We’ve Been Framed!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a We’ve Been Framed post and figured it’d be a nice way to kick off the week. Every now and then, we’ll spotlight a certain series or an individual collector, this post focuses on a fan named Pete Redel, who sent us photos of his superhero collection including all 7 posters from our Avengers series. Pete did a great job at framing these, even going as far as to customize the framing of each poster to its specific character/color combination. Take a look..

If you’d like to show off some of your collection on future posts, please e-mail your photos to eric.garza[at]mondotees[dot]com with the subject line “We’ve Been Framed”

Please do not send photos larger than 700px wide or greater than 72dpi. 

4 thoughts on “We’ve Been Framed!

  1. Troy O

    Would you suggest putting prints in the bathroom with all the moisture in the air when you take showers? Id be so scared of the print wrinkling due to the constant exposure to moisture. Just curious.

  2. J.D.

    I like how in the first photo we see the ‘Dark Knight’ on a red wall. Then a few photos later we see ‘Thor’ on a brick wall with the same red wall adorned with a wedding photo. In my head there was a pissed off wife who made her husband put that back when she discovered how she ranked against Batman . . .


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