San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap


We had such a fun time at San Diego Comic-Con this year. As always, it was that perfect balance of excitement and chaos that keeps everyone coming back for more. It was great to meet new fans, catch up with old friends, and get out with a few purchases of our own.

We were so pumped to give you guys a sneak peek at our upcoming toy releases and have special guests come by for poster signings. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth – we hope you had as much fun as we did.

For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, we will be selling a few remaining prints, as well as the Batman: The Animated Series 7-inch records, that premiered at SDCC online. Stay tuned to our newsletter for all release information! You can check out a full list of our releases here.



The Joker by Jason Edmiston


Awesome photo from our friend Jeremy Tominberg


Batman: The Animated Series 7-Inch vinyl records


Guillermo del Toro & Jock signing the Pan’s Labyrinth print  



Jay Shaw


Rocket Raccoon (Variant) by Kevin Tong & Tree Hugger by Mike Mitchell


Kevin Tong stopped by to sign his Rocket Raccoon print


Mike Mitchell signing Tree Hugger


First look at our Alfred Hitchcock 1/6th scale figure



We debuted some new pins at the booth


Star-Lord by Francesco Francavilla




Guardians of the Galaxy (Variant) by Tyler Stout




SDCC 2014: Release Information!

We’ve arrived in San Diego for SDCC 2014! We have a lot of cool things in store for this year – posters, vinyl, toys (#WeMakeToysNow), free stuff. There’s already been a few reveals for this year’s releases, but we also have a bunch of other projects in the works that you should come by the booth to check out! You can find us at booth #835 this year.

Here’s a day-by-day look at all SDCC 2014 release announcements! We wanted to put them all in one place for you guys.


Iron Giant

This week we announced that we’ll be making toys! Stop by our booth to get a first look at some of our upcoming releases, including Iron Giant, Lil Mikey, and a few new ones. These will not be available for pre-sale at SDCC. We will be releasing them online as a pre-order at a later date, but we wanted to give you guys a chance to see them in person.


We’ll be giving away Iron Giant masks designed by Jason Edmiston. 


Lil Mikey TMNT figure designed by Mike Mitchell.


Sneak peek at another toy we’ll be announcing soon. 

Wednesday / Preview Night (Batman Day!)

We have a lot planned for the 75th Anniversary of Batman! In addition to the Batman: The Animated Series 7-inches (featuring five different sleeves with artwork by Matt Taylor, Tom Whalen, Gary Pullin, Mike Mitchell, and Alan Hynes), we have a series of posters that we will be releasing as well. We’ve already announced Jason Edmiston’s portrait of The Joker, but there’s more to come! These will be available at our booth today, Wednesday (7/23), when doors open for Preview Night, aka Batman Day!

Batman: The Animated Series 7-Inch
Theme Composed by Danny Elfman

Side A Main Titles End Credits Side B End Credits (Alternate Beginning) End Credits (Alternate Ending)

harley3 Harley Quinn
Artwork by Matt Taylor
 Pressed on translucent purple vinyl

freeze3 Mr. Freeze
Artwork by Alan Hynes
Pressed on ice blue vinyl

clayface3 Clayface
Artwork by Gary Pullin
Pressed on brown clay vinyl

manbat Man-Bat
Artwork by Tom Whalen
Pressed on translucent orange vinyl

joker3 The Joker
Artwork by Mike Mitchell
Pressed on Bomb Black Vinyl


The Joker
By Jason Edmiston


By Gianmarco Magnani 


By Gianmarco Magnani 


Harley Quinn
By Matt Taylor

Thursday / Day One


Sunset Overdrive
By Matt Taylor


Pan’s Labyrinth 
By Jock


Pan’s Labyrinth (Variant)
By Jock


Heavy Metal
By Kilian Eng


Heavy Metal (Variant)
By Kilian Eng

Friday / Day Two


The Last of Us
By Jay Shaw & Olly Moss


Rocket Raccoon (Variant)
By Kevin Tong


By Randy Ortiz


Tree Hugger
By Mike Mitchell

Saturday / Day Three



Ghost in the Shell
By Kilian Eng


By Phantom City Creative


By Vance Kelly


By Francesco Francavilla

Sunday / Day Four


Guardians of the Galaxy (Variant)
By Tyler Stout

Can’t wait to see you guys this week! It’s going to be a blast.

Batman: The Animated Series 7-Inch

We are so excited to announce our Batman: The Animated Series 7-Inch records featuring five different sleeves by some of our favorite artists. These will be available starting on San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Batman. We’ll be at booth #835. See you guys there!

Batman: The Animated Series 7-Inch
Theme Composed by Danny Elfman

Side A
Main Titles
End Credits
Side B
End Credits (Alternate Beginning)
End Credits (Alternate Ending)

Harley Quinn
Artwork by Matt Taylor
 Pressed on translucent purple vinyl

Mr. Freeze
Artwork by Alan Hynes
Pressed on ice blue vinyl

Artwork by Gary Pullin
Pressed on brown clay vinyl

Artwork by Tom Whalen
Pressed on translucent orange vinyl

The Joker
Artwork by Mike Mitchell
Pressed on Bomb Black Vinyl

Now Shipping: GRAVITY 2XLP


First off, we want to thank everyone who pre-ordered the GRAVITY 2XLP for their patience. We strive to produce the best sounding vinyl possible, and we learned with this release that sometimes that takes a little longer than you can plan for. The good news is they are now shipping! A good portion of you should begin receiving tracking information for your records today. In the meantime, we wanted to show you some photos of what you will be receiving.

We decided on a Blue Sky / Cloud Cover variant for our randomly inserted chase this time around, and it came very nice.

IMG_5433-2 copy



Kevin Tong, who designed the package has a few words and process information about the project on his website here.

Photo Credit: Billy Garrett

Mondo Gallery: Mobile Loaves & Fishes Art Gallery


Mondo Gallery is teaming up with Mobile Loaves & Fishes for its first charitable event to feature original paintings and illustrations from talented artists among Austin’s homeless. The show will have an opening reception with artists in attendance on Thursday, July 10 from 7 – 10pm and will be on display July 11 and 12, from 12 – 6pm at the Mondo Gallery, located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX. All profits from the sale of the artwork will benefit the artists.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social outreach ministry that empowers communities into a lifestyle of services with the homeless. One of their programs, “Art House,” is designed to provide dignified work for those currently on the streets as a means to provide income and an opportunity for change. Operated out of a studio trailer, the Mobile Loaves & Fishes “Art House” equips artists with a place to work as well as art supplies, in addition to providing a safe space where they may also take showers, do laundry, and enjoy a healthy lunch.

“When we first met the artists from the Mobile Loaves & Fishes Art House project we saw a fantastic array of styles and an abundance of unique creative expression. For this gallery show we challenged these artists to share their interpretations of the movies that inspire them. We are thrilled with the results and think you will be too,” said Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League.

“I am so grateful to Tim League and Mondo for coming along side us to support the artists and Community First!” said Alan Graham, President of Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to work with the community of artists and supporters here in Austin. Mobile Loaves & Fishes helps the homeless by providing a platform for us to nurture our talents and make income to survive,” said artist Aaron Drawdy.

The show will include approximately forty original pieces of artwork from the following artists: Debbie Cantu, Amy Carpenter, UTE Dittemar, Jerry Hurta, Katy Joy Kingdom, Aaron Drawdy, Cathy Carr-Haynes, Clifton Hayes and Michael Walker.



Mondo & Bleeding Skull Video present: CARDS OF DEATH

CardsOfDeath10When I first came down to Austin, TX I was obsessed with the Alamo Drafthouse. I watched and got exposed to a ton of movies there, but a major part of my “education” came with just hanging out and watching shit with friends. One of the people I watched the most movies with (and ate the most candy with) was Zack Carlson. I remember the first time I went to his place he had walls and walls of VHS, DVD, etc. It was like the best video store I had ever seen. I remember I watched and was introduced to a lot of my NOW favorite films. Later, I met Joe Ziemba and found his site BLEEDING SKULL and was gifted a copy of his great book about shot on video films of the 80’s and 90’s.

We are super excited to begin our collaboration with Zack and Joe for their premiere VHS release: CARDS OF DEATH. These guys are truly experts and I hope that if anything, we can recreate that great feeling of finding something new that I had going over to Zack’s and digging through his movies and reading Joe’s book.

For a long time, we at Mondo were doing posters for movies that we hoped you’d give a watch. Now, by helping Bleeding Skull with their endless pursuit of unearthing these lost films, we can bring these to you directly. I really hope you enjoy and please write and let us know what you think!

– Justin Ishmael

Read a note from Zack & Joe from Bleeding Skull! below:

We are Joseph A. Ziemba and Zack Carlson, collaborators on the trash-horror film website, BLEEDING SKULL.COM! Together, with the help of our friends at MONDO, we’ve launched BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO. Specializing in ultra-obscure, no-budget horror and exploitation movies from the 1980s and early 1990s, BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO is a VHS and digital streaming label that is dedicated to sharing unreleased (or barely released) movies with the world. Our inaugural title is CARDS OF DEATH. Completed in 1986, the film has never been released in the United States until now. CARDS OF DEATH will be available June 24, 2014 on VHS.

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve been obsessed with discovering, collecting, and reviewing the world’s rarest exploitation films. Joe is the founder of BLEEDING SKULL.COM, the co-author and designer of BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s TRASH-HORROR ODYSSEY (Headpress, 2013), and an art director/ film programmer at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. Zack is a film producer and co-author of DESTROY ALL MOVIES!!! THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PUNKS ON FILM (Fantagraphics Books, 2011). After discovering an unreleased 1980s horror movie by one of our favorite filmmakers in the trunk of a used car, we knew that something had to be done. With Mondo’s help, we’re devoted to preserving and sharing these discoveries on the format that they were originally meant to be seen.

Each BLEEDING SKULL VIDEO! VHS title is authentically packaged to represent its respective era, from classy big boxes to photocopied clamshell cases. Every release also includes an issue of MINIMUM UNDERDRIVE, an in-depth ‘zine that features interviews, rare photos, and artwork specific to each movie. All of our releases will be available online at: BLEEDINGSKULLVIDEO.COM and MONDOTEES.COM.

CARDS OF DEATH: Written and directed in 1986 by Hollywood veteran W.G. MacMillan (who appeared in the Dirty Harry sequel THE ENFORCER,) this shot-on-video scuzz-sex-slice-and-dicer has long been described as the “holy grail of slasher movies,” mostly for its sheer rarity among VHS collectors. Though it was an American production, CARDS OF DEATH was released on VHS exclusively in Japan before disappearing completely, without even a listing on IMDB. The BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO release of CARDS OF DEATH marks the first release of the movie on home video in the United States. Watch the trailer below:


Cards of Death
VHS. Includes Minimum Underdrive zine. On Black cassette & randomly inserted Blue cassette. $25
1986 / Color / 90 Minutes



Jurassic Park OST Listening Party


Hey, everyone. On Monday June 9th, from 6PM to 8PM we will be hosting a listening party for our upcoming Jurassic Park vinyl soundtrack at our gallery location in Austin, TX

At this event, both versions of the record will be available for sale – Version A, retiring artwork by JC Richard pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl, with randomly inserted “Dilophosaurus” colored vinyl, and Version B, featuring artwork by Dan McCarthy pressed on 180 Gram Amber Vinyl.

Also premiering at the listening party event will be a limited run Giclee of Dan McCarthy’s artwork featured in the gatefold of the LP


Jurassic Park
by Dan McCarthy
Edition of 225
15″x30″ Giclee

Please come out and support our first listening party! The gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe St, in Austin TX.

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to contact us at

Reminder: The soundtrack will be available for sale exclusively through our website on June 11th at a random time. Please follow us on Twitter @mondonews for more information


Mondo Gallery: Ken Taylor Gallery Signing this Saturday, May 31st!

We are very excited to have artist Ken Taylor in attendance for his solo show opening this Friday, May 30th.  Since so many of you have asked, Ken has graciously agreed to host a signing at the gallery this Saturday, May 31st starting at 12PM. Below are a few Q&A’s about the signing.

Q: Will the prints at the show be signed?
A: Yes. Ken will be signing all of the prints that are available to purchase at the gallery before the show opens. There is no need to worry about getting those signed.

Q: What about other prints? Can I bring other posters for Ken?
A: We will not be able to accommodate any additional signings during the opening reception on Friday night. However, Ken has graciously agreed to host a signing on Saturday, May 31st starting at 12PM at the gallery.

Q: How many posters can I get signed on Saturday?
A: There will be a strictly enforced limit of 3 posters per person. Please be considerate of your fellow collectors and Ken’s time and do not bring more than 3 posters to have signed.

Q: Can I bring non-Mondo posters for Ken to sign?
A: Yep!

Q: Will Ken be able to do any sketches or doodles?
A: Unfortunately, no. Due to time restrictions, we will not be able to accommodate any requests for sketches. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Please feel free to direct any other questions to us using the CONTACT section of the website right HERE.

Thanks and we’ll see you all this weekend!