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Justin Ishmael’s Top 10 Posters of 2012

Go Ape! by Jason Edmiston

POTA is one of my favorite series of all time and I was super pumped to finally be able to do something with it. We had lots of ideas on how to distribute this poster. One of them was to do a mail order only thing where you would have to send check or money order in with proof of purchase stamps we’d send out when you bought the other 5 posters in the series. Jason Edmiston is one of the most talented (and also nicest) guys working. I love this poster to death and the original painting is even on my wall at home.

Bullhead by Jay Shaw

This was a total “How’d he do that?” moment for us when we got this in our inbox. We all just thought he found some picture and photoshopped it, but no. This is drawn. Just goes to show how talented Jay is.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Ken Taylor

Super classic poster from Ken. I never get tired of seeing Ken’s work. Way before we got the license I remember watching this movie with an old roommate and saying how amazing it would be to have a Nautilus/ Squid fight poster and it finally came true!

The Cabin in the Woods by Phantom City Creative

What a fun poster to work on this was. We got to see the movie early, but the only bad part was we couldn’t, with good conscience, do anything in the poster that would give anything away. Looking back, it was definitely a good thing to have all of the caveats around doing this poster as we had to get super creative on what to do with it. We got second place this year in The Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards. We’ll go for the gold in 2013.

The Iron Giant by Laurent Durieux

This poster is just beautiful. THE IRON GIANT is one of the movies that still make me cry and this poster evokes that same emotion from me.

Jodorowsky’s Dune by Kilian Eng

I cannot wait for this documentary to come out. We were so thrilled that this poster got such a great response. Killian Eng is one of my favorite artists right now and he does science fiction better than almost anybody.

Shaun of the Dead by Jock

Jock is just the best. His ideas are so good and the variant on this poster was definitely one of the best of the year. We got to see the original drawings for this poster when we were at Thought Bubble in Leeds and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see more work come in from him.

Halloween by Ken Taylor

Probably Ken’s best poster of the year. It nails the tone so perfectly. This was for a charity event at the New Beverly and even “The Shape” and John Carpenter were impressed by it!

Creature from the Black Lagoon by Francesco Francavilla

I can’t remember the first time I saw Francesco’s work. It was, I’m sure, his covers for Marvel. Maybe like BLACK PANTHER or something, but I started to hunt down and grab covers that he did. It was awesome to not only get him on a poster, but to have him at the booth at SDCC and for him to win the Eisner award for best cover artist that same night!

Psycho by Daniel Danger

I remember we did a process video with Daniel on COWBOYS AND ALIENS and we should make a point to do that every time. His work is so beautiful and the process is equally as exciting. I would’ve loved to see his hand swollen up after all of the cross hatching on this thing.

Rob Jones’ Top 10 Posters of 2012

Torso by Jay Shaw:

Jay is fucking great. I don’t have many Mondo posters on my walls, but I do have this one proudly displayed alongside his works for “Killer Nun” and “Bone'” in my living room.

They Live by Webuyyourkids:

If you don’t like the work of WBYK, then to paraphrase from Lux Interior, “you’re a turd.”  All the work from their recent show gave me eyegasms of varying intensity, but  their poster for “They Live” appears as the cream of a bountiful crop.  I found it interesting that they portray the grim visage of the alien menace only half-covered by an overtly saccharin mask.  I personally interpreted that choice to communicate that the aliens don’t really have to try too hard to disguise their intent AND that the shame lies on us for not violently recognizing them or their quisling servants as opposed to the best interests of humanity.

Psycho by Daniel Danger:

Horror fans are overly exposed to this scenic shot, and it could have turned into a predictable yawn in another’s hands.  However, Daniel really injected his own atmosphere into the familiar image.  He brings it an unsettling new life much like Norman does with his mother’s corpse (if that’s a spoiler, then fuck off and catch up with the rest of us).

The Bride by Craig Drake:

It’s no secret I have a creepy attraction to Elsa Lanchester (in and out of the Bride make-up).  Her multiplied eyes stare out from many of the walls in my home.  Drake’s rendition of the Bride could have easily come off as gothic goof, but instead I really think it translates for normal folks how a monster kid perceives that character with its dark unnatural glamour.  I see her beauty in that make-up as indistinguishable in presentation essence from how the studios would market something straight-sexy like Jane Russell.

The Foghorn Leghorn by Tom Whalen:

Tom’s “Duck Dodgers” poster is technically superior, but this one remains a personal favorite as it reminds me of my dad.  Foghorn is his favorite Looney Tunes character, and as a teenager I often felt like Henery Hawk.  Anyone with a yearning to know more about the creation of Foghorn should definitely check out Robert McKimson’s new book detailing the careers of his father and uncle and all of their enduring creations.

Looper by Martin Ansin:

Very nearly put Martin’s “Tron” on here, but “Looper” just demonstrates such an interesting departure for him in both the illustration style and a next-level composition.

Jodorowsky’s Dune by Kilian Eng:

I’m a sucker for just about anything “Dune”. Eng really hit this one into the parking lot and through the windshield of my shitty Honda with a 1-sheet peek into worlds that sadly never found a true home on film.

King Kong by Laurent Durieux:

Laurent has become a bull-blooded juggernaut with his output this year. The shittiest thing about working with him is choosing from his roughs.  Usually folks send in some ideas, and there’s generally only 1 stand-out.  Laurent, however, always presents a bevy of beautiful takes.  It’s exceedingly difficult not to just say “Great, do them all”.  That was certainly the case with King Kong.  We all loved his rough concepts so much we literally couldn’t choose, and we asked him to bring two of them to final.  I prefer the variant one I think as I thoroughly enjoy the quasi-trompe l’oeil  approach and small accents such as working elements from the film into the curtain pattern.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Ken Taylor:

Well, we knew this would be a big one when the blackline got turned in.  Great composition, color, and phalangeal-powdering attention to illustrative detail.  Ken’s still got the goods…in the flesh pouch that all Australians are born with on their left thigh.

Film by Delicious Design League:

A fairly difficult assignment, but Billy at Delicious Design pulled it off with extreme aplomb caging the struggle between eye and object.

Mitch Putnam’s Top 10 Posters of 2012

In no particular order…

Q The Winged Serpent by Jay Shaw

This poster sums up exactly what I love about Jay Shaw’s work. He knows film inside and out, so he was able to perfectly capture Q’s vibe without using any obvious imagery. He’s had a huge year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Fantastic Planet by Aaron Horkey

I remember actually yelling out at my computer when this came in. It was something like, “shiiiiiiiit”. So good.

The Wolf Man by Laurent Durieux

We’ve been so happy with everything Laurent Durieux has done for us in 2012. Here, I really applaud his choice to focus on the character of Larry Talbot. We never know what his next poster will look like, which keeps this job exciting.

Finn by Olly Moss

First, if you haven’t seen Adventure Time yet, start watching now. This poster is yet another case of “why didn’t I think of that?”, which Olly has pretty much mastered at this point.

Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer by Ken Taylor

Rob, Justin, and I all consider MIchael Rooker to be a living legend, and he’s probably never been drawn more accurately. I just ordered a frame for my copy, which Mo got signed for me at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

The Cabin in the Woods by Phantom City Creative

Thinking back, The Cabin in the Woods was one of the better films I saw in 2012, plus this is probably my second-favorite Phantom City poster ever (you can’t beat The Burning). Considering the limitations imposed to avoid spoilers, it explains everything perfectly.

13 Assassins by Vania Zouravliov

Vania is so talented that I’m intimidated to even be working with him. He is one of the best illustrators of this generation, period. He loves samurai films, so 13 Assassins was a project he became quite passionate about. This is one of my favorite samurai posters of any era.

Beetlejuice by We Buy Your Kids

It was a total honor to have a gallery full of weirdo film posters by the Australian duo We Buy Your Kids last month. Beetlejuice was among the first images we received, and it still remains my favorite thing they’ve done for us. Their work is incredibly refreshing. Beautiful.

The Avengers by Tyler Stout

At this point, Tyler Stout has pretty much mastered the screenprinted movie poster. The skill involved here is immeasurable (it may look simple, but people try to mimic his style regularly, almost always failing). He’s been here since the beginning, and this poster really shows how much he’s progressed.

Melancholia by Tomer Hanuka

While I really loved the rejected, ‘completely nude’ version Tomer first submitted (not a joke), this Melancholia poster is still one of my favorites of 2012, even with the added dress. It can be daunting to take on a poster for such a beautiful-looking film, but Tomer’s lush illustration style payed perfect homage.

These Pumpkins Are Pretty Smashing

Happy Halloween!

We all love Halloween here at Mondo, so we got especially excited when we heard that a few of our fans were participating in a pumpkin carving contest that used Mondo posters as inspiration. We thought it would be cool to share a few of them here. Big thanks to Paul Frasco and all of the other participants for creating these awesome Mondo-kins? Poster-lanterns? Whatever you call them, they are great and we hope to see some more next year!

Happy Halloween, ghouls and gals!

-Justin B.

We’re Trying To Give The Blog Pep Again

It’s been a really long time since this blog was used for anything other than us talking about an event or showing off a poster. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but my hope is that we can make this blog a place where you can get a better understanding of who we are as a company behind the scenes. We’re all a bunch of nerds, in our own ways. We used to do blog posts about like… I dunno, wax pack cards, ebay purchases and stuff like that. No idea if you guys like that or not, but hopefully some of you will be into it. There are only about 8 or so of us in the entire company and we’re all very different, so you’ll probably be into something we’re talking about.

One thing that I wanted to do is give you our Instagram handles so you can see what we’re up to. I got on it like three months ago and it’s REALLY FUN. For instance, we were just in Tokyo, so there are a bunch of cool food pics, giant robots… ya know, stuff that goes on in Japan. So, here are all of the Mondo Instagrams that I know about. To my knowledge, Mitch, Rob and Sophie don’t have them. Maybe they’ll join up soon, but here are the ones that have them right now….

MONDO (@MondoTees)- This is the main, official Mondo Instagram. This will be for detail pics and general things happening around the gallery like detail pics, event stuff, etc.

MO SHAFEEK (@MoShafeek)

JUSTIN BROOKHART (@JustinBrookhart)

ERIC GARZA (@EricGarza1201)

JESSICA OLSEN (@xoxoJessica)

JUSTIN ISHMAEL (@JustinIshmael)

There ya go. I hope this tides you over until we get our stuff together over here and get cool posts up.



Tomorrow, we’ll be releasing a couple of new posters for JURASSIC PARK and LOONEY TUNES. Kevin Tong did an amazing job on JURASSIC PARK. The colors on the poster look unbelievable in person and the detail is crazy. Next up, we have Tom Whalen’s poster for WHAT’S OPERA, DOC? Tom has, again, paid tribute to one of the best LOONEY TUNES shorts and the result is nothing short of amazing. As usual, the work D&L did with the printing is superb.

These posters will be available online tomorrow, September 6th, at a random time right HERE.

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Wednesday In-Store: JC Richard’s THE BATCAVE and Flat File Sale

Aside from our PARANORMAN and THE GOONIES screenings a few weeks ago… things have been a little quiet around here, event-wise.

We miss you guys. We want to see everybody again. It’s been a while since we had a flat file sale, so why not get together while simultaneously releasing an amazing new BATMAN poster? Sound like fun? Come out to the gallery on Wednesday at 5PM. We’ll be selling this new BATCAVE poster by JC Richard. We’ll also have the red flat file out and stocked with plenty of goodies. Who knows, you may also learn a thing or two about our next gallery show…

For now, here’s the rundown on THE BATCAVE as well as some detail shots of the poster and a write-up from JC himself…

Size: 20″ x 29″
Edition of 500

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

UPDATE: Below, we’ve included a write-up from JC Richard providing some insight on the creation of this poster.

Any time you are assigned the task of reinterpreting an iconic setting with a long established history, it can be intimidating. You begin knowing how passionate fans are about the universe, and that many of them have their own definitive idea of what the Batcave looks like. Do you hew closely to the established comic/tv/movie canon, or take some chances to create something new? Do you keep it a clinical, cross-section rendering, or attempt to go deeper and tell some kind of narrative within the scene? For our take on the Batcave, we decided on another option… trying all of the above.

The main goal was conveying a sense of semi-realistic, real world architecture. Certain Batcave designs have seemed so grandiose and advanced that it stretches credulity to think it was constructed by anything but a major construction team (this issue has been explained away in certain storylines, but never convincingly imo). I tried to make the basic infrastructure seem like it could have been completed level by level by a tiny number of people as opposed to a small army. This layout seizes upon the idea that the cave had been used for years by Wayne ancestors; many of the tunnels and storage rooms would have been excavated long ago for use in various smuggling operations or part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, and Bruce and Alfred simply added to them as needed.

And what about the ‘stuff’? Some items in the cave should be familiar to all Batman fans, while certain things would only be recognizable to comic readers; for instance, the ’47 Penny, the T-rex and the Joker card all come from the comics canon, while other items such as the ‘legacy’ batpole references the ’66 series. Other aspects of the cave are purely my invention- such as the concept of hiding all the sensitive tech/laboratories behind sealed windows and doors (would a sensitive Cray supercomputer operate long in an unprotected cave environment? I never thought so either.) Most importantly, I wanted the space to feel ancient- like a long neglected museum hall with dusty, outdated exhibits set among more useful technology and vehicles; Bruce has never been able to let go of his demons so he surrounds himself with them, using artifacts to masochistically remind himself of the pain and loss of the past. I’ve also thrown in a few ‘new’ features that were never mentioned in any story- an old door to an imagined Wayne ‘archives’ area, leading to more secrets, maybe even long lost family catacombs… an Eternal Knot carved in relief on the wall, reminding Bruce of his training and constant need for compassion alongside vengeance.

Finally, we are left with our characters. Or more accurately- our lone hero and a ghost. The Batman in this scene remains tortured by the loss of Jason Todd (if you aren’t familiar with the ‘Death in the Family’ storyline from the comics, you should go read that asap). He stands alone in his great empty hall replaying the past and reflecting on his next mission, while the Joker’s mocking, smiling face looms over his shoulder and the Shrine to his fallen friend stands silent in the corner. To view this scene in the proper context, you should keep in mind it represents the ‘after’ panel in the storyline… the ‘before’ panel has yet to be revealed…

If you don’t live in Austin or can’t make it out tomorrow, don’t worry. We’ll have plenty of BATCAVE posters to be released online at a random time on Thursday, August 30th.

See you Wednesday!


Here are some detail shots of the latest entry into our STAR TREK series focusing on episode 10 of The Original Series, “The Corbomite Maneuver.” This poster was designed by Todd Slater and he did a fantastic job with the design as did the folks at D&L with the gorgeous print job. The detail is amazing.

These posters are all signed by Slater and will be on sale at a random time tomorrow right HERE. Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

ParaNorman, “Duck! Rabbit, Duck!” and “Rabbit Seasoning” Detail Photos

We thought it’d be cool to post some detail photos of our new PARANORMAN and LOONEY TUNES posters. Tom did an amazing job on each of these as well as D&L on the printing. We’re really happy with how everything turned out. Hopefully these pictures get across how great they look in person.

These posters will be on sale tomorrow (Thursday, August 16th) at a random time right here. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Olly Moss’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 24 Hour Sale Info

We got back from San Diego Comic Con late last night…. without a doubt, the best Con experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for making it special for us and we really hope that all of you guys had fun. Okay…. enough remembering fond memories… we’ve got to talk about tomorrow’s sale.

We will be having our first every 24 hour sale tomorrow, Wednesday 7/18/2012 and it starts at 12:01am CST. So, what that means is, when you go to sleep on Tuesday night in the central time zone and Tuesday turns to Wednesday…. that’s when it goes on sale. Does that make sense? Basically, the poster will be for sale all day Wednesday and will stop being for sale when Wednesday turns into Thursday. We will update you on Twitter with info and to let you know when it’s for sale, but just trying to give you as much information as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to email at

One last thing, Olly has decided that he wants to give fans a special treat. When you buy a poster, you will have the chance to receive a GOLDEN TICKET. It will be randomly inserted into a poster tube and with this ticket, you will be able to have Olly do a poster for you. That’s right…. pretty much whatever you want. Like, if you want a SPLASH poster or something…. I’m sure he’ll be down. All I’m saying is that this is your chance to get the Olly piece that you’d always wish he would do. Pretty cool, right?

Okay… I think that’s all of the info I can divulge at this point. Sale starts in less than 24 hours now and I’ll announce on Twitter tonight. One last thing…. here are some “fine print” things you should know. Same rules apply as they usually do with our sales i.e. one per person / household / etc. We will not be taking any combined shipping requests, or Gallery pick up requests. Also, because of the volume of orders we are expecting, please anticipate 6 weeks for delivery of your poster.

Email if you have any questions!