Mondo Vinyl: THE RAID: REDEMPTION 2xLP On Sale Info

Tomorrow we will release our fifth soundtrack of 2013, Mike Shinoda & Joe Trapanese’s Original Score for THE RAID: REDEMPTION.

For the uninitated, THE RAID is an Indonesian martian-arts film that is easily one of the best action movies to come out of any country in the last few years. This soundtrack, scored for the U.S. release of the film by Joe Trapanese (of last month’s soundtrack release OBLIVION) and Mike Shinoda, is fast-paced and pulsating, perfectly capturing the energy and tension of the film.

The artwork on this gatefold jacket was created by Jock, and the album was pressed on 180 Gram vinyl in both BLACK and randomly-inserted SMOKEY GREY.

Mondo-RaidOST1-Front Mondo-RaidOST2-Back Mondo-RaidOST3-Gatefold Mondo-RaidOST4-Charcoal Mondo-RaidOST5-Charcoal2

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Track Listing:
1. Prayers
2. Gear Up
3. The Arrival
4. We Have Company
5. We’re Alone Here
6. Quaking Old Fuck
7. Hole Drop
8. Moving Up, Part 1
9. Moving Up, Part 2
10. Trapped
11. Close Shave
12. One Way Out
13. Machete Standoff
14. Rama’s Family Dream
15. Chair Slam
16. Dirty Cop
17. Jaka Caught
18. Dog Fight
19. Uncle Andi
20. Dead Already
21. Drug Lab
22. Andi Strung Up
23. Putting A Mad Dog Down
24. Misfire
25. Razors.Out (Performed by Chino Moreno)
26. Suicide Music (Performed by Get Busy Committee)

This 2XLP will be available tomorrow, May 24, at a random time at
Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

3 thoughts on “Mondo Vinyl: THE RAID: REDEMPTION 2xLP On Sale Info

  1. Matt

    RAID arrived today (guess that solves my question of “Where did Mond-005 go?” while adding “I wonder what -006 and -007 are!”). You guys should totally start using better poly-lined inner sleeves for the vinyl releases. These soundtracks all have a ton of quiet parts, and the cheap paper inner sleeves leave a ton of debris/dust/paper poop on the discs that adds noise.


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