MANIAC by Jeff Proctor and MANIAC Vinyl On Sale Info!

Thursday and Friday, respectively, we will be releasing our poster for the upcoming remake of MANIAC and its soundtrack.

On Thursday, we have Jeff Proctor’s brutal, gruesome poster for MANIAC. We previously premiered this poster at Texas Frightmare Weekend for the U.S. Premiere of the film. We are excited to release the remaining edition tomorrow in preparation for the film’s U.S. Theatrical release. We will also be selling a few similarly themed leftovers from the Texas Frightmare Weekend.

by Jeff Proctor
24″ x 36″

Edition of 160

proctor-maniacreg-blog1 proctor-maniacreg-blog2 proctor-maniacreg-blog3 proctor-maniacreg-blog4 proctor-maniacreg-blog5 proctor-maniacreg-blog6

by Jeff Proctor
24″ x 36″

Edition of 80

proctor-maniacvar-blog1 proctor-maniacvar-blog2 proctor-maniacvar-blog3 proctor-maniacvar-blog4 proctor-maniacvar-blog5 proctor-maniacvar-blog6

On Friday we will be releasing the films soundtrack as our sixth LP release of the year. The music, by mononymous French musician Rob, is retro-synth reminiscent of the unique synthesizer soundtracks of the 1980’s.

We hope you check out the film this weekend, or when it opens at a theater near you. If you have seen the film you know how good this soundtrack is.


Photo credit: Billy Garrett

The MANIAC poster will be available Thursday, June 20th at a random time at

The MANIAC vinyl will be available Friday, June 21st at a random time at

Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

5 thoughts on “MANIAC by Jeff Proctor and MANIAC Vinyl On Sale Info!

  1. Herman P.

    So whites insterted randomly? I thought you guys wanted to sell the variant exclusively vinyls online or was this a one time thing?

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