Mondo Presents: TAXI DRIVER


Mondo is very happy to present two screenings of Martin Scorsese’s TAXI DRIVER at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. It’s always great to catch this classic on the big screen, but these screenings will be extra special. Not only will we be watching the 4K digital restoration of TAXI DRIVER (that was supervised by Scorsese), but we will also be releasing a new poster by Martin Ansin exclusively at these two screenings. That’s right, Martin has done an amazing poster and we are offering it to attendees at these two screenings only.

As always, there is a limit of ONE poster per person. Attending both screenings will not secure you a second poster. Standard Drafthouse refund policies apply, but in the event of not being able to attend we will not ship prints nor hold them for pick up at a later date. Again, you must be in attendance to receive your poster in person.

Tickets for both screenings are available HERE.

2 thoughts on “Mondo Presents: TAXI DRIVER

  1. henrik

    hello mondo. is it any way possible to buy a ticket for a friend in austin with my own credit card and then give my friend the ticket? (i could take a photo copy of my credit card; could he use that as an ensuring that it’s a valid person who picks up the ticket?). yes, he might be unknown to taxi driver and it’s one of my all time dearest which will give him an extraordinary cinema experience and bring an awesome poster to me in denmark. i need to know… desperately… come on… please… :-)

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