Tomorrow, along with ARMY OF DARKNESS, we will be selling a brand new print for EVIL DEAD 2 by Jason Edmiston. We weren’t able to get these photographed in time for tomorrow’s sale, but we will post photos as soon as we have them. They are going to look great. It is an 8-color screen print.

Also, we will be releasing our third Mondo book, appropriately titled MONDONOMICON. This time around, instead of being only comprised of old prints and a nice leather cover (it has that, too), we have done a little something extra. Screen printed in blood-red across the backs of every print are an assortment of images from “dead” projects. No blank pages in this book. You’ll find 16 previously unused designs in every book.

You can see some examples below of our “Book of the Dead,” followed by detail shots for ARMY OF DARKNESS by Randy Ortiz.

Cover design by Jay Shaw

9″ x 12″ 
Leather bound, hardcover book
Edition of 100


mondonomicon-blog2 mondonomicon-blog4 mondonomicon-blog5 mondonomicon-blog7 mondonomicon-blog8 mondonomicon-blog10

by Randy Ortiz

24″ x 36″
Edition of 425

aod-blog1 aod-blog3 aod-blog4 aod-blog5 aod-blog6 aod-blog7 aod-blog8

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

These posters and the Mondonomicon book will be available tomorrow, May 9th, at a random time at Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

2 thoughts on “ARMY OF DARKNESS, EVIL DEAD 2 and MONDONOMICON On Sale Info!

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  2. Tony Trunzo

    They’re all great, except for the fact that they both sold out before I could even finish my damned order, less than 5 minutes. The ebay vultures have already listed a bunch for 3 times the original price. How the heck are the little guys supposed to purchase anything. I’m sure this is a common complaint, but this was my first time ordering and the experience has put me off from even trying again, which is too bad, because I love MONDO and really want to support your efforts.


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