It’s hard to believe that our first Soundtrack release, MANIAC, came out in September of 2011. THE BEYOND followed in the summer of 2012. And last month we released THE DEADLY SPAWN. I choose to remind you of the release dates, only to enforce that gaps like those between releases are a thing of the past. If you’ve liked what we’ve done with this label so far, you will be rewarded more consistently this year (March’s release announcement is coming sooner than you think.) Tomorrow, we present Jerry Goldsmith’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to POLTERGEIST.

Aint It Cool did a great write up on this project already, but just a reminder, for die-hards: This is the first time some of these tracks have ever been on Wax, as the original release of the Poltergeist Soundtrack only featured a selection of Jerry Goldsmith’s original score. Also, the artwork for this release is by some of our favorite artists/humans on the planet, We Buy Your Kids, who exhibited in our Gallery this past November.

As always, there will be a randomly inserted variant color in this edition. This time the variant is a ghastly CLEAR.






Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack for Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist formed a significant part of the 1982
film’s conceptual strength. Known for the intensity of his thematic exposition, Goldsmith designs
the Poltergeist soundtrack to elaborately ground the film between the promise of suburban repose
and the malevolent unknown. Beginning in innocence with a classic rendition of the “Star-Spangled
Banner,” the soundtrack parallels the film’s intrusion of angry ghosts into the California home of the film’s
protagonists with dreadful strings and eerie keys. Goldsmith then switches to airier strings and an ethereal
flute to denote the family’s fumbling after their daughter, Carol Anne, is abducted. Utilizing frenzied
horn blasts and a sudden lapse into atonalism, the composer ominously signifies the emergence of the
Beast. Goldsmith, seemingly effortless, concludes the frantic drama of “Escape From Suburbia” in stark
contrast with the sweet and child-like tones of “Carol Anne’s Theme,” elegantly illustrating the dignity and
range that his orchestral scores for horror modeled within the genre.

Track list:
1) The Star Spangled Banner*
2) The Calling / The Neighborhood (Main Title)
3) The Tree (Outtake)*
4) The Clown / They’re Here / Broken Glass / The Hole / TV People*
5) Twisted Abduction
6) Contacting The Other Side*
7) The Light
8) Night Visitor / No Complaints
9) It Knows What Scares You*
10) Rebirth
11) Night Of The Beast
12) Escape From Suburbia
13) Carol Anne’s Theme (End Title)

*First appearance on vinyl

This vinyl will be on sale tomorrow, February 22nd, at a random time at www.mondotees.com. Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

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