Mondo Vinyl: OBLIVION LP On Sale Info

Tomorrow we will be releasing our copies of the amazing soundtrack to OBLIVION by M83 and Joseph Trapanese. Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to listen to it (it’s been streaming on several music blogs or Spotify if you have it) or better yet, you’ve heard it at its intended volume at your local cinema. If you haven’t, it is incredibly powerful, and very effective (see what I did there?)




Our participation in this release was sort of a happy accident. It happened while we were fishing for other soundtracks in the Universal Pictures library. We heard about M83 doing the score, and we are all huge fans, so we snuck it in on the list of potential releases and never expected to hear back… and I guess the rest is obvious. But what should be noted is the filmmakers personally requested the art of Killian Eng, and I cannot say I blame them. The artwork came out incredible, and perfectly captures the Daytime Sci-Fi look Joseph Kosinski created in the film. We hope you like it!

A few notes regarding this release: The copies we will be selling tomorrow will ONLY be clear. I know this is different than previous releases, with randomly-inserted Variant vinyl. The contributing factors to this decision are plentiful, but mostly selfish. We just wanted our copies to be special. That said, the copies that will be in record stores starting on 5/28 will be black ONLY.

The final note I want to make is that, while we are putting these on sale tomorrow, they will not begin shipping for two weeks. I approximate 5/15/2013. We are still playing quite a bit of catch up in the shipping queue, and I don’t want to skip the people who are patiently waiting on GAME OF THRONES prints and beyond. For locals, we will announce when OBLIVION vinyl are available for gallery pick-up.

Track listing:
1. Jack’s Dream (1:22)
2. Waking Up (4:09)
3. Tech 49 (5:58)
4. StarWaves (3:41)
5. Odyssey Rescue (4:08)
6. Earth 2077 (2:22)
7. Losing Control (3:56)
8. Canyon Battle (5:58)
9. Radiation Zone (4:11)
10. You Can’t Save Her (4:56)
11. Raven Rock (4:33)
12. I’m Sending You Away (5:38)
13. Ashes Of Our Fathers (3:30)
14. Temples Of Our Gods (3:14)
15. Fearful Odds (3:09)
16. Undimmed By Time, Unbound By Death (2:26)
17. Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfor) (5:57)

16 thoughts on “Mondo Vinyl: OBLIVION LP On Sale Info

  1. Spencer

    The Drive LP has been on loop in the house. Loved seeing Mondo in a Record Store Day Bin with Poltergeist. Amazing stuff, guys. Looking forward to this one too.

    1. Mo Shafeek Post author

      Unfortunately, we did not get the rights to include a digital download with this release. We are working towards securing those rights for future releases. We will promote it when we have it.

  2. Enrique

    Track 2 -Waking up- is perfection, Eng’s artwork mixed with a clear vinyl should be no less than Epic… Thanks for the hard-work guys!

  3. Steve

    Is there no purchase limit on these like the Drive lp? I’d love to buy one to listen to, and one to keep sealed.

  4. Coby

    Will all future Mondo releases eventually be mass produced?

    If so, will it continue in the same fashion (colored on the site, black on retail)?

    Here’s hoping.

  5. Frank

    I LOVED the film. Oblivion is the kind of film I hope for but rarely get. The music greatly complimented the visuals and made for an effective viewing experience. I’m so looking forward to dropping my stylus on my own copy of the soundtrack you have produced. Wish I had discovered you much sooner
    Thank you,

  6. Jeremy

    it makes several times that i’m trying today to buy the new lp oblivion from m83, and impossible to finalize the checkout.I have always the same popup box error saying “max length for zip is 15″ i don’t understand what happen!!!

  7. James Hawley

    I would LOVE to purchase a clear vinyl version of this as opposed to the regular black!! Is there any way I can get it still???

    1. Eric

      Hi Chris – Yes. All OBLIVION vinyl have been shipped! Please use the “Contact Us” section of our web site if you have an issue with your order or have not yet received it. Thanks!


  8. chris

    this soundtrack was so bad, i couldn’t even finish it. it was so derivative of the ‘swell’ music you hear from Zimmer’s Inception. Here’s to hoping that Mondotees gets back on track with quality and obscure soundtracks (remember Maniac?) These records are becoming beanie babies!

  9. Donn

    Why would you buy the vinyl without previewing the soundtrack first? Especially considering the entire thing was available online.

    I have a limited print clear of this soundtrack, which I love. I was wondering how many of these clear prints were released? I could not find that info anywhere if it was mentioned.


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