Universal Monsters Opening Reception Recap

Last Friday was the opening of our UNIVERSAL MONSTERS show. This is a show we’ve been really excited about for a long time and are completely and utterly proud of. Despite dealing with such iconic characters and subject matter, every single artist involved in this show delivered undeniably gorgeous work. We just wanted to get a quick photo recap of the opening on Friday night, as well as some shots of the gallery as it currently exists and will remain until the show closes on Saturday, November 10. We also would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved for bringing this show to life. Thank you to the artists and talent that were able to make it out to the opening: Drew Struzan, Frank Darabont, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Tong, Justin Erickson, Jason Edmiston and “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin. We’d also like to thank all of you. Some of you started lining up for the show some 33 hours or so in advance of doors opening. We’d just like to say thank you for being such a great bunch and we truly appreciate it all. We hope you guys enjoy this show as much as we do. If you find yourself in Austin, please be sure to stop by and check out the show for yourself. It will run through Saturday, November 10.

Photo credits: Nick Simonite, Gary Miller and Billy Garrett

6 thoughts on “Universal Monsters Opening Reception Recap

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  2. Arran Day

    Awesome work chaps. Will you be making Jacob Bannon’s frankenstein into a print? Would also love to see some Mondo Movie prints by Jacob Bannon too ;)

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