Justin Ishmael’s Top 10 Posters of 2013


The Terminator by Kilian Eng
July 2013
Ever seen this interview from SDCC? Well, this is literally seconds after I fell in love with THE TERMINATOR poster. Just having it up on that cardboard and the time between the set up and us doing this was all the time I needed to make my mind up. It’s weird…. seeing a jpg of it on the screen was great and it still looks good, but seeing it up close with the textures and details and the printing. Everything about it to me is perfect.


Boogie Nights by Rockin’ Jelly Bean
May 2013
I can’t believe this exists. At all. Just, the word bubble with the broken english and Rollergirl’s butt being all WHAM! and right there…. everything. It’s just a miracle that it got approved. When we got the final in, I didn’t think there was a chance that it would get the nod and it did. Thanks, studio! And to Aaron Horkey for making this happen.


Howl’s Moving Castle by Olly Moss
July 2013
I will be 100% honest and say that when this came in, I didn’t notice the faces on either side of the castle. I didn’t notice for a while. It’s embarrassing, but I’ll publicly admit it… you got me Olly. I love surprises and to me, that’s what Olly is good at. Among all of the things he’s good at, he is truly a master of keeping people guessing and keeping ahead of the curve. I used to play the poster game where we’d assign something out and I’d make a poster in my mind and see if it was what Olly would do… and it never is. He’s like Wolverine…. he’s the best at what he does…. whatever that might be on any given day.


This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla
September 2013
Austin Books is the place I go every week to grab comics. On Wednesdays, I’ve started this thing where I grab all of my new stuff and then I stand back and just look at the comics on the wall as one big thing. Then, I see where my eye naturally goes to. It’s a great way to find new dudes to work with. Several years ago, it was a BLACK PANTHER comic. Then it was something else and then something else. And it was always Francesco’s stuff I was picking out first. His work just jumps out at you and I think that definitely applies to this poster. Action, monsters, spaceships, tons of taglines and text…. for this poster, every box is ticked on my Francesco want list.


Jaws by Laurent Durieux
January 2013
Even if you took the word beautiful, then took every synonym of the word beautiful and then made a SUPER WORD that had the power of all of them in one single utterance… it wouldn’t accurately describe how I feel about this thing.

This Laurent guy… seriously.


There Will Be Blood by Aaron Horkey
May 2013
This about sums up my feelings…


Halloween by Jock
October 2013
Jock is the David Blaine of illustration… i.e. “How’d he do dat?” Is this really a photo? Did he draw it? Dunno. I love that Jock doesn’t take the traditional routes for his posters. This could’ve easily been a bloodbath or a violent poster…. instead, it goes past that and starts dabbling in mood and feeling. Two big keys to great posters. Oh, and to everyone that thinks we made an error by having the knife in Michael’s left hand…. here’s the reason:

“Yeah, I got a lot of stick from people about the knife being in Michael’s left hand on the variant… it is true that it was purely an aesthetic choice – it’s in his right hand on the regular. All I would say is, I’m 100% right handed, and I’ve DEFINITELY held a knife in my left hand too… Especially when I’ve stalked Jamie Lee Curtis” – Jock


Godzilla by Phantom City Creative
July 2013
PCC sent in a lot of thumbnails for this poster. If each one would’ve went to final, we could’ve had like a dozen completely different posters with each one having their own merits. Maybe we’ll show those off one day. This one just stood out above the rest. It was amazing seeing this at SDCC at the end of the Godzilla Experience, too.


Weird Science by Paolo Rivera
November 2013
Like Francesco Francavilla, I became a Paolo mega fan from his comics work. His Spider-Man stuff (his Punisher!!!) and then, of course, his run on Daredevil…. all genius. We had asked Paolo to do something for the EC show and he wanted to, but didn’t really have time. If you look at the initial list of artists we announced, he’s not on there. It was only later in the lead up to the show that we learned he could do something. And this came in. Of all of the pieces in the EC show, I think this is my favorite and love imagining the story that this cover would be referencing. Like, what actually went down on that mission? Maybe Paolo will let us know one day.


Evil Dead 2 by Jason Edmiston
May 2013
I want to do a VHS re-issue of EVIL DEAD 2 and use this poster for the cover. How perfect is this image for the front of a big box? The light bursting out of the cabin? The lighting on the fog and the trees? So good. Jason’s first ever screenprint was 2 years ago. Now he’s doing this kind of stuff. One of the hardest working guys in the biz.

Mondo Vinyl: HERE COMES THE DEVIL OST Coming Soon!


UPDATE: Due to production delays, the vinyl copies of this soundtrack will now be released in February 2014. Please stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, the soundtrack is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, and various other websites. It is also streaming on Spotify!


Mondo is pleased to announce the soundtrack release for director Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s psychological horror film HERE COMES THE DEVIL on vinyl & digital download. A hit with audiences at Fantastic Fest, the film opens in theaters and is available on VOD today. On January 24, Mondo will release the score on limited edition vinyl, and beginning December 17 the soundtrack is available through digital platforms including iTunes & Amazon.

“As a collector of soundtracks I’m absolutely thrilled to have Mondo releasing this score. Not only are they one of the greatest labels in the world for soundtracks but they’re also showing once again  that they’re bold and they have a unique vision by releasing an album made almost entirely by independent artists from Tijuana. I was always confident of the talent of everyone involved in the score and this is an amazing opportunity to show the work of a bunch of exciting new musicians,” said Bogliano.

The vinyl edition ($20), features new art by Jay Shaw and will be sold at MondoTees.com on January 24 and will be available at retail in select music stores later in 2014.

Digital download ($9.99) available on December 17: http://www.amazon.com/Comes-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/dp/B00GTX0C0K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1386774739&sr=8-2&keywords=here+comes+the+devil

Track List:
1. Sandra & Abril (1:07)
2. Adolfo’s Room (1:33)
3. There Goes The Devil (4:04)
4. Devil’s Throat (2:40)
5. Climbing The Hill – Braulio Lam & Benito Lam (2:45)
6. The Devil Stood On My Chest – Joel Alonso & LSD (2:34)
7. Gas Station (2:03)
8. In Tijuana (5:49)
9. Kids Return (1:34)
10. Going Into The Cave (2:34)
11. AOK In The USA – Knife Of Simpson (5:36)
12. Chase (2:15)
13. Radio (1:05)
14. Sara’s Room (1:23)
15. Sex In The Car – Braulio Lam & Benito Lam (1:18)
16. There Goes The Devil (Vocal Variation) (2:30)
17. Each One In His Room (1:46)
18. Sandra & Abril (Reprise) (0:56)
19. Terror – The Massacre Must Begin (3:04)

Film Synopsis:
HERE COMES THE DEVIL combines modern indie filmmaking and storytelling with a hint of ‘70s-styled psychological horror that may not just be psychological. Francisco Barreiro and Laura Caro play parents Felix and Sol whose preteen son and daughter inexplicably reappear after being lost overnight on a desolate, cave-riddled mountainside after a casual hike became every parent’s nightmare. The good luck and good fortune of their return soon changes, as the children’s behavior suggests ominous and unspeakable events the night the children were lost that continue even now. As a loving couple – and loving parents – try to care for and protect their children, the ancient and half-whispered legends around the caves and the mountain and those who have gone there before become too strange to believe…and too dangerous, no matter how insane, to ignore.

End of the Year Flat File Sale!

UPDATE: Wow…we already have a few folks lined up overnight for this. So cool! Just wanted to provide a quick update on the rules and provide some insight into the fun things we’ll have here.

1. The TOYS FOR TOTS donation event will begin at 5pm Tuesday, December 17th. All fans that bring an unopened toy (suggested retail value $10-25) will be allowed first access into the sale. There will be two lines, one for those participating in the toy donation drive and one for those that aren’t. Only once all of the fans in the toy donation line have participated will anyone from the second line be allowed access inside the event.

Please note: the Toy Donation Drive (and advance admission) will only be taking place on the 17th as all TOYS FOR TOTS toys need to be donated by Wednesday, December 18th in order to be distributed to children in time for Christmas. 

2. There will be two types of poster groups, Archive and Flat-Stock. Archive prints will have a limit of one-per-person. Each person will be allowed to purchase as many Flat-Stock prints and other items (t-shirts, records, misc. goodies) as you’d like, without breaking our normal one/person rule on each poster.

3. We will be selling a few remaining prints from Thought Bubble including: HALLOWEEN Variant by Jock, DR. MANHATTAN Variant by Kevin Tong and SIGHTSEERS Variant by Olly Moss. These posters have previously only been available in the U.K.

Each customer will be allowed to purchase one of each of these posters.


As most of you know, we typically close each gallery show with a flat file sale. As promised, we have a little something cool planned for you at the gallery this holiday season. You may have heard that we will be moving our shipping and fulfillment into a new location, leaving the gallery to function solely for gallery events and as a place to pick up your in-store pickups.

We are using this opportunity to clear out some old inventory for a HUGE End of the Year Flat File Sale! However, this won’t be like our usual flat file sales. We will have TONS of stuff for this one. Older prints… t-shirts… vinyl… It should be a lot of fun and we definitely encourage you to stop by if you’re in town. It will be a great way to close out what was an amazing year and we’d love to see you all one more time before we break for the holidays.

Also, in the spirit of the holiday season, we are hosting a toy drive to benefit Toys for Tots. Fans who bring in a toy to donate (suggested retail value of $10 to $25) will be granted first access to the flat file sale starting at 5PM on Tuesday, December 17th.

The sale will take place over the course of Tuesday, December 17th – Thursday, December 19th from 6PM to 9PM each day.


Mondo unveils a new poster series centered around a trio of films from Ben Affleck. Collaborating with a variety of artists, Mondo has produced  three moody pieces of artwork to capture Affleck’s impressive directorial accomplishments for ARGO, GONE BABY GONE and THE TOWN.

“I’ve always loved Mondo and their passion for film, as well as their talented stable of artists. I was initially drawn by their ability to offer a unique perspective on so many beloved films and am thrilled to see my films become the newest additions to their work,” said Affleck.

The poster series will be released on Monday, December 9th. For the exact same time, please follow @MondoNews on Twitter.

by Matthew Woodson
24″ x 36″
Edition of 290


Gone Baby Gone
by Adam Simpson
24″ x 36″
Edition of 235


The Town
by Daniel Danger
24″ x 36″
Edition of 390


The Town
by Daniel Danger
24″ x 36″
Edition of 160



BLACK FRIDAY 2013 On Sale Info!

This coming Black Friday we will be premiering our newest Mondo Book Volume IV. We will also be selling a few items that previously premiered at this year’s Thought Bubble in the UK, and the Halloween 35 Years of Terror convention in Los Angeles.

For those unfamiliar with our poster books, they are composed of scratch and dent, otherwise unsellable posters that we hand assemble and bind in leather. Our fourth volume, “Smoking Kills”, is an edition of 100 and features a silver foil inlay by We Buy Your Kids.

We will also have a brand new poster in our Marvel Comics license for VENOM by Randy Ortiz.

From the Halloween 35 Years of Terror convention, we are selling the remaining copies of Jock’s HALLOWEEN regular edition and the HALLOWEEN soundtrack variant with alternate artwork and transparent orange vinyl with black splatter. You can see photos of this pressing HERE. It is out of an edition of 1,000 copies and only a few remain.

From Thought Bubble 2013, we will be selilng THE FLY by Drew Millward and we are premiering the regular editions of DR. MANHATTAN by Kevin Tong and SIGHTSEERS by Olly Moss.

Last but not least, we are selling a giclee version of Jason Edmiston’s amazing LOST BOYS painting from his Rogues Gallery show.

Mondo Book Vol. IV – “Smoking Kills”
Cover design by We Buy Your Kids
9″ x 12″
Edition of 100
Hand assembled and leather bound.

Vol41 Vol43 Vol44 Vol45 Vol46 Vol47 Vol48 Vol49

by Randy Ortiz
24″ x 36″
Edition of 325


by Jock
18″ x 36″
Edition of 350

JockHalloween1 JockHalloween2 JockHalloween3 JockHalloween4 JockHalloween5

Dr. Manhattan
by Kevin Tong
24″ x 36″
Edition of 325


by Olly Moss
16″ x 24″
Edition of 225

Sightseers1 Sightseers2 Sightseers3 Sightseers4 Sightseers5

The Fly
by Drew Millward
18″ x 34″
Edition of 225

TheFly1 TheFly2 TheFly3 TheFly4 TheFly5

by Jason Edmiston
12″ x 16″ Giclee
Edition of 150


Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement. The book, vinyl and posters will be available online at random times between 10AM and 12PM CST on Black Friday, November 29th.

We’ll Be at the 35 YEARS OF TERROR Convention This Weekend!

This coming Friday & Saturday, we will be attending the HALLOWEEN: 35 YEARS OF TERROR convention in Pasadena, CA. We are honored to be invited to celebrate such a milestone for the franchise. And, as our west coast fans know by now, we wouldn’t just come to town empty handed. Come by Booth #101 anytime during the convention hours and you can pick up a brand new poster for HALLOWEEN by Jock, and a special Variant version of our HALLOWEEN soundtrack featuring alternate artwork by Phantom City Creative, pressed on 180 gram translucent Orange with black splatter (limited to 1,000 copies).

by Jock
18″ x 36″
Edition of 350






We will be located at Booth #101! Stop by and say hi!



Undoubtedly, there are a few questions concerning our upcoming MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE XI in Los Angeles. This FAQ is here to help you with all of your questions… with the exception of what is the movie?

1) What is a MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE exactly?
A MMM is where you give us money blindly in the hopes of having a great time and getting a great poster. Thanks for trusting us! We take the Mystery Movies very seriously and our #1 goal with this show is to give you an experience that you won’t forget. The Mystery Movie has happened ten other times and, each time, we really try to push the envelope and do something new and fun. If all else fails, you at least walk away with a brand new, event exclusive poster.

2) How do tickets work?
We are going to be selling tickets for this event on our web-store, similar to a poster drop. We will put tickets up at a random time on Monday, November 11th, 2013. Check in for the event will be WILL CALL only, so make sure all of your info is correct on your profile before purchase, and please know that there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Also, and probably most importantly, this event is taking place in Los Angeles. If you cannot attend a screening event in Los Angeles on December 14th, 2013… DO NOT BUY TICKETS. Please be considerate to your fellow collectors.

3) What is the difference between REGULAR, VARIANT and SUPER VARIANT?
Regular = Admission + 1 regular edition of the poster = $85
Variant = Admission + 1 regular edition of the poster + 1 variant edition of the poster = $200
Super Variant = Admission + secret apparel item* + 1 regular edition of the poster + 1 super limited variant = $500

*Hey Super Variant ticket people… we will contact you for your size after your purchase.

4) Can I buy multiple tickets? Can I buy a ticket for my poster buddy / significant other? 
There is a limit in the check out process for TWO tickets per transaction. In order to redeem your poster, you will need a photo ID AND a physical print out of your order, so please buy responsibly. Individuals who purchase two tickets do not have to provide the name of their guest. You will be listed as having a +1. If you end up with any extras or are buying a ticket with intensions of selling it and can’t find a way to do so… just know that there are NO REFUNDS.

UPDATE: You are allowed to purchase up to two tickets, but there must be two people present to redeem both posters. Please note: One person will not be able to pick up the poster(s) for 2 tickets. There will be no exceptions to this. Please ONLY purchase two tickets if two different people are attending the screening.

5) Will you provide tubes or do I need my own?
Safe distribution of posters at the end of the event is of the utmost importance. Currently, we are still working out the details with the venue for their storage capabilities for tubes. Just know that if we can provide tubes, we will. We will announce officially closer to the event.

6) Will these posters go online if I miss them?
No. These are event exclusive. We will not be selling them online.

7) “I live in _________, and can’t make it to Los Angeles. Can you mail me the poster?” or “I have something that conflicts that day!”
If you purchase a ticket and cannot attend the event, you relinquish your rights to the poster and there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Again, if you cannot attend the event… please DO NOT BUY A TICKET. We will make ZERO exceptions on this.

8) Is the seating general admission or reserved seating?
This will be a general admission event. Doors are at 6PM and the show begins at 7PM.

9) I made a huge mistake! Can I cancel? Can I change the name on the order?
All sales are final. There will be NO CANCELATIONS OR REFUNDS OF ANY KIND. Any other modifications need to be submitted before December 6th. We will do our best to accommodate certain requests, but keep in mind change requests are up to our discretion and are not guaranteed, so we encourage you to purchase wisely. After December 6th, we will not accommodate any requests, and definitely none at the door on the day of the event.

10) Do I need a babysitter? Am I going to be out ALL NIGHT? Do I really have to watch the movie?
Doors are at 6PM, the event starts at 7PM. We will not accept late arrivals. No exceptions. You need to watch the movie in order to redeem your poster. We cannot tell you how long the film is, but you should allot the time of an average evening’s night out.

11) What in the heck is a SUPER VARIANT?
We’ll let you know on December 14th.

We’re Coming to Thought Bubble 2013!


Thought Bubble is really, really, really, really, really fun on so many levels. That’s why we’re going back this year. Pound for pound… this seriously might be one of the best conventions in the world. The people who curate the festival are huge comic book and movie nerds and they always bring some of the best talent from around the world. My bags were PACKED with zines, original art, etc; I could go on and on about why you should go to the festival, but I won’t… I’ll make the rest of this quick so you can get on with your day.

We’ll be at booth number 139-141 (see map below). That’s apparently right next to Jock’s, Olly’s, Mike Mitchell’s, Kevin Tong’s and Drew Millward’s booths. Man… that is an insane coincidence. Anyway, make sure you come out to Leeds to hang with us and to check out our booth and everyone else’s. You can see a list of attendees here. It’s pretty nuts, so bring your sketchbooks!



PLATOON by Jay Shaw and Johnny Dombrowski!

We’re very excited to release two new posters for PLATOON by Jay Shaw and Johnny Dombrowski in honor of a 35MM screening this weekend (11/10). We will be in the lobby selling the poster before and after the screening. Stop by and say hi!

You can purchase tickets for PLATOON right HERE.

by Jay Shaw
18″ x 24″
Edition of 125

platoonshaw1 platoonshaw2 platoonshaw3 platoonshaw4

by Johnny Dombrowski
24″ x 36″
Edition of 125

platoondombrowski1 platoondombrowski2 platoondombrowski3 platoondombrowski4

Photo credit: Billy Garrett

Scott C. Stops by the Mondo Gallery!


We are very excited to announce that our friend and über talented artist, Scott C. will be at the gallery on Monday, November 11th from 7PM to 9PM for a signing of his new book, GREAT SHOWDOWNS: THE RETURN! Scott will have copies of his new book as well as the first THE GREAT SHOWDOWN and a new print featuring several amazing showdowns!

Below are a few words from Scott as well as an image of the print.

“Hey, Austin!  I am excited to come hang out with you next week! We are going to have a real blast! I can’t wait to meet all of you amazing Austin people. I have heard a million great things about you. And almost no bad things.” – Scott C.