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This month Mondo is celebrating the works of LAIKA Animation Studios with the premiere release of the soundtracks to both CORALINE & PARANORMAN on deluxe limited edition vinyl. LAIKA has created two of the greatest animated films of the last decade, and we are honored to be paying tribute to both. The scores to CORALINE & PARANORMAN couldn’t be any more different. But they are both equally as incredible. Both records will be available for sale on our website on April 22nd. A special edition of PARANORMAN will be available at select Independent retailers as part of Record Store Day on April 19th.


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Bruno Coulais
Original Song by They Might Be Giants
Artwork by Michael DePippo
2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Black & White Swirl Vinyl
First time ever available on vinyl

The soundtrack to CORALINE is haunting, and beautiful. With the help Budapest Orchestra and Choir behind him, Coulais captures the dark child-like imagination of the titular protagonist with a menace and aplomb. Without seeing the film you can follow the musical journey of the story from Coraline’s angsty reality, to her dreamy uneasiness, to the ultimate unravelling.

Check out the artwork and sample a track from the score below:



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jon Brion
Artwork by DKNG
2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted “Aggie Fights” Highlighter Yellow Vinyl, with Bone Haze
First time ever available on vinyl

For those familiar with the works of Jon Brion (Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love) you’ll immediately recognize the melancholy, ear-worm melodies in his score to ParaNorman. Mixed with 80′s slasher throwback motifs and a whimsical family sensibility it is a terrific score front-to-back.

Check out artwork from the score below:


PARANORMAN – Record Store Day Exclusive
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jon Brion
Artwork by DKNG
2XLP Limited to 500 Copies – Available only at Independent Record Stores April 19th
Pressed on 180 Gram randomly inserted Glow In The Dark Splatter vinyl

Our record store day version of ParaNorman features Variant Glow in the Dark artwork, as well as mystery colored Glow in the Dark vinyl. This edition is Limited to 500 copies, and each copy comes with a randomly inserted clear splatter disc that glows one of three colors (RED, BLUE or GREEN)


ParanormanGlow3Photo Credit: Billy Garrett


Star Trek On Sale Info!

Star Trek: Arena
by Matt Taylor
20″ x 36″ screen print
Edition of 175


Arena2 Arena3 Arena4 Arena5

Arena9 Arena10 Arena11 Arena12 Arena13 Arena14

Star Trek: What are Little Girls Made Of?
by Kevin Dart
24″ x 18″ screen print
Edition of 175

Trek2 Trek3 Trek4 Trek5 Trek10

Star Trek: What are Little Girls Made Of? (Thai Variant)
by Kevin Dart
24″ x 18″ screen print
Edition of 85

Trek1 Trek6 Trek7 Trek8 Trek9

Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available at a random time on Friday, March 6th at

End of the Year Flat File Sale!

UPDATE: Wow…we already have a few folks lined up overnight for this. So cool! Just wanted to provide a quick update on the rules and provide some insight into the fun things we’ll have here.

1. The TOYS FOR TOTS donation event will begin at 5pm Tuesday, December 17th. All fans that bring an unopened toy (suggested retail value $10-25) will be allowed first access into the sale. There will be two lines, one for those participating in the toy donation drive and one for those that aren’t. Only once all of the fans in the toy donation line have participated will anyone from the second line be allowed access inside the event.

Please note: the Toy Donation Drive (and advance admission) will only be taking place on the 17th as all TOYS FOR TOTS toys need to be donated by Wednesday, December 18th in order to be distributed to children in time for Christmas. 

2. There will be two types of poster groups, Archive and Flat-Stock. Archive prints will have a limit of one-per-person. Each person will be allowed to purchase as many Flat-Stock prints and other items (t-shirts, records, misc. goodies) as you’d like, without breaking our normal one/person rule on each poster.

3. We will be selling a few remaining prints from Thought Bubble including: HALLOWEEN Variant by Jock, DR. MANHATTAN Variant by Kevin Tong and SIGHTSEERS Variant by Olly Moss. These posters have previously only been available in the U.K.

Each customer will be allowed to purchase one of each of these posters.


As most of you know, we typically close each gallery show with a flat file sale. As promised, we have a little something cool planned for you at the gallery this holiday season. You may have heard that we will be moving our shipping and fulfillment into a new location, leaving the gallery to function solely for gallery events and as a place to pick up your in-store pickups.

We are using this opportunity to clear out some old inventory for a HUGE End of the Year Flat File Sale! However, this won’t be like our usual flat file sales. We will have TONS of stuff for this one. Older prints… t-shirts… vinyl… It should be a lot of fun and we definitely encourage you to stop by if you’re in town. It will be a great way to close out what was an amazing year and we’d love to see you all one more time before we break for the holidays.

Also, in the spirit of the holiday season, we are hosting a toy drive to benefit Toys for Tots. Fans who bring in a toy to donate (suggested retail value of $10 to $25) will be granted first access to the flat file sale starting at 5PM on Tuesday, December 17th.

The sale will take place over the course of Tuesday, December 17th – Thursday, December 19th from 6PM to 9PM each day.

The Search for Scrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime!


With a little help from the Beagle Boys, we have successfully gained access to Scrooge McDuck’s fortune, and we’re planning on sharing the wealth with customers who purchased posters from our recent DuckTales poster series! Packaged in every tube, we are sending a little bit of Scrooge’s fortune, comprised of Gold Coins and Gems. While getting these to go out, we accidentally dropped Scrooge’s Number One Dime into the mix of coins and jewels and it’s been mailed out!

Please, check your tubes when they arrive! If you have Scrooge’s lucky dime, send us a photo of you with it and you will be the proud owner of this brand new Anne Benjamin Original!



ScroogeLuckyDime ScroogeTreasure




Shipping Update 9/5/13

Hi Everyone! Taking a break from some late night MAN OF STEEL rolling for a minute to get you guys updated on our shipping queue. It has been a while since we’ve last updated, and we got a whole bunch of stuff delivered to us today, I figured I’d let you know what to expect from us shipping-wise.

First, MAN OF STEEL… Got the final “wave” of prints in today. We have all but about 1,000 shipping labels printed and about 1,500 posters left to roll. Believe it or not, the labels take the longest in this process, so we are trying to keep ahead of the rolling by printing early. You might receive tracking a day or so before it actually leaves the building, but the plan to have all of these out the door by Monday-Tuesday.

MAN OF STEEL METAL… These arrived today. Holy hell, they look great. We’ll have some photos up this weekend. I need to grab some batteries for our engraver so I can number them in the morning, but if you are local come by and pick yours up starting tomorrow. Totally worth the wait! These ship next week.

GHIBLI (Records & Shirts)… Up until now we’ve been weary of giving concrete ship dates on this only because, well, to be honest, we didn’t have an exact date. The good news is they ship from the plant early next week. We expect 2-3 days for delivery from the plant to us, and from there shipping the records are our top priority. Turn around should be pretty quick on those. Shirts, are scheduled to arrive late next week as well. We will ship the two simultaneously. Timed out pretty strange in that regard, but that’s where we are with those. I want to sincerely apologize for the delays. They were completely unexpected. Unlike MAN OF STEEL where we forewarned about shipping delays, we thought we would have the GHILBI items have in hand within our self-proposed 3-4 weeks shipping window, but unfortunately it was out of our control. Thank you so much for your patience.

ELYSIUM… We had an opening in the shipping queue between arrival of MAN OF STEEL waves so we were able to sneak out a good 75% of these. Combined orders are the exception. If you are local, please come on by and pick yours up. If you requested combined shipping it might be another few days before we are able to get to them.

HITCHCOCK WEEK… Today we got a shipment with all 3 (PSYCHO, and both VERTIGOs) I’ve been able to number both VERTIGO, but not PSYCHO yet. I’ll try to knock that out early in the morning so any Austinites who want to swing by and get them can feel free to do so this weekend. World famous photographer Billy Garret came by to shoot photos of these, and we should have some up on the blog soon. Hitchcock Shirts are scheduled to arrive late next week. We will post an update when they are in hand.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD… Most of these are shipped. Any combined order requests are backlogged, and will be shipped as we work our way through the queue.

THE WORLD’S END / GRANDMASTER… Kevin’s TWE prints have not arrived from the printer yet, but Vania’s GRANDMASTER has. I won’t be able to number them until early next week, and for that I apologize. They look terrific though. We should have some photos up for those later next week.

DUCKTALES… These are in the process of being printed, and could be another two weeks before they are in hand. We will post an update when we know for sure when we are expecting these.

WIZARD OF OZ… These are in hand and numbered. If you are local and would like to pick these up, please come by this weekend.

I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record for thanking you for your patience, but it is appreciated more than you know. We are going to be expanding our shipping facility in the near future as to speed things up in the shipping queue. Until then, we are chugging along here.

I apologize if I missed anything in this post. Back to rolling! Have a great weekend.

- Mo Shafeek

Shipping Update: 7/29/13

Those of you who read our previous blog posts on the matter might remember we set the start-ship date for MAN OF STEEL Timed Edition for 7/29, and that day has finally arrived!


We are here to announce that… we still don’t have copies in from our printer yet.

Why exactly? Full transparency: In an effort to ensure that these posters are printed perfectly we have been working with D&L Screenprinting step by step, layer by layer, to get printing right. There was a small unexpected separations issue, and some text wasn’t reading as crisply as it should so we had to go back and do some recalibrating on the file. This pushed back the arrival date of the first wave of posters to be 8/1. Technically, this only brings us about 4 days behind schedule, but we know you’ve been patient with us this far and we want to be as honest as possible.

In order to speed up the process a bit, and not be swept up in an avalanche of delays, we have begun printing out shipping labels. Believe it or not, printing labels is the most time consuming portion of the shipping process, and if we can get a few days ahead of this it will make it as simple as rolling the prints and sealing up the tubes.

What this means for you: You will likely get a shipping notification in the next few days as expected, but please allow up to an additional week for that package to begin making progress on its journey to your hands / flat-file / wall.

Please shoot us an e-mail if you have any further questions or concerns.

A few other shipping updates:
MAN OF STEEL – Metal edition will not begin shipping until the paper copies have all shipped.
A BAND CALLED DEATH by Jay Shaw will begin shipping this Friday
THE ACT OF KILLING by Jay Shaw will not begin shipping until after MAN OF STEEL has shipped.
SPIRITED AWAY & HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE by Olly Moss will not begin shipping until after MAN OF STEEL has shipped.

We will begin shipping the HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE portion of STUDIO GHIBLI KOKYO KYOKUSHU this week, but will not begin shipping SPIRITED AWAY or PRINCESS MONONOKE portion until after MAN OF STEEL has shipped.

SDCC 2013: Schedule of Releases – Saturday, 7/20

Please see below for our list of releases for Saturday, July 20th at San Diego Comic Con!

Available when doors open: STUDIO GHIBLI KOKYO KYOKUSHU 2XLP (Howl’s Moving Castle version) ($30)

Available starting at 2:00PM: PROMETHEUS by JC Richard (Edition of 350; $45)

Available starting at 5:00PM: THE THING by Jock (Regular Edition of 325; $45 / Variant Edition of 150; $75)

Please don’t forget that the signing and pickup of SPIRITED AWAY and HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE by Olly Moss is tomorrow. You may pick it up in the SAILS PAVILION tomorrow from 11:30AM to 1:00PM. Olly will be in attendance signing the posters.

GREMLINS by Drew Millward and THE DEADLY SPAWN by Phantom City Creative!

One came from the deep reaches of space and the other came from Chinatown, but both are capable of multiplying and destroying humanity at a rapid rate. Tomorrow, we will be releasing prints for two of our favorite 80′s creature movies. GREMLINS by Drew Millward and THE DEADLY SPAWN by Phantom City Creative, respectively.

We had unveiled this DEADLY SPAWN poster at a special Alamo Drafthouse Summer of ’83 screening of the film in Austin, TX. We are pleased to release the remaining copies along with Drew’s fantastic GREMLINS poster, which contains a Glow-in-the-Dark layer that translates the Chinese text.

by Drew Millward
24″ x 36″

Edition of 210

DM-Gremlins1 DM-Gremlins2 DM-Gremlins3 DM-Gremlins4 DM-Gremlins5 DM-Gremlins6 DM-Gremlins7 DM-Gremlins8 DM-Gremlins9 DM-Gremlins10


The Deadly Spawn
by Phantom City Creative
18″ x 24″

Edition of 160


These posters will be available on Wednesday, July 10 at a random time at
Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.


Tomorrow we will be releasing a few of the remaining screen prints and giclees from our current Adventure Time / Regular Show Gallery. The screen prints we’ll have for sale are detailed in our newsletter, which you can view HERE.

Please see below for a complete list of the giclees we’ll have available.


Apartment in the Land of Ooo
by Kassandra Heller

Giclee – Signed by Kassandra Heller
8″ x 10″
Edition of 20



The Human Boy
by Mike Mitchell

Giclee – Signed by Mike Mitchell
6″ x 8″
Edition of 50



Mordecai & Margaret
by JJ Harrison

Giclee – Signed by JJ Harrison
18″ x 24″
Edition of 40



The Blue Jay & the Raccoon
by Joe Spiotto

Giclee – Signed by Joe Spiotto
8″ x 10″
Edition of 60



The Little Adventurers
by Joe Spiotto

Giclee - Signed by Joe Spiotto
8″ x 10″
Edition of 60


We also have a few copies of the ADVENTURE TIME #17 comic book featuring a limited edition, Mondo variant cover with artwork by JJ Harrison. This variant cover is only available exclusively through us. You can purchase the comic book HERE.

We still have a few original pieces available in the Gallery section of our website. If you are interested in an original, please contact for more information.

Special thanks to Cartoon Network for all of their help with this event.

These giclees will be available Wednesday, July 3, at a random time at  Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

ADVENTURE TIME #17 Mondo Variant Cover by JJ Harrison


Wednesdays are, as some of you know, New Comics Day. Well, we have a comic that won’t be available at the stores as it is a Mondo exclusive!

We worked with BOOM! on a variant cover for ADVENTURE TIME #17 to celebrate our ADVENTURE TIME / REGULAR SHOW Gallery opening last Friday. We decided to use a design from JJ Harrison and below, he talks about his influences and why he did what he did:


“I designed the “Adventure Time” cover to honor the single most important thing in my son’s life–Adventure TIme–and one of the movies that had a tremendous impact on my childhood–E.T.  Both center around a boy and his magical companion and the adventures they share together. It was a nice fit.  For me, the original E.T. poster evokes a feeling of soaring adventure coupled with a sense of growing up and loss, and I wanted some of that in this piece, as well. I found a subtle way to include a very melancholy Ice King in the image. I feel like no other character from Adventure Time embodies those emotions more than he does.”

Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement. This comic book will be available online at a random time on Wednesday, June 26th at