves the film really well. I was surprised how well the ending works, especially upon repeat viewings (I have seen it three times now). The idea of your main character killing himself to provide a dramatic ending is something that any movie could do, but this film lead up to it so well that it all felt earned.

    The futuristic world building was a very interesting part of the movie. I loved how the technology felt just a bit upgraded but was still grounded in the present devices. I think the filmmaker though of many of the details you had concern with, but decided not to include them in the film as to not bog it down too much. He talks about several of these here:

    Thanks for chiming in and letting me gush about the movie.

  3. jmuguy

    More people need to respond to this. We were also discussing how exactly Cid turned Jesse into gangster stew. Did he pull the blood out of him, or maybe make his chest explode? It looked to me like his torso just blew up in slow motion. Thanks for the Slashfilm link.

  4. Justin B.

    Never even thought about that. I would guess he bent his torso until it snapped? The crowd reaction when that happens is amazing. Each time I have seen it there are audible gasps. So great.

  5. Larry Fire

    I saw Looper yesterday and loved it. Hard movie to describe or pidgeonhole into a single catagory. The third act was a complete surprise and the actor who played Cid was amazing!

    Like a kernal of popcorn stuck in your teeth, the film has been hard to get out of my head.

    I read this yesterday and it might shed some light for those that have watched the movie: Ten Mysteries in ‘Looper’ Explained by Director Rian Johnson

  6. Tom Miatke

    Looper was brilliant. Loved it!! I went it with pretty high expectations and was not disappointed! I love how well thought out the whole movie was, and how they utilised that thought into the plot line (sending messages via cutting your own body was pretty crazy). Im not gonna lie, I was worried about Bruce Willis being in it, I think he is awesome, but his acting as of late probably hasn’t been at his best but I think he has/is returning to form with Looper!! I think the poster by Ansin definitely does the movie justice with the whole interplay of time, interplay of the future and present people, as well as look plain badass!

  7. Justin B.

    Tom, Bruce Willis is definitely returning to form. Loved him in Looper and he was my favorite part of Moonrise Kingdom. Big year from him.

    Larry, that article is great. Don’t know if anyone has heard about this yet, but writer/director Rian Johnson has recorded a commentary track that you can download onto an iPod/iPhone and take with you to listen to while watching the movie in theaters. I haven’t done it yet, but it is supposed to be really detailed and technical. It is completely different than the commentary you will get with the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out. Here is the link:

    If anyone does this please let me know how it is!


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