Mondo Vinyl: DRIVE LP On Sale Info!

Wow. We sold out of the entire edition of DRIVE in under 30 minutes. Thank you so much for making our record label such an enormous success. If you missed out on the record, please do not send us angry e-mails. There is still hope. There will be a exclusive Picture Disc version of this LP on RECORD STORE DAY (Record Stores only, obviously) AND this regular edition will be in record stores sometime later this spring (We will announce the Street Date once it is confirmed).

Just to clarify, these will be part of the same pressing. Once those copies are gone, they will be gone for good. This is NOT a second pressing.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts.

On March 5th of 2012, on this very blog, we boldly promised you 2XLP of DRIVE with artwork by Tyler Stout to be released in June of 2012. Man, were we way off.

But here we are, a little over a year after that blog post, and I can finally show you pictures of the finshed product and tell you with complete confidence that these are going on sale tomorrow, March 22nd, 2013 at a random time.

A few notes regarding DRIVE that will also fill you in on how we are progressing in the shipping department these days, post-SXSW.

Like with all of our previous releases, the record comes standard in BLACK, but there is a randomly inserted variant (PINK) vinyl. We cannot take requests for PINK copies. Apologies for that in advance.

Unlike with posters, there are NO limits on how many LP’s you can buy.

We still have a few copies here at the gallery. If you are local, come pick one up so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Also, while the DRIVE LP’s will go on sale tomorrow, they likely will not ship until the first week of April. We are just getting started on shipping the OSCAR night prints. After that we have GAME OF THRONES, and somewhere during all that madness we will begin shipping the records.

And now, here’s that DRIVE vinyl we were talking about…







Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Track List:
01. Nightcall
02. Under Your Spell
03. A Real Hero
04. Oh My Love
05. Tick of the Clock
06. Rubber Head
07. I Drive
08. He Had A Good Time
09. They Broke His Pelvis
10. Kick Your Teeth
11. Where’s the Deluxe Version
12. See You in Four
13. After the Chase
14. Hammer
15. Wrong Floor
16. Skull Crushing
17. My Name on a Car
18. On the Beach
19. Bride of Deluxe

This vinyl will be on sale tomorrow, March 22, at a random time HERE. Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

As always, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at if you have any questions about this release.

76 thoughts on “Mondo Vinyl: DRIVE LP On Sale Info!

    1. Eric Post author

      Jaryd – These are most definitely limited, although they are not numbered like our posters. We do not disclose the number to how many are pressed because we give some to our distributor for record store distribution. All of our vinyl are definitely limited edition, however, and once they sell out, we do not press any additional copies.


      1. John

        I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to disclose the total number of the LPs in existence, even if they did go to distributors as well, if you sold 1,000 on your site and sent another 2,000 to distributors, you could tell us there’s a total of 3,000 of these LPs in existence. Or more, which may be the reason you don’t want to disclose?

    1. Eric Post author

      Bill – we had DRIVE posters by Tyler Stout available at our Tyler Stout & Ken Taylor gallery opening currently on display in our gallery in Austin. Unfortunately, all posters were sold out by Saturday.


  1. Shawn

    When are you going to announce the fact that you are going to have a Picture Disc version of this for Record Store Day, along with a Glow in the Dark version of Poltergeist?

    1. z

      Theyll learn that eventually when people start getting pissed at them about it. Because you know the flippers are gonna grab 5 copies and sit on them and then rip people off on ebay/discogs.

  2. Karl-Philip MG

    As excited as I am about this, and I will spend my day tomorrow eagerly awaiting to buy one, I really want to underline the fact that the “no limit” policy for such a limited product is utterly scary. I sincerely hope I will be able to buy one from you guys and that they won’t end up in the hands of some eBay wunderkind ready to steal us all.

    1. Michael Curry

      NO limit. Bad idea. If I don’t sit here at the ‘puter ALL DAY- I could miss out. I’m a Collector not a seller. I have never heard of NO LIMIT on a mail order only (for most of us) on a Limited Press. Please be there for me. Thank you for doing this LP by the way.

    2. Dan

      Could not agree more. With a release like this which obviously would sell out many times over, what is the point of letting people buy more than a couple of copies each? There is no possible reason someone would want ten+ copies other than to flip them. This effectively means that people who don’t have time to sit in from of their computer pressing F5 all day will almost certainly miss out.

      I couldn’t care about colored vinyl or limited edition or whatever, would just like to get a copy of this because its a great soundtrack, would be great to have it on vinyl and Mondo look to have done a bang up job with it.

      I hope they have have made a shit tonne of them, everyone who wants one gets one, and all the whiny flipper fucks who are circling now end up with copies they can’t shift.

  3. Neilski

    I`d fukin love one of these. But….BUT…i live in UK, and i would only spend $25 for the vinyl…PLUS $20 postage, if i could guarantee a pink vinyl.
    In theory, i could buy 5 copies to slim my chances of not getting all black versions, spend close to $200, and STILL NOT get a pink version.
    Oh well, let the ebay scamming fucks begin rubbing their hands with glee, whilst real vinyl/soundtrack collectors are left shaking their fists with anger.

    1. idiotproof67

      Why don’t you just buy the pink UK vinyl on Geoff (Portishead) Barrow’s Invada Records?
      It came out almost a year ago last May. Then you are guaranteed pink.

      Buy the Mondo & if you get a black disc slip in the pink one if you prefer.

    1. Eric Post author

      Yes – like all of our vinyl releases, they will be in local record shops (Waterloo Records, for example), but no official street date has been set just yet. Stay tuned!


  4. Elliott

    Just out of interest, what actually is the reasoning behind the ‘no limit’ policy?
    I mean, what realistic use is anyone that isn’t looking to make a personal gain going to have for 5+ copies?

    1. Eric Post author

      Coby – It is not the letterpress available at the gallery event, but instead a digital print of the same design. It comes packaged with the vinyl.


    1. Eric Post author

      Yes, of course, we have an allotted amount for purchase here in the gallery. We’re open 12PM to 6PM.


  5. Ed Baxter

    Just out of curiosity, why would Mondo only make a small portion of these LPs pink? Wouldn’t you want everyone who purchases a Mondo LP to be equally satisfied when they receive their copy? Why couldn’t you just press all pink copies for the online sale and ship black versions to record stores. I bought a copy of Poltergeist the minute it was announced for sale on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, you guys did a beautiful job with it. It sounds fantastic and the artwork is awesome, but I have to admit that I felt let down when I opened it only to find out that I didn’t get the clear vinyl version. It’s a definite bummer to have disappointment be the first “feeling” experienced when receiving something that I was eagerly awaiting to arrive.

    I just wanted to throw that out there as I know that there are others that feel the way that I do.

    1. e.r

      thanks ed. exactly what i felt with Poltergeist. i would love to have a pink drive wax, because it really fits the sleeve design. this is the reason i still buy records, to have a beautiful product in hands. but I won’t buy one directly anymore. just too expensive (especially for europeans) without being on the secure site. for me it starts to feel about making as much money as possible. no pressing numbers and no guaranties. it’s a bit sad, because the records are all beauties and i really appreciate the work behind. it just has this little smell now…

    2. chris

      you must be very, very new to this ed baxter. but guess what? i bet your black copy was just as round, and has just as many tracks on it!

      1. ed baxter

        Really Chris? You are so whitty? Wonder how long you agonized over that comment before posting it. Thanks for adding nothing.

      2. ed baxter

        Woo Hoo, soundtrack sold out in under 30 minutes and the Pink version is up for sale on ebay for $250 bucks. Awesome.

    3. Mason

      Black vinyl is more durable anyway. The black colour is from carbon that was originally added to the vinyl to harden it. To make coloured records they need to take it out, resulting in a record that doesn’t stand up to as many plays. So don’t feel too bad, your version does have its benefits.

    4. Bill Graham

      Hey Ed,

      So you ONLY want a pink version? Is that pretty much your goal? Because pink plays better or something? I get that you want something, but the fact that this record, with this beautiful artwork, even exists is awesome. To be disappointed that you didn’t get a rare, specific color version seems pretty silly. Collector or not, if you want it, you get it by the luck of the random draw or pay for it later on eBay or whatever. If it MEANS that much to you, you can buy it from the people that will be selling the pink versions. You’re that market. To complain that all of them aren’t pink seems pretty silly to me. What interest do I have in them being pink? None. It’s cool, but I just want my record to work and get the awesome artwork with it. Remember that line in The Incredibles- Helen: “Everyone’s special, Dash.” Dash: “Which is another way of saying no one is.”

  6. Futuretaikonaut

    High time you brothers get on with printing John Carpenter soundtracks. I’d pay $60 for Assault on Precinct 13. Or Escape from NY.

    1. Eric Post author

      Unfortunately we cannot combine any other items with our vinyl as we ship them in flat mailers. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand.


  7. Pingback: Anonymous

  8. pmboyle

    Actually, I love the random distribution of colored vinyl. I am tired of having to pay extra or be one of the first hundred buyers to get something special. Out of four Lps I bought from Mondo, Deadly Spawn was the only colored wax I received and it was fun finding out that fact after I opened it.

    1. Eric Post author

      Of course. So long as the gallery is open, you can pick up any orders from the gallery. We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 12PM to 6PM until April 6th.

    1. Eric Post author

      We do still have an allotted amount for purchase here in the gallery. If you are in Austin, you can come by and pick it up from the gallery. We are open from 12PM to 6PM today.

  9. Nostromo

    Hey guys-new to Mondo, and just purchased the Drive LP. When you say it will be availabe on ‘Record Store’ Day, do you mean April 20,2013? Sorry, will be away from homestate for a week right before, and am trying to figure out if this ‘Picture Disc’ will be at all record stores across USA? (i.e Princeton, NJ Record Exchange, for instance), or only select stores near you? Thanks!

    1. Eric Post author

      Yes, that is correct. These will be in record stores nationwide, so long as your local record store purchased some.


  10. anonymous

    Fixed your blog post for you:

    “Hey here’s an awesome vinyl record that you probably won’t be able to purchase because we don’t specify our random sales time and don’t limit one per customer so you can agonize over not getting one and watch the flippers sell it on ebay for $200+”.

    1. derptar

      Real talk.
      I Don’t understand the limited editions of these things.
      I don’t think Tyler stout is going to make any money when I buy his posters for 1000 dollars from some guy on ebay.

  11. chris

    wow, the scalpers got a jump on this one. vinyl is headed for a market crash at this rate. people are selling records on ebay like they’re beanie babies circa ’93. yeah, i am bitter i missed out on this one.

  12. Josh

    Ya know. I have been on here for 5 years. I have had MAJOR scores with Struzans’ and Moss’ just buying normal. I have had Moss Star Wars’ set refunded for being oversold. I have had the luxury of going to Austin and meeting the VERY SMALL crew there. Point is I don’t care if this is limited or not. If you are buying for that purpose I guess the flip index was down that day. Not against flipping but don’t bitch when you finally get an item and complain about not knowing the press run. I bought all my shit from SXSW from the bay, and it sucked, but I knew it was the necessary evil. Don’t hate on Justin, not Ishchemealslalle, but the solid dude in the shop with Eric. Just doing their thing. What keeps me here is they are making a truly fucking cool product. When I am lucky to score one, AWESOME. When I get robbed, FUCK!!!! I don’t blame this crew, why in the hell should you?

    1. Bill Graham

      Well said! These are cool items. Not necessities. If you get one, GREAT. If you don’t, keep an eye on eBay and score one for a low amount. I have bought a few things on eBay and they weren’t at absurd prices. Also, every time I have tried to buy something on Mondo, I got it. This sale took 30 MINUTES! If you can’t pick it up in that time frame… meh.

  13. John

    Of Course. On the site…waiting. Find out the time. There right away. Go to buy it and it’s sold out. And now on a bunch on ebay for $60+. So many scammers get in the way of people who actually want one. Maybe I’ll figure out how to get a record store day one. No way to get that other than to go to waterloo and be there hours early to get in line…huh? Anyone done RSD before?

  14. Ali

    MONDO YOU GUYS ARE WACK AS HELL SOMETIMES!!!! First of all not putting a one limit per customer is STUPID thank you for going out of your to help RESELLERS!!!!


  15. carywhitt

    @john RSD is going to be crazy this year. Lots of great releases, more people trying to get them… The RSD pic disc of Drive is limited to 1000 copies only, so that is going to be high on many collector’s lists and therefore, very hard to score. You will definitely need to be in line at your local record shop EARLY. (keep in mind not every shop gets every release, a shop like Waterloo should be getting it though)

  16. Jacqui

    Prepped for this by setting up Twitter notifications from Mondo’s feed, and was able to score it. I was working this weekend and had to use my boyfriend as a proxy, by leaving him a very specific set of instructions.

    We can’t wait for it to arrive, and I’m curious to see whether or not I end up with pink wax!

  17. Brian

    Hey guys, really been loving the vinyl releases (have all but Maniac). The sound quality on these have been immaculate and cannot wait to hear Drive. Any hints as to what April’s release will be?

  18. Michael Curry

    Hi Mondo,

    Can you tell me when you shipped the Albums and was it by Media Mail? I have yet to receive.

    Thank You,

    Mike Curry

    1. Cobra Skull

      Learn how to read.

      “Also, while the DRIVE LP’s will go on sale tomorrow, they likely will not ship until the first week of April. We are just getting started on shipping the OSCAR night prints. After that we have GAME OF THRONES, and somewhere during all that madness we will begin shipping the records.”

  19. Conor

    Wasn’t sure if anybody else got this yet, but I received my copy today and was kind of surprised there seems to be a slight speed up of all the songs. I immediately noticed it on Nightcall and went to check it against my mp3 version and the LP finished playing it almost seconds early. Not sure why this happened, but it is a little disappointing.

  20. Jon Horton

    @Conor, I’ve experienced the same thing and was really disappointed.

    I tried playing at 33.3 and 45 rpms, but it still plays too fast. Couldn’t find the appropriate speed settings listed on the album cover either.

    Does anyone know what the correct speed should be?

    1. Mo Shafeek

      This album is technically out of print, meaning all copies that we had are accounted for and this LP will not be repressed. That said, we have nothing to do with Amazon’s allotment so I don’t think I can properly address your concern. Please contact them to find out what happened with your copy. I’m really sorry if you’ve had problems with them!


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